The Managerial Horror Story Ange Must Consider If Celtic Get The Call From Spurs.

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Earlier today, I posted a piece asking whether or not Ange might be getting a bit of a using from Spurs, in an effort to drive the guy they really want – Luis Enrique – to the table. But even if this proves not to be the case, the job is a dangerous one for our current boss, and everything that the media says is a reason he should take it is mirrored in why he should not.

The narrative we keep on hearing is that Ange, at 57, might never get this chance again. Why not though? Mourinho is 60 and he seems as if he’ll be in work for a decade at least to come. His next port of call might be Paris St Germain. Ange has time, and plenty of it, to get a Premier League job if that’s what he wants, or something abroad.

But Ange is in a more precarious position than you might think. There is a general assumption here that he will command a salary five or six times his current one. Even if he does, how much is that likely to be? Millions, yes, but not the sort of money Spurs would throw at the Spaniard or someone who has proven himself in a top five league.

He will certainly make more than Celtic will offer him … for now.

But this happens with players on a regular basis; they leave clubs for money and find that their careers start to stall. A lot of these guys end up in lower league obscurity, or way below the level they thought they’d get.

Over the course, I bet some of them earn less in real terms than if they’d stayed sensible and grounded and not chased the cash in the manner that they did.

This happens to managers too, and it happened to one at Spurs, and he – not Conte, sacked whilst the club was still in a Champions League spot or Mourinho, sacked when they were on the eve of a final, a manager who has won a trophy at every one of his clubs – who is the cautionary tale Ange should bear in mind, as the real danger here.

I’m referring, of course, to Nuno Espirito Santo, brought from Wolves and labelled a forward thinking manager and feted as the future of the club. He was a very decent Wolves boss, but many people concluded that his appointment was a risk. He, like Ange, had built a steady and sure rep for himself, and his getting that gig seemed to confirm his growing stature.

Nuno Espirito Santo lasted seventeen games. Four months in the job. He was sacked have lost seven of those matches. His win ratio was 47%, so it seems harsh. For some context, in his first seventeen games in charge of Celtic Ange Postecoglou lost four and drew three. His ten wins made his record only slightly better than Santo’s eight.

The trouble with Ange’s start is that he won just three of his first nine. If he went to Spurs and did that – and it’s possible; let’s face it, you could get a tough run of early matches and no time to bed in your team or your ideas – and he will be under immense pressure right away.

Four months isn’t a long time. Santo would have got longer but some people were genuinely baffled by his appointment in the first place, and there are already more than a few people south of the border wondering why Spurs, with other options, would pick a guy from the SPFL and who has only Scottish, Japanese and Australian titles to his name.

Ange will get no benefit of the doubt there.

Sacking a manager after 17 games shows how much patience and tolerance there is in the Spurs directors box, and all those voices suggesting that Levy has learned lessons and wants to “take a step back” should recognise that his appointment followed the sacking of Mourinho, whose fate we’ve already discussed, and his was followed up by the appointment and subsequent dismissal of Conte.

In between Conte and their current mess, they appointed Christian Stellini until “the end of the season.” How many games did he get, in total? Four. He lasted from 26 March to 24 April, and that’s the environment Ange would be walking into.

The words “good luck, you’re going to need it” hardly seem adequate to the job, do they?

And where is Santo right now?

Well, his well crafted reputation, steadily built over time, was shattered by the Spurs experience.

He now coaches, at 49, at the Al-Ittihad Club in Saudi Arabia. 

It is not crazy to suggest that he might never again coach in a top five league.

If Ange goes and fails there, at a club where managers are almost set up to fail, that’s it for him. The Great Experiment, that of hiring an A League Coach, no matter how well credentialed, will have exploded. Nobody will care what he did in Scotland, nobody except us, and we’ll be on our next manager by then and if he’s doing well it’ll be just another story in the paper.

