The Tillman Story Doing The Rounds Today Shows That Ibrox Fans Will Swallow Anything.

Image for The Tillman Story Doing The Rounds Today Shows That Ibrox Fans Will Swallow Anything.

There is a remarkable story doing the rounds on Sevco social media today, which claims that their club will not be signing Tillman but will make £2 million from that.

It is one of the most transparently fictitious things I’ve read in a long, long time.

According to this tale, the Ibrox club stands to benefit because Bayern Munich are now refusing to sell the player to the club and have “pulled out” of giving them exclusivity.

There is, according to the Ibrox fan media, a break-clause in the deal which entitles them to £1 million in compensation should that happen. They believe Bayern will sell him for upwards of £10 million in the window and that will entitle them to another £1 million.

Who amongst even their gullible support believes a word of that?

This one has “impending court case” written all over it.

If their club has the balls to even try and secure a £1 million compensation fee from Munich they will be laughed out of the building.

This site and others have been saying for nearly six months that Tillman was not going to sign for their club, that the £5 million transfer fee was too rich for their blood and that eventually the option on it would lapse or that the clubs would just agree that it wasn’t going to happen.

We know – because The Mooch has said so over and over again – that Ibrox has been haggling over the cost although these things always come with a set fee written into the agreement.

The Scottish media was also being steered away from the idea that the deal even represented value for money; most of them agreed Tillman would never sign. Now those same outlets are running this guff?

This is a ridiculous story, one with obvious holes in it, a smokescreen being thrown over their failure to do a deal for a player their manager had identified as a key transfer target.

If they want to get into a public battle with Bayern Munich over this I think the German club could seriously embarrass them, so I doubt they’ll even attempt to “activate” the clause, if it even exists at all.

If Bayern has withdrawn the option, it’s because they know the Ibrox club isn’t seriously trying to sign the guy … and the idea that they will pay that club a penny in “compensation” when it’s Ibrox which has tried to wriggle out of the arrangement is not just daft it’s deranged.

But it seems that their club really can fool all of the Peepul all of the time.

They certainly never cease trying to prove it.

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  • John Copeland says:

    The Clumpany will soon require as much bunce as possible , by hook or by crook , as there is compensation to be paid to the Australian organisers of last year’s Winter competition in which it got cold feet about participating …. Serious bucks ! Then there’s the Scotland Government loan for COVID 19 aid (£3 million I believe ), which will have to be paid back ,unlike previous times gone by ! Every penny is a prisoner ….

  • Johnno says:

    Nice to see all the scum merchants still feeding themselves upon pig shit

  • Stewart says:

    Seen the headline,, didint read content,,, just thought wota strange,, strange story,,

  • Fun time frankie says:

    I’m sure I seen the mouch trying to haggle over a few pair of summer shorts in primark a couple of weeks ago.

  • John S says:

    Transfers at Ibrox – if there’s supposed to be money involved – forget it.

  • Jon says:

    Oh dear?

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    And I thought April fools day was over, but everyday is April fools day with Huns from fans to players an biggest of ALL MEAL DEAL BEALE

  • Davie says:

    Porky piebrox is full of deflection stories.
    The fans are so desperate for any form of feel good story that they believe there is a man on the moon, wearing a piebrox rag round his neck.
    They still believe that The Rangers are same club as Rangers RIP the originals.
    Hummels parent company’s elite sports administrators are not suing The Rangers.
    Sydney cup organiser’s are not suing The Rangers.
    Southbank asset along with sporting pay and paytek are not suing The Rangers.
    Not suing as these are allegations but court cases have been raised.
    Wouldn’t be surprised to hear The Rangers will be owed mega millions from these companies due to some small print, if you believe anything from porky piebrox then I’m getting a voodoo doll to torment my mates.

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