The Brendan Fan Media Presser Showed Celtic Fans Have Questions, Not Concerns.

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I was very pleased today to attend the Brendan Rodgers fan media conference at Celtic Park, the second time I’ve been to a managerial unveiling. And the tone of it was different, and the air of expectancy was different, but the overall confidence that the man in the chair exuded was the same.

Back when it was Ange Postecoglou’s unveiling I sensed a little anxiety in the room, and whilst one excellent question today expressed concern that we might “revert to type” in the transfer market, Rodgers himself smoothed that one over offering an unequivocal guarantee that this would not be the case. I thought the overall mood was excellent.

Prior to talking to us, he addressed the mainstream press and he got a lot of questions about what happened “back then”; his answers I thought put the matter to bed, and not because he grovelled or kissed the badge or anything like that but because he spoke about how there was now “clarity” where there had been, at first, an operation that was somewhat slapdash, where it wasn’t clear that a real strategy was being followed.

He did not offer an apology for leaving – I never expected that he would, nor thought it necessary, as most of us know there was more to it than just a manager bailing out on a club – but he did apologise for “the hurt that was caused.”

Which is good enough.

He spoke well, but then he always has. He’s a highly intelligent man after all.

Certain things were made clear, or as clear as he could make them. There has been a sea-change in the way the club goes about its business.

There is a new level of professionalism, an elite mentality, now at Celtic and that didn’t arrive with Ange nor did it follow him out the door. I said that this was the start of a revolution; Rodgers has as much as confirmed it, but it will be the sort that doesn’t take place on the surface but beneath it, where we can’t see all the machinery working.

But we will see the results of that, for sure.

Rodgers was asked good questions today. He gave us the answers we needed. He acknowledged, as much as he was capable of acknowledging without airing a lot of dirty linen, that things at Celtic weren’t too great the last time he was here, and that it’s the change in culture and the new way we do things which played the key role in bringing him back.

And that should put the past to bed where it belongs, and give us all the confidence to move forward. People at Celtic have put aside whatever grievances they had. They have put aside whatever concerns they themselves felt, and Rodgers has set aside his own worries and doubts that the club wasn’t in sync with his ideas.

We should all be very optimistic about this change in our fortunes.

In fact, we may come to view this as a genuine platform on which to build an even more formidable club. We might very well come to find that the best is still to come.

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  • Martin.H says:

    Not the club that wasn’t in sinc the last time round it was Lawwell, he was the only one of the three not smiling, never happy with this snake in the background.

  • John S says:

    Yes, but BR should never have signed Maryan Shved (just a jest).
    The decision has been made, the die cast. BR is an important figure in the Celtic Family and will receive our support and trust. For talking sake, I’d say we need a 5-year plan to make an impact in Europe. Hopefully, the manager will make three years or more.
    We could be witnessing a new Era. Nevertheless, it always comes down to the game on the day. Strong as Celtic are, there is no Divine right to the points or the tie, nor is there any such thing as a ‘dead-rubber’, addiction to winning has to be in the DNA.
    One good thing about the comparison of the current and previous manager is that BR is more flexible in strategy.

  • Bunter says:

    He was impressive today. He acknowledged the hurt and that’s good enough for me. Onwards we go and united in Celtic.

  • Johnno says:

    Strongly believe that the club is at the same position it found itself in 5 years ago, with Rodgers as manager.
    The huge difference this time around is Rodgers will get the backing that he never received 5 years ago.
    So therefore, he will get the opportunity to see just how far he can bring the club in European football, which I suspect he always wanted to do in the first place.
    Also got far more depth within the squad already compared to 5 years ago also.
    So overall, looks like the club has taken great strides to eventually operate in a way we could and should have done 5 years ago, and looking forward to just how successful Rodgers will be 2nd time around with the added bonus of European success to be coming our way along with the continuation of Scottish dominance kept intact

  • DixieD says:

    With the exception of the Covid season, we’ve totally dominated Scottish football for the past decade with very little progress in Europe. Im not convinced that there will be much change in this. From season 24/25, clubs eliminated from the CL will NOT drop into the lesser Euro competitions. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unless we do well in the CL, or fail to win the SPL and end up in one of the lower Euro comps, then progress in Europe is going to be very difficult.

  • Al says:

    It represents a fantastic coup , imo, to get BR to the SPFL. there should be great excitement among the Celtic fanbase at the possibilities ahead . Nothing h can be taken for granted but we can be optimistic about greater success and growth.

  • Johnny Green says:

    He handled it well and he said what I expected, that he had no regrets. To say otherwise he would have not been believed, and would have instantly been distrusted by those who are still sceptical and are looking for excuses to be critical of him. His comments cleared the air as far as I am concerned and we can all settle down now and enjoy the ride.


  • Fun time frankie says:

    IMO the only thing that has stopped celtic progressing in Europe is Peter liewell this man has held us back for almost 20 years,all he wants is celtic winning in Scotland,BUT this man also wants a strong sevco as it puts more millions into his bank account. THIS MAN DOES NOT LOVE OUR CLUB THE WAY WE DO THIS MAN,S ONLY CONCERN IS HIMSELF.

  • Michael Collins says:

    Excellent post Frankie, I could not agree more. Lawwell also stopped us doing the ten by not spending any of the 9 million he got for Brendan from Leicester when he should have replace him with like for like and appointing Lennon instead. I will never rest easy while this man is at Celtic.

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