The Village Idiot Again Shows His Utter Ignorance Of Life At Celtic.

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The Village Idiot spends way too much of his time writing about Celtic without actually understanding the club. In truth, he spends too much of his time writing when he doesn’t actually understand writing, but that’s a debate for another day and in point of fact it’s one this blog has covered before. He is a fool, but he will take money from whoever pays him. It is on those who think he’s worth his salary to explain themselves.

Still, I am firmly of the mind that he should not be permitted to write on our club at all, not for any reason except when he’s admitting our superiority in every department. When he tries to tap into the Celtic mind-set he fails embarrassingly and lamentably.

His contention today that Celtic hired Rodgers out of fear of The Mooch and his team is absolutely barmy. His view on our Champions League hopes is pure bias talking, but springing in no small part from the utter ruination visited upon his own team last year.

Celtic does not make major strategic decisions based on what the club across the city does; that’s just a fact. In fact, when our club is making these sorts of choices it does not matter to us whether they are a shuddering mess over there or in fine fettle with plenty of money in directors loans flowing through the place … we focus on ourselves.

I know this is hard for him to believe. Their club, after all, makes every major decision based on how it impacts their relationship with us. Their signing policy is predicated on it, their choice of managers is based on it (within affordable limits; they could never have gone out and got a Rodgers) and even their commercial policies and ticketing arrangements are based on us … one of the reasons our club has spoken out against the Old Firm tag is we don’t need it.

Their entire business model is built on it. That’s the difference right there.

This has always been tough for this eejit to understand, but it’s because he sees things from their perspective, where everything is about Celtic. He imagines – because it’s all he can do – that we see things exactly the same way, through looking at them.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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  • Larry says:

    I didn’t see the name but I assume the idiot is Boyd. Am I right?

  • Jimmy says:

    I think your being kind to him calling him the village idiot. How he got a spot on sky is beyond everyone that thinks straight. An arsehole of the highest order. Long may his suffer continue.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Not another full season of talking about this imbecile please, he’s not worth the effort. In fact it’s quite tedious and he is better being completely ignored in my opinion.

    • John L says:

      Boyd is definitely the village idiot and the rest of them Miller, Kevin’s, Ferguson x 2 ect ect are just idiots looking for a VILLAGE.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    it is the people who employ his kind we should be criticising. sky sevco are just shoving two fingers up to the celtic support by giving this imposter a platform. it really is beyond embarrassing . hes at almost every celtic away game but somehow was missing at tynecastle when we won the league.

  • Stesano says:

    Always been the Hun mindset tho when they move away from Brigadoon the soon realise we are on a different level on all aspects hence most dump the poison believe me on that one, met plenty that feel ashamed and rightly so, I know few guys I am like how did you buy into that club and they see ” was my team” tho they try and think we must be like them as it makes them feel comfortable with their hate and posion, and seeing us like them sooths it,but plenty know different!! And leaving Brigadoon Scotland opens their eyes! Listen Boyd a clown but the truth is this attitude is everywhere in Scotland!! The ” o f” every 2nd word just heard that Maxwell on BBC give me strength guy a halfwit and evey second sentence ” them and Celtic” always them first and the ” o f” so we know what his agenda is right there!! As I said on video celts” we should left this set up decades ago even joining the conference to start with down there as we never need to be saddled with that poison or lose managers or players to clubs that are tiny compared to our Great club! It’s the only way we got get out of it! A country that allows huns well to be huns at all levels loads of enablers all through every sector of the place more so in the people paid to keep the peace now that always been an real issue ‘ too many Catholics in Glasgow city council” one told me before wow I destroyed his comment but worryingly he hearing that from his superiors! We need out of Brigadoon fact! It’s only way we can be rid of that poison

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