At 58, Ange Postecoglou’s managerial career might well be virtually ended by a Santo style sacking, and he has to think about that, about what that would do to his chances of ever managing at that level again. Neil Lennon also delivered a treble up here … he was last coaching in Cyprus, and I wonder if he’ll ever again see the inside of a dugout.

That’s the risk, and it’s a big one.

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  • Paul Mac says:

    The success that he had at Wolves was surprising for most over here, as before that he had left Porto in some disgrace. He just won the title in Saudi Arabia beating his countryman Ronaldo … which was nice !!!

  • Stevie Bhoy says:

    Honest to God
    Celtic are on the verge of a world record 8th treble and people are almost suicidal
    Celtic will prosper regardless of what Ange Postecoglou decides
    Celtic Football Club are bigger than any individual and always will be

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Stop panicking, James. If Ange goes, we’ll still be Celtic fans. They can never take that from us. HH

    • James Forrest says:

      Who’s panicking buddy? 🙂 Not I. I am a cheerful soul and I KNOW our club will carry on.

      The risk is his. Not ours.

      • Do You Know What Nemesis Means? says:

        Do You Know What Nemesis Means?

        Do You Know What Nemesis Means?

        Do You Know What Nemesis Means?

        • James Forrest says:

          Nemesis? You’re a fucking sad-sack nobody huffing because I won’t publish your comments.

          You’re a fucking embarrassment. Don’t flatter yourself you two bob dick.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    He is going to spurs contract around £10 million a year on a 3 year contract who would refuse that at 57 years old but won’t last bad move football wise” they can’t compete with city untd and now Newcastle oil/ gas all sovereign wealth might get Europa if lucky beautiful stadium shit team and Ange not great in Europe just hope we get a good replacement.

  • Therese Storrie says:

    That’s it in a nutshell He goes to Spurs and he’s not getting a lot of time to get things right he’ll be starting off on the wrong foot and Levy won’t think twice about sacking him
    No matter how much he might earn in the long run will it be worth it to ruin his reputation
    He should sign a new contract with us and if and when he does good things in Europe he can go to a much higher profile in the EPL or Europe
    And Celtic will get a decent compensation

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Most people think that everyone should be motivated only by money. Pundits ,journalists and most fans seem to believe this. Maybe its an age thing and I am out of touch having retired many years ago, but does job satisfaction not come into play at any time nowadays.
    Ange should let the Celtic support know as soon as possible after the Cup Final what his way of thinking is and commit one way or another.

  • SSMPM says:

    I’m off to Hampden tomorrow. I can’t foresee or expect anything other than a romping Celtic win and a swashbuckling performance.
    I’ll be right behind my team and nothing is getting in the way or ahead of my thinking about that. 8 x a treble is a marvellous achievement the sum of which is a New World Record. HH

  • Bob (original) says:

    All this pre-Cup Final distraction reinforces a main concern.

    After his totally unexpected Double in his first season – after inheriting a total shambles – Ange should have been rewarded with a bumper contract – a 3, 4, or even 5 year deal? He was an obvious great fit with the club and a potential long term manager who could shake up the club from top to bottom.

    He should have been treated like a promising player: as he develops further, he attracts attention from other clubs.
    IF Ange is still on a 1 year rolling contract, then that risk of losing millions in compensation sits with CEO Nicholson.

    I’m just hoping Ange is using the Spurs – alleged – interest to squeeze the best deal out of Nicholso? 🙂

  • Eldraco says:

    Watch how the team sets out to play.

    If the players know his gig is up the play will reflect it ipso facto the opposite.

    He is not going anywhere

  • Paul Mac says:

    Check out this video by 442 which if the big fella hadnt seen then it would probably give him nightmares !!! – Why Nobody wants to manage Tottenham
    Another english point of view about Ange and the spurs job is from Mark Goldbridge who reckons that whatever happens Spurs would only be capable of finishing around 7th/8th because they are nowhere near the likes of Man C , Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea , Man U , Newcastle and maybe even Brighton – so would a midtable finish REALLY appeal ? after 5,50 (first part is about Napoli striker moving to Newcastle)

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