Ex-Livi Player Finds Out The Media Will Twist Anything For An Anti-Celtic Story.

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This article would have been very different had I written it last night, when I fully intended to. Jack Fitzwater the Livingston defender, who is leaving the country after three years at the club, had an alleged pop at our Japanese striker on the way out the door … he called him a “dirty player”. This story appeared in a national newspaper yesterday.

But although he said it – he freely admit that – he claims that he’s been quoted out of context. Remarks he claims to have made in a light-hearted way, and actually, even as a backhanded compliment, were instead blown up into an attack on our player.

Fitzwater is not a happy man. Neither were some of us who read the comments yesterday, but such is his anger I’m happy to accept his version of events. Not only does it seem credible, but it’s perfectly in keeping with the way some people in our media behave.

They will generate an anti-Celtic story, if they can, by any means necessary. They do not hesitate to do it whenever the opportunity arises. Fitzwater has learned what many knew already from bitter experience. Our hacks are a thoroughly deplorable shower and the opportunity to write a big, bad story about someone at Celtic Park is one they won’t resist.

It happens every now and again. They do it to people inside the club all the top; there were a number of these stories last season involving the former manager.

One such occasion came last season when a national title twisted Postecoglou’s words to make it sound like he and The Mooch were in complete agreement on VAR; this was true only if you were ignoring just about every word the Greek ever said on the subject. The idea that he and the Ibrox boss were on the same page on it was wholly ridiculous.

They are particularly fond of doing this to people at other clubs who happen to mention us. When Barkas spoke recently to talk about he had been made to feel welcome in Holland, at the club where he was out on loan, the media turned that into an attack on Celtic although you really had to work hard to turn it into one in any way, shape or form.

But they have no shame whatsoever, as Fitzwater has found out today. People should be very, very careful whenever they talk to this lot … especially when discussing Celtic. You never know what way your words are going to be spun against you … and us.

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  • John Devlin says:

    Why are the press not chapping the sevco door asking why so many of the board are jumping ship. If it was Parkhead board members they we old have a camp built in the car park or umpteen stories would be made up.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Kyogo is a great player and my only negative comment might be that he cares too much about his opponents, for whenever they go down injured he is the first one over comforting them and giving them sympathy. That is certainly not the sign of a dirty player in any way and I laughed out loud when I read that ludicrous story.

  • John Smith says:

    Ban them from Celtic park,,,,,shower of shite,,,,

  • Mick Woods says:

    Over the last couple of weeks, every story from the hacks has been anti celtic, or a story with one thing in mind to unsettle a player or fans.
    since Ange has gone hes going to sign kyogo jota hatate, as if their in the know.
    Meanwhile its all pro Rangers, Rangers signing this player, intersted in that player.
    where the reporting on the moles Bosman revolution, or skint Rangers buying on the cheap..
    oh i forgot this doesn’t keep with the narative.

  • DixieD says:

    When I read what he had actually said yesterday (Not just the heafline), there was just enough to appreciate that the guy was actually complimenting Kyogo and saying he was his most difficult opponent. I didn’t for one second think that the guy was inferring that Kyogo was “dirty” or a cheat. After decades of following Celtic I can spot a concocted BS media story when I see one.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Cringeworthy some of the stuff written. I blame the schools.

    Any ordinary football fan in the street reading that headline would have though what a pile of horse cr@p.

    Kyogo like any great player looks for advantages to exploit defenders. He has probably given away maybe 10 fouls all season.

    I just pity the guy who is forced to write this nonsense when he thinks back to his hopes and aspirations after graduating from Uni, now he is told to twist narratives to fit the editor’s agenda, set by those who pay for the product and advertisement.

    All that to hold onto a job that they know is finished within 5 years.

    Hope the wee guy stays, sounds like he is committed.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Sorry James, but it eventually it has to be said that the present moderation factor you have been using just does not work very well in a football blog’s comment’s pages.

    There is no spontaneity any more, in fact there is practically no point in replying to anyone’s comments when it takes hours to see them in the first instance, and when you know even your own reply will take hours before it’s published. It then becomes sort of meaningless without the back-and-forth remarks.

    By all means remove inappropriate comments, for which I have probably been guilty of myself in the past, but this putting on hold scenario is very frustrating and I’m sure it puts a lot of people off from commenting at all.

    Perhaps you can create a blog specifically for that purpose to get everyone’s views on it, I for one would be very interested in their thoughts.



    p.s. the fact that you are on holiday did not prompt this in any way,

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