The Media Has No Idea What’s Happening At Celtic. The Abada Story Proves It.

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Just the other day, we had a story about how Liel Abada had turned down yet another contract offer from Celtic, and this meant he was probably heading out of the club this summer. That story, like so many others which finds its way into the mainstream press, turned out to be nonsense. It turned out to be either a work of fiction or bad information.

It is difficult to separate the two, and since the mainstream media no longer bothers to even try, the question arises; why should we make the distinction? The sporting press here either publishes what it knows to be false information or it is too lazy to provide us with accurate stuff. Either way, it’s a pretty damning indictment of the profession now.

I’ve been doing this job for a little more than ten years now. It’s a long time, but not so long that I don’t remember what it was like at the start. Not so long that I don’t remember fifteen and even twenty years back when there was no fan media and no Internet Bampots. I remember when the sports journalists in this country still had weight and could still influence events.

More than that, I remember that every outlet took pride in its own achievements. Every outlet was in the business of scooping the others, and they made sure that their “rivals” knew it when they beat them to a story. They also pulverised them for getting stuff wrong.

I remember more than one back-page headline in The Record or The Sun trashing the other paper for blowing a big story. Those were the days when, at the very least, these outlets had professional standards and … well, they kept each other honest.

Now they steal articles from each other, quote each other, and never bother to check whether the information they are publishing is accurate or not. These people have no real idea what’s happening inside our club. Unless we’re spoon-feeding them stories they are nowhere.

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  • scouse bhoy says:

    the ultra right wing anti union rag never had any standards and unfortunately the radar has fallen well below any standards of impartiality in its football reporting.

  • Tony B says:

    There are no sports journalists in Scotland any more, either in print or broadcasting, and that’s been the case for many years, since before rangers died.

    Fan boys and stenographers to a man ( or woman ).

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    The media in Scotland is predominantly mason controlled and run so the rumours are out out there to unsettle the best players or in hope of doing so ,nothing the press say regarding Celtic north or south of border is worth NOTHING. Not even the ink used to print it

  • John Copeland says:

    The good thing about all of this garbage , is that the doughnut , chocolate biskwits and sweets indus tries ,will be doing a roaring trade with all of the SMSM scoops stil working from home .Sitting in their spare rooms , surfing the net for more second hand clickbait tales ,feeding their faces with junk ,then regurgitating the same junk onto the sports pages of their tabloids ! There is nothing like a good story …. and theirs is nothing like a good story !

  • Johnno says:

    You have to take into account the agenda of the scum media James,
    When Ange departed they all would have been hoping that many of our very talented players would also follow suit.
    Could still happen, but think it’s more likely that a mass exodus of players is very unlikely, especially now.
    There worse nightmare occurred for them with the return of Rodgers, when a lenny type of appointment would have suited the scum media very nicely.
    Rodgers has actually a better track record than Ange and along with the knowledge of Scottish football, and the demands of success within the club also.
    So the plans for our downfall was a better option for the scum media in claiming the closing of the gap to ourselves remains in tatters now, in fact it actually has far more potential to grow with our plans far bigger than what the scum have on offer.
    We have a fair few players who I believe could cut it within the EPL level, even if the success rate remains fairly low, especially over the past few years.
    So for many of them players, having a season under a respected manager at that higher level may well be seen as a better career decision than jumping ship now imo.
    These players still need to be able to produce within a guaranteed 6 match CL level to show the consistency needed on a weekly basis within the higher leagues still.
    Believe Rodgers can give such players great guidance in the standards required on a weekly basis that’s needed to gain a successful career at a higher level.
    So while the scum media can go around with there turd polishing at present, it makes myself wonder just how much of this turd polishing is coming from themselves with there own fears, with what the future of Scottish football remaining within our own safe hands still?

  • Effarr says:

    A work of fiction or bad information? It is neither: it is plain, conscious, inborn, brainwashed, inherited and totally bigoted anti-catholic hatred. In a way, they can’t help it,
    it has entered their bloodstream. Just pity them for their small narrow-mind affliction which
    spreads among them like a plague.

    As for their “ancestors” on the sports desks: I am old enough to recall that, like the MIBs in those days, they were all bigots too.

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