One Of Our Targets Is Available Free. It Makes Sense That Celtic Move For Him.

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Some good news tonight, and possibly very good news, on the transfer front; the Brazilian winger Tete has cancelled his contract in Ukraine and is now available on a free.

We have no way of knowing, at this time, if talks with Celtic have taken place but he ticks the key boxes, he plays in the position where we’ve lost a key player and the manager knows, respects and rates him highly.

There is no way, therefore, that we aren’t in the race at the very least.

Does that mean we’ll get him? Hell no.

There are going to be at least a half dozen clubs seriously interested in his signature and we’re going to have a fight on his hands in advancing any such deal.

These other clubs can probably offer him much more money than we can and if that’s his primary concern then being honest, we don’t stand a chance.

But if this guy wants to win things and put himself in the shopping window for a later time, then this club is perfect. If he wants to play regularly, and under a manager who knows what he can do and wants to see him do it then we can blow everyone else out of the water.

Celtic does have a lot to order above and beyond money, and these are the advantages that we should be leveraging for all they are worth. And I am sure we are pushing although this guy’s agent will smell a big, big payday on offer and will push hard for it.

He’s a brilliant footballer, and you’re always crawling slightly out on the limb when you for one of these guys. Maybe you get him and maybe you don’t.

We can afford to offer him a better package than average because he’s available free … and the rest of what’s on offer is, of course, pretty special in itself; our stadium our club, our fans.

We’ll know soon enough, because I’m certain we’re going for him. We would be mad not to. If the club can pull this off … what a coup, and without a transfer fee.

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