Very Soon, The Celtic Fans Will Not Have To Hear About What The Ex’s Are Up To.

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When you are newly out of a relationship, especially one you just want to put behind you, the one thing with the power to irritate you more than anything else is that handful of people who, for whatever reason, cannot help telling you what the ex is getting up to. You just want to scream at them “I don’t actually care!”

But they know that, some of them, which is why they do it.

Celtic fans already have to endure constant updates on what Giakoumakis does; you’d never think we went on to finalise the treble without him. He’s going good guns, I’m glad for him, but for God’s sake we don’t need, and most of us don’t want, minute by minute accounts of what the guy is doing. It is tiresome. It is boring. It is frankly ridiculous.

The same is now being applied to Postecoglou; I couldn’t give a toss who Daniel Levy is telling him he can or cannot buy a t Spurs. He’s an ex. He’s gone from my life. I don’t feel any need or desire, and I have no wish, to be informed every time he visits the toilet. There is a reason Facebook has a Block button; you sometimes just want these people out of your life.

Celtic fans, very soon, will have a new manager and he is coming with big plans.

Don’t believe me? Wait and see.

As I said in a previous piece, this is a revolution and it was planned before we even had identified the guy we want. It just so happens that he agrees with every bit of it, and has even thrown in a few ideas of his own.

That will stop at least some of this talk about previous players and previous managers. This dreck only proliferates when we’re making no news of our own. That is about to change in a big way.

We all thought this summer would be about quiet consolidation.

Man oh man, it is going to be about so, so much more than that and I cannot wait for it to start.

No wonder certain people in our media and elsewhere are sounded decidedly gloomy at the moment, and trying to find every negative they can to write about us and our incoming boss.

This scares them, it scares them badly. And it should.

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  • Biffo67 says:

    I still don’t think we’ll win the Close Season Cup

  • Sid says:

    Celtic fans, please drop the emotional attachment to player’s and managers. Accept we’re on the doorstep of a monster EPL and use it to our advantage. Kyogo will leave this summer and for 30M at his age I’d drive him there myself. This is how we vastly improve, fast. Use the money and strengthen 3 positions, invest every penny back on to the park. Great times are ahead, we’ve ditched the excuses, it’s too hard, January difficult window, be unprepared for Europe and hope for a last minute bargain on transfer deadline day.
    Our club are finally showing some ambition, us who said Lawell was a disaster has been proved correct.
    Keep hoovering up domestically and try and improve slowly in Europe. Rodgers gets criticised for Europe record despite his bettering, Ange, Delia and Lennon. The poor Europe record belongs to the club as its nearly 20 years since we won a knockout round, that’s gladly going to change. Hail hail ?

  • Roonsa says:

    I am glad you are on board with Brendan coming back, James. But don’t you think you’re being a little hyperbolic with the revolution statements?

  • ChicagoBhoy says:

    Cheers James! You help keep us — especially those living far from Glasgow — connected to the club with perspective, insight, and your great passion. Thanks for all you do.

  • Johnno says:

    There might be a delay over the announcement of Rodgers, but I would put that down to Rodgers wanting to meet up with Calmac upon his return from Scotland duty and making sure that there are no ill feeling’s since Rodgers departure.
    We know how much respect calmac had towards Ange, yet was that relationship as strong with Rodgers?
    Would be expected to see some changes to how Rodgers would set the team up, yet no one has any idea upon what changes will be coming our way.
    The coaching staff possibly needs to be finalised, and still believe Scott Brown could well be involved, to what degree could well depend upon what John Kennedy has in mind for his future?
    Still plenty of work will still be ongoing about identifying players and has already started with plenty more to come I would say.
    So a very busy summer awaits and will certainly be interesting to see how it all unfolds and glad that we have fuck all interest in what the scum do, as far bigger fish to fry than that shower of shit these days

  • Frankie says:

    That is so true James, I could not give a f### about him or spurs, I hope levy shites all over the snake.

  • Bigmick says:

    Agreed. One of the longest running cases is Paddy Roberts,closely followed by KT.
    Really tedious stuff.

  • Henriksgoldenboot says:

    The MSM are just trying distract everyone from the fact that we also have the most damn sexy, original away strip ever! Bhoys in black will be better than ever!! Lol!! HH god bless.

  • John L says:

    I feel the same way, I couldn’t give a toss if Ange is successful or not at spurs, I wish him no harm or little success, I just don’t give A . We all move on . Hopefully as one big happy CELTIC family

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