Celtic Fans May Soon Be “All Off To Dublin In The Green” Amidst Rumours Of Wolves Friendly.

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Celtic may be heading to Dublin at the end of the month to take on Wolves; the two clubs were supposed to meet in South Korea but both have withdrawn from that game due to issues with the organisers.

The Irish Mirror claims that we’re trying to reorganise the game in Ireland. That is an interesting proposition, isn’t it?

A game in Dublin will give us all an early chance to see the team and how it is focussing under Brendan Rodgers. It will give us an early chance to see the new signings.

It’s an exciting prospect, and far from sending our pre-season “into chaos” as some of the more idiotic chatter from the media has suggested, it might just tee it up.

I would go to that game. If it’s on I fully intend to. I would not, of course, have gone over to Korea to watch a pre-season game, and so this will turn out better than that ever would have. I hope that it’s actually being organised. It would be an amazing trip, even for the weekend.

I hope that this isn’t just a rumour, that there’s some truth in it and that the two clubs can pull it together and get it set up. They are a good side, so it will be a great test.

This is how we should do everything now.

Suffer a setback, turn it into an advantage.

Pulling out in Korea, the media predicts we’re a mess.

But spin it, organise the same match something in a place where we can, and will, take thousands of our own fans and out of “chaos” comes order and the kind of thing we should have done to begin with.

Our club is capable of showing imagination now. I for one love it. If they get this sorted we’re all off to Dublin in the Green.

It will be amazing. Bring it on.

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