Ex-Ibrox Boss Tells Their Fans What Some Of Them Surely Know About Celtic’s Rodgers Return.

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Although I wrote earlier that we should not get too carried away by reports of the manager having £30 million plus to spend, it is obvious that we are going to be able to significantly outspend any other side in the country this window, perhaps by as much as three times their available funds. The news that we’re already set to spend £2.5 million should be seen in that light.

This is the first deal of the summer. It will not be the last. It will almost certainly not be our biggest piece of transfer market spending. This club has the financial power to flex some real muscle, and by going out and hiring Rodgers we’ve shown we’re willing to.

Who says so? None other than The Beast himself, Souness. When your own allies are telling you that you are in bother, and that what your rivals are doing is dangerous to you then that’s when you should listen. Souness hates us. That he is concerned, and is willing to admit that, should set the warning lights flashing all across the Ibrox fan-base.

Some of them are actually terrified, even if they don’t want to make that obvious. The likes of Dingwall and his madcap response are saying more than they intend by seeking to play down the significance of Rodgers’ arrival, but those willing to look at it a bit more realistically know exactly what it means for them and for their “rebuild.”

As I said before, they are building to compete against an Ange Postecoglou team which by the start of the season will no longer exist.

The personnel may be pretty much the same across the squad, but the style will be different and the tactical approach will be light years from what it was under the Greek.

Rodgers has shown that he’s willing to mix it up, which perhaps was the one complaint I had with our previous manager. When it was working it worked stupendously well … but there were times you longed for the tactical flexibility Rodgers will bring. His decision, for example, to bring on a second striker at Ibrox in the 3-2 was one of the finest tactical changes I’ve ever witnessed from a Celtic boss … they won’t know what hit them.

Souness is not the first to break ranks and admit that they have a big problem here and he won’t be the last. Ibrox fans trying to get themselves excited over “the rebuild” have already started sweating, and our own hasn’t even started yet.

Just wait until it does.

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  • Gareth says:

    While I’m excited by the prospect of Brendan Rodgers being given a decent amount of funding, I really don’t like when we go above the £5 million mark. I still think there are bargains to be had at £1 million etc. Ntcham was a classic example of excessive cost against what he brought to the team. He was no better than what we had and indeed ended up on the sidelines. Dembele was a huge success, relatively cheap and sold at a great price after quick success in the team. Rodgers bought some deadwood too though but I often wondered how far down his list of choices some of those were! Were they cheaper options imposed on Brendan by Lawwelp? Shved and guys like that, who we bought for £2 million but never really used. A £12 million Flo purchased screwed Rangers, so we need to spend wisely.

  • Dora says:

    We all remember our own rebuild not so long ago when Ange arrived, and the laughs the billyhilly halfwits had for a few weeks, and we all know how that panned out.
    3-4 decent signings and pardon me all over the place but I don’t see any reason not to lump on AGAiN and pretty much Q up in the winners enclosure to collect again in Patrick Powers!!

    Totally agree James re BR mixing things up at vital times in a game..!

  • Bob (original) says:

    We may lose some players we want to keep,

    but Rodgers will be adding better quality players to a Treble winning squad.

    On paper, there should be no real challenge from Ibrox.

    In fact, [and I hope], there could be more of a challenge from other teams

    – certainly in the cups?

    As ever, complacency could be our biggest threat.

    It’s highly enjoyable slagging off sevco just now, but being objective,

    as long as we retain the SPL title, and we secure at least 3rd place in the CL Group,

    I’ll be happy that we are moving in the right direction.

    Can’t win a Treble every season, [but wouldn’t refuse. 🙂 ]

  • Martin says:

    £10 million spent wisely has a better impact than £30 million spent poorly. We could easily squander 30 million on 2 or 3 overpriced duds from England. Let’s hope there’s a club strategy and Brendan chooses his buys to fit that.

  • Johnno says:

    This was a growing concern that was developing towards the end of the Ange era, that we had great flexibility within the squad, but was never really used with sticking with the like for like policy with subs.
    Made us become very predictable within our play and having to rely on the extra energy given to get results over the line on to many occasions for my liking towards the end of last season.
    Even if Ange had stayed, there was still improvements needed, especially within CL football and hopefully Rodgers is going to bring that.
    With the 5 sub rule it allows for tactical changes during a game, there were plenty of times they could have been enforced but remained very reluctant in doing so under Ange.
    This can be a huge game changer in the bigger and tighter games and still believe Rodgers may well have a far better tactical awareness about himself than Ange possessed, and hoping to see so, especially within CL matches when such decisions could be crucial to gaining results in a mini league format

  • John L says:

    That is one despicable man. My wee Mum , God bless her said that I should never use the hate word, I find it difficult with him, I supported the charity swim he took part in lately but that was for the wee girl and not him. Enough Said.

  • SSMPM says:

    Point taken on the rare occasion you can get a bargain basement priced player but I can’t ever see any ambition in that or us challenging in the CL for a last 16 or last 8 place if we keep signing £1m players, maybe not even winning the SPL and trophies as regularly as we should given our financial superiority in this league.
    What’s the point in putting our hard earned wages into a club that wants to perform at the rankers standard but have sheds loads of money in the bank. Balance is the answer and if you can get some cheaply or on free transfers fine to supplement the cost of a CCV, Taylor, Johnston, JJ. GG, Jota, Kyogo, Abada, to name a few. They weren’t £1m players but they’re difference between a bang average team and a decent one. We didn’t sign Jenz because of the price tag I reckon but Kobayshi doesn’t cut the cheap mustard. So spending wisely is not the same as penny pinching and if you want to keep a decent manager at this club for a wee while longer than 2 years we need to learn lessons. HH

  • Johnny Green says:

    And their response in an attempt to undermine Celtic and get us off the back pages, they are telling us again that we won’t be getting tickets for Ibrox anytime soon. How churlish, but the blue hordes are lapping it up just the same.

    So, you can rumpff yer tickets right up yer shiter, for we don’t care one iota.

  • Jamie D says:

    What worries me about the publicity of Rodgers large budget is that players we are after will now become more expensive as clubs try to take advantage. There is no doubt that we require 3/4 players to take us to the next level, but keep Lawwell away from the negotiations. Brendan has a good knowledge of the players from England and I am sure he will seek out several bargains which will be to our benefit. HH

  • Michael Clark says:

    The Celtic board and in particular McDermond Desmond hunted Brenden Rogers down and appointed the Irish man as the Celtic boss again. We know Rogers left the last time through lack of funds and we also know that Rogers will be the highest paid manager in Celtics history. It’s a small wonder Souness an McCoist are fearful for their beloved because the the Celtic Football Club are gearing up to make an impression in the Champions league. Invincible’s II is about to unfold and I for one can’t wait. What a time to be a Celtic supporter

  • Graham Laurie says:

    The false bravado from the Sevconians is SIDE-SPLITTING when they know in truth that with Brendan’s return their season is OVER before it’s even BEGUN.

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