Celtic V Wolves In Dublin Is On As Club Completes Outstanding Turnaround On Friendly.

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The big game we wrote about over the weekend, between Celtic and Wolves in Dublin, is on and the two teams will kick off at 2pm on the afternoon of 29 July. That is a game I would not miss for the world, and it will complete this club’s outstanding turnaround on the fixture, which we were originally supposed to be playing in South Korea.

Wolves will