The Boys Club Case Against Celtic Is Being Cheered On By People Who Care Little For “Justice.”

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There isn’t a single person who knows me who does not know what my views are on the handful of people who have been found guilty of abuse in the Celtic Boys Club case. There isn’t a single person who knows me who isn’t aware that I think certain people should be languishing in prison alongside them. Enablers, you might call them.

I wrote an article on this site last year, or the year before, on Celtic’s moral responsibility, and the need for us to come to a settlement that respected the confirmed victims and gave them due regard.

But I’ve also said that since this entire matter is in the hands of the legal profession, it is better not to comment too much whilst that process is ongoing. It is a great shame – in fact, I’d go as far as to call it an unpardonable disgrace – that others are not quite as willing to let the law be the ultimate arbitrator here.

A couple of weeks ago, the solicitors in this case started a podcast on it.

I heard that and my jaw dropped.

I thought the idea was ghoulish; it is exploitative, inflammatory, a manipulation of the legal process and prejudicial in a way that in another context would have the entire case thrown out of court.

It is designed to assure that Celtic does not get a fair hearing.

And bear in mind that only one side of this legal dispute is fighting its corner in this way; Celtic doesn’t utter a word on this.

Our silence is not, as some have chosen to frame it, out of embarrassment or shame or whatever … but this is an extremely serious matter here and one that is in the hands of the courts … it would be wrong in every way for us to publicly comment on every allegation made and on every development.

Patrick McGuire appeared on his grotesque podcast this weekend to tell the listening audience that taking on the case was and is “the right thing to do.”

Well, all those who care about justice should also be grateful that as a personal injury lawyer it just so happened to be the potentially lucrative thing to do as well, because, of course, without a multi-million-pound organisation to go after, then justice notwithstanding, they might well not have been inclined to care let alone try.

They are a “no-win no-fee” firm and so once committed to the battle they have to do everything they can to make sure that this is a profitable endeavour. It is tempting to suggest that for them this is only really about money, nothing more or less than that.

In America these guys would be called ambulance chasers; if they are uncomfortable with that label, or with people supposing that their motives may not be the purest, maybe they shouldn’t resort to ambulance chaser tactics in the way they have from the start.

A good legal case, a good sound case rooted in the law, shouldn’t need to be fought in the media. You shouldn’t need a podcast to promote what it is you’re doing. The facts ought to be strong enough to speak for themselves.

But from the off, this thing has been waged in the press as much as in the courtroom, with the objective apparently to shame Celtic into coming to the table and throwing money down on it.

And along the way they’ve drawn supporters and admirers, and they might not care what those supporters want or what their motivations are but the taint of those people is all over this. If their podcast is trending it’s because the vilest people in Scotland out-with the perpetrators of the abuse are all over it, and they are revelling in it.

These people are not in the least bit interested in justice; they are the bigots and the haters freely feeding on the detritus of the Ibrox fan forum floors. They don’t care what Celtic did or didn’t do, or knew or didn’t know, they hate our club and they cling to the perverse fantasy that this affair will destroy it as utterly as the use of EBT’s destroyed theirs.

All this podcast does is gives them something new to gorge on.

It feeds their hatred. It provides a rationalisation for the deep loathing which already courses through their veins. It justifies their every base impulse about us. Look how so many of them draw automatic parallels between the scandals in the Catholic Church and the one at the Boys Club; this is a sectarian mind-set being spoon-fed whether the lawyers care or not.

This does not advance the legal case one bit.

It lets rubberneckers and ghouls revel in their own debased bigotry.

It confirms the bulk of its “audience” to be the sort of people who would peer into the twisted metal of a car-wreck hoping to see a victim.

If Thompson’s think this is a legitimate tactic, or one that can benefit their case, I would suggest they’ve lost the plot.

But really, all involved in “prosecuting” Celtic via this type of content should spare us the pious chatter and the talk of caring only about “justice.” There are other things at stake for them.

Those who are pushing it to the top of the podcast charts are very open about what motivates them to try. I would suggest that almost none of them have the victims as their primary consideration.

