Simon Jordan Doesn’t Get To Tell Celtic Fans What Brendan Rodgers Priorities Are.

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Simon Jordan is a guy with a unique distinction in football.

He is the last person to take a club to the brink of destruction who somehow retains credibility within the sport. Even up here, where most people in the media spent decades bowing at the feet of David Murray there is an acknowledgement that he was a disastrous steward of the first Ibrox operation.

Simon Jordan almost bankrupted Crystal Palace, and yet this clown has spent years lecturing other chairman and other clubs about what it is they are doing wrong.

He markets himself as “shock jock”; it’s a familiar trick from someone whose real-life opinions are so ignorant and stupid that you can’t take them seriously. Hide them beneath a veneer of mischief and nobody will ever know the truly idiotic from you simply acting like a clown.

He’s spent the last week bitching and whinging and moaning about Brendan Rodgers, and has now set our manager a challenge on behalf of the rest of us! How nice of him, right? We have to emulate the Ibrox club in Europe for Rodgers to be considered a success. He thinks we won’t tolerate anything other than bettering his past achievements here.

Talk about setting an impossible bar; beat seven trophies out of seven Brendan or you’re a failure. What a ridiculous statement from this ridiculous individual.

I always knew that Ibrox’s run to the Europa League Final was going to be hung around our necks, and forget that they showed their real level of quality when they were turned over in the Champions League.

And anyway, if that team – which reached a European final – is so brilliant, then how come we’re now being told that beating them to five trophies out of six wasn’t that impressive?

Honest to God, these people need to make their minds up and get their story straight, and even if they do … Simon Jordan?

Of all the people out there who shouldn’t be offering advice, far less attempting to speak for our supporters, it’s him.

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  • DixieD says:

    So where’s your “bloody beauty” Tillman story? I’m hoping you’ve managed to obtain proof that the whole ‘compensation’ and sell-on figure nonsense is exactly that!

  • DixieD says:

    I’m looking forward to it! (Just discovered emojis turn into question marks on here!)

  • JimBhoy says:

    TBH Talksport is a joke. He gets airtime and therefore can say what he likes, part of the world we live in today. An accepted norm.!

    Don’t think Brendan will need any advice. He knows what he is up against up here, even if he didn’t know who Beale was.

  • John S says:

    Celtic supporters must be careful not to fall into the trap of Ridiculous Expectations. Winning a Title is not a Divine Right. Winning a Double is excellence. Winning a Treble is a remarkable and rare achievement. Every decision in every game, every shot, every save, all taken into account. Winning game by game is a more realistic target.

  • Johnno says:

    Remember that dipshit coming into the football world looking like a extra out of Miami vice.
    Possibly would have been better off, as was such an eejit and at least remains consistent in doing so.
    There already is a media campaign underway with hoping to see Rodgers fail, and certainly won’t be taking any advice from any scum cheerleaders.
    Course all of these idiots try to promote a europa final instead of addressing the worst team in CL history.
    That’s what the step up in quality is really about, and would be amazed if the scum think that English championship players are now meant to be good enough to compete in the flagship of European football.
    The scum are a europa team at best, we remain a CL team intending to push on within that competition.
    Another scum cheerleader who can’t face up to reality

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