Moore’s Mad Remarks Have The Reek Of Madness. This Coverage Of Celtic Is A Joke.

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Earlier in the week, I lamented Chris Sutton’s frankly ridiculous assertion that Celtic is weaker than they were at the end of last season. I thought it might be the daftest thing I read the whole week, although not the worst. Imagine my lack of surprise to read Craig Moore this morning going above and beyond, even for a complete muppet like him.

“(The Ibrox club) are already stronger than they were at this stage last year, while Celtic are in a worse position than 12 months ago,” David Fowler writes in his gibbering disaster-piece for The Sun, based in no small part on Moore’s own idiotic rambling.

“I’ll put it in very simple terms, (Ibrox) at this moment in time have a stronger squad than they had this time last year.

They’ve got that stronger squad and will be able to show signs of improvement. Celtic, in terms of the squad they had to finish off last season compared to how they sit just now, are clearly weaker,” Moore said, and right away you can see how ridiculous his statement is.

I’ll put it in very simple terms myself; Moore is talking through his rear-end.

For openers, this time last season their club was off the back of a Scottish Cup win and a Europa League final place. Do you remember how the media was talking them up? You’d have thought they were the greatest team on the planet. That is the team The Mooch said had been changed too much. He has scattered its remnants to the far winds.

Moore is praising Ibrox’s signings when he’s not seen a single one of them yet, so quite how he can say with certainty that they are any better than the squad Ibrox had before is a mystery.

As to Celtic being weaker, we have one or two injuries for sure, but he hasn’t seen either of the new players we’ve brought nor the two whose signings are just about there, as we await work permits and the other minor complications you have to deal with when buying players from abroad.

Our record with signings is generally excellent, so although we’ve lost one wide player and a central midfielder only a mug would conclude, sight unseen, that our signing two wingers and two midfielders makes us weaker than we were.

I know people are sometimes tempted into bold predictions, but that sort of chat is moronic and nonsensical. There is no basis in reality or fact for any of what Moore has to say. Our injury issues will clear up in good time, and we’ve got plenty of money to spend getting even stronger. All this optimism over Ibrox’s signings is based on exactly what?

Moore hasn’t seen these guys any more than he’s watched our new players … so honestly, it’s excruciating having to read this stuff every single day now, it is colossally stupid and yet our hacks give it credibility.

This summer has been more filled with this than any I’ve known, unremitting negativity about us and the constant blowing of smoke up the collective Ibrox backside. It’s as if last season’s record breaking treble drove some of these people off their nuts.

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