Honestly, the whole tone of this debate reeks.

This is a serious issue, with real people at its heart, and turning it into this grotesque public spectacle is disgusting.

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  • Martin says:

    Facts of the case aside and without making comment either way, this is shocking behaviour and is surely contempt of court!

    The only way victims and society can be satisfied with the judicial process is if it is conducted properly. That’s why I vehemently oppose jury less trials. But this is just as bad. And to be orchestrated by the legal team bringing the case. It’s unbelievable.

    One would be forgiven for thinking that they’re doing justice by press release as those with a very poor case sometimes do to put a narrative out there which is at odds with the facts. I don’t know enough about the facts of the case to comment so I shan’t. But my worry is that on this podcast others would act less sensibly.

  • B WOOD says:

    The Celtic legal team must challenge the prejudicial podcast it makes sure Celtic don’t get a fair hearing

  • John says:

    If they were that concerned about the victims then they would be acting for all victims against all clubs , not just against Celtic, I am sure I read something a while ago that Rangers supporters were funding this case, not sure if this is correct but would not be surprised.They have forgotten that the club called Rangers were also found guilty of the same crime by an Independent enquiry carried out, but nothing was done about it then.

  • John green says:

    I have been reading and watching this for a while and I agree that Celtic may not be legally responsible for the victims at Celtic boys club but they are morally responsible for these victims and should do something for the victims of those b——- torbett and cairney, the posts on the follow follow sites and elsewhere are absolutely shocking, you are right they don’t give a damn about any victims but only want Celtic put out the game, lots of their stuff that they post is factually wrong , i am also surprised that this lawyer McGuire joined that podcast and along with the multiple posts from spotlight I believe that they are prejudicial and must in some way harm their actual case , this has ramped up recently and I believe that Thompsons lawyers are finding it hard to actually put their case together and they are trying everything to gain support from the Celtic haters , the rangers fans especially are frothing at the mouth with ,this and once again they are contacting Celtics sponsors enmasse to try and put the boot in against Celtic, they refuse to believe that this evil happened at their own and other clubs but it doesn’t stop them spreading their bile.

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      The daily express comment on this every week if not every few days they have no thought for any victims as this could seriousy harm their case.

  • Johnno says:

    The only available justice for the victims in such horrible cases is in the form of compensation.
    No matter what the settlement figure should be, will never be enough for the haters of our club, no matter what.
    At least the club is addressing the situation, unlike the scum who would rather deny that the same horrible issue existed within there shitty club?
    Where will there victims see any form of compensation?
    No child should ever experience any such abuse, yet money is seen as a solution that has been widespread, even with royals getting caught up with the disgusting acts.
    For such scum to revell in victims hurt and pain says all you need to know about such individuals.
    Would go as far as to say, they remain just as bad as the perpetrators themselves in there actions.
    Solicitors are nothing more than interested in lining there own pockets, and remain the only winners in these horrendous cases.
    As a club we need this resolved and put the sins of the past behind us, yet the haters will never stop regardless

  • paul obrien says:

    Suggest they give their fee to a charity involved in this area as it’s the right thing to do

  • Mick Gerald says:

    Firstly I’m totally supportive of all the Victims and hopefully they get the Justice they deserve and all of the perpetrators are convicted and Jailed for as long as the Law allows,hopefully to never walk our streets again.

    Secondly Has this happened at other Scottish clubs and if so why does it never get mentioned in the smsm?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Very well put article. The people who are lickin their lips in anticipation of this court case, couldnae give a fuck (excuse the language) about the welfare of the Celtic boys club victims, regardin these despicable acts, never did ! Their main objective, is seein Celtic Football Club’s name tarnished and that’s hypocrisy at it’s sickenin worst. It’s actually rejoicing in child abuse and how bad an indictment on society is that ?

  • Effarr says:

    Maybe Celtic should do the same as the “loving mother” who managed to find £14 million from the public purse to
    keep her son out of the American prison system. According to all reports these “ambulance chasers” are the ones who
    get the financial gain with the victims getting the small change that is left after costs. I think the insurance companies will be the ones to decide. Celtic, by law, must be covered. If any employee of Celtic caused injury or harm to another employee during their working hours and in a Celtic environment the victim would be covered under employers` liability. If the victim was a member of the public harmed by an employee of Celtic whilst in Celtic property they would be covered under public liability. If, however, a Celtic employee committed an offence on another person outwith
    Celtic`s jurisdiction Celtic are not responsible.

    It seems to me that even if a school teacher who happened in the past to coach Celtic youngsters, as well as boys from other clubs. committed an offence on a pupil during school hours, Celtic still gets the blame.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I had a Sevco fan bitching to me about this in the local park one day he said he had ‘information’ about ‘what went on’ – I told him to go to Lynn of ‘L’ Division about his said information… He stammered no and kept on about this and it’s ‘connection’ to Celtic so I suggested that as he wouldn’t then for the sake of the alleged victims that I would and and I’d name him and that he cared not a jot about the alleged victims but only to point score against Celtic FC…

    When I threatened him with my intended course of action he suddenly shut up and I’ve never heard him say one word on the subject since…

    They care not one iota about alleged victims do these Sevco reprobates and never did and never will

  • S Thomas says:

    The victims deserve to get their compensation and these scumbags should be shot in my opinion.. in fact these rats should get the death sentence for it, rather than these ridiculous sentences they get. If this occurred in America justice truly would be giving too the victims and their families. This should have been dealt with a long time ago.. it reminds me a tad like what went on in hills borough and how long those poor families had to wait for it to go to court, and for them to get the justice they deserved. Justice for the victims definetly HH.

  • FSTB says:

    Let’s be honest regards if not all the sevconions then the vast majority of them could not care less about the victims .
    They are hoping that if compensation is to be given ,it amounts to enough to cause the collapse of celtic football club .
    You have to be a certain kind of low life bottom feeder to use such a serious issue to feed your hatred of a rival football club .
    Does it surprise me, no I cant say it does .
    Sevco 2012 was built on poison and everything they have done since 2012 has helped that poison fester .
    Hate is all they have left over there .

  • Clara says:

    Chelsea and Man City to name but 2 have set aside money in preperation for historical abuse at the clubs, up to 80 abused for each club, one guy from Crewe Alexander was sentenced to 30 odd years for child abuse when at the club, the point I’m making is that this is not a Celtic problem but a football problem it was widespread in the game including the Ibrox club.
    Funny that you only ever see podcasts ets about Celtic, that’s not concern for the victims but just another way to vent their hatred of Irish Catholics.

    • Therese Storrie says:

      Clara How true ! You would think of all the teams involved that there would be a condemnation from all teams
      But hey let’s make Celtic the test case
      I’m not in any way trying to say these boys shouldn’t be heard and rightly compensated but the umbrella should include ANY team and ALL teams that are in any way shape or form that this abuse has been highlighted

  • Stesano says:

    It’s sick! Those Hun sites run threads on this utter weirdos!! This problem has always been in society it’s disgusting but these people went into positions of power over Childern it’s sick and their old club had this issue big time as many did I grew up with many footballers even the ” masseuse” was dodgy at clubs, and young players saw it as joke while being creeped out! See they were too young and thought it was banter as many did in society as we are now very aware of . Not read all your piece but the cretins of that dead club are sick in the head it shows their mentality, they sick creatures weaponise child suffering and revel in it even even,tho their old club told victims not to bother them as that was the old one!! As they are well aware of as we all are!They are a weird cult of cretins, they live to hate and circular the sewar utter poisonous filth that do nothing for nobody!! That cespit should be demolished in 2012! Tho our club should dealt with this long ago and helped the people affected ,tho I do know the club were not affiliated directly that is a fact as I knew many players that were in that system, but regards in the current climate this has become a pile on there no doubt about this, but we should never be moralised on any entity from the weirdest, posionous , filth of Mordor there never be a day in my life I would ever allow it on a personal level

  • Martin McK says:

    I just wish that Thompsons put as much effort into supporting workers cases my Trade Union Branch sends their way – only to increasingly be told they won’t take it on as it’s not a “cast iron “case.
    Must be a difference in the payday for Thompsons compared to long standing regular work

  • Legend07 says:

    Totally agree.
    Not one of these “mouths” have had one thought for any of the victims. The next time we play the tribute act watch how many supporters in the stadium sing the vile song about the boys club, just about everyone of them……I’ve always know they can sink to levels that would make you puke but with this they’ve gone even further than anyone could imagine a human being could sink to. .
    I truly hope the victims get what they deserve and that they can hopefully draw some line and move on with their life as best as they can.
    I would also like to thank the celtic support for not trying even up the score by throwing back at them the names of the 3 or 4 vile scum bags who frequented their club. The same club who told a victim he would have to get in touch with the liquidators as the club he was referring to has now died!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Sincerely hope the victims receive some kind of settlement, it’s the least they deserve. Although it spreaks volumes, when all the intense scrutiny, publicity and ridicule, is being directed at one particular club, when there are others in Scotland, who have had the same problem. As an example, WHY has there never been a thorough investigation, into why, when the ibrox club ‘claimed’ to have notified the police of an offender at their club, the police replied they hadn’t received any such notification and this individual actually went on to other clubs. It’s the sheer, biased, corrupt, selective interest, towards the whole situation.That’s every bit as shameful.

  • king murdy says:

    a lot of “whataboutery” in the replies to your article james…you are so right, the case is so convenient for huns..they somehow see this tarnishing the name of celtic fc, which will in turn effect the future viability of us….they could not give a jot about any of the victims…i don’t care how many other clubs have victims of abuse by employee’s or coaches working in their name or under their umbrella – other than that the victims are compensated.
    i am old enough to have competed against a torbett led celtic boys club team – i failed a trial for celtic boys club – thank god ! but back in the day, the boys club and celtic fc were inseparable…i truly hope that it is proven, in law, that celtic fc and the boys club were, in law, seperate entities…but when this case is finished, after all the appeals etc…and celtic are proven not be liable….celtic fc should raise funds and donate to the victims….
    as a footnote….the late george stein, son of the great man himself, played as a centre half for under 14s celtic bc – giving lie to the huns claim that “BJK”…no father would allow his son into such a rancid environment…

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ king murdy. Personally speakin, in my own comment, ah was tryin tae highlight the huge inequalities and obvious bias, regardin the focus and scrutiny on Celtic’s involvement in these matters, compared tae other clubs. Was’nt meant tae be taken as ‘whataboutary’ and ah used that one particular instance regardin the club of our biggest and most hypocritical accusers, as a perfectly valid example tae make my point.

    • Stesano says:

      No ” whatabootery” always been a Hun currency and no wonder they plenty enablers to give them an out in Brigadoon Scotland! We are mostly well brought up and proud of our culture and community which revolved around Celtic! We don’t defect and everyone I know feels for any victims of these twisted individuals but they were separate from the club that’s a fact and was mentioned plenty by the old board my mhate at school played in same Celtic bhoys club team as John Collins it was separat but that doesn’t mean weeash our hands of this if you remember in 1996 this story came out there was stories before and rumours as there was at many clubs a former Hamilton and Patrick and motherwell physio was always mentioned but as I said earlier it was played off a banter but it never was or is! Now this was at first team level Celtic never had such people in the professional side these cretins disgracefully targeted a boys club level all over the world in schools and youth groups it’s sickening ,our club could have no doubt do a ” Der Hun” it wasn’t me style but we as a people want these victims helped as it’s in our DBA to help! But as I said earlier it’s sadly turned into a pile on and that utter scum poison of the dead club revelling in it ! Utter poison top to bottom that place is should be bulldozed in 2012 nothing but a breeding ground for hate, perma rage ,anti social poison

    • Stesano says:

      In our DNA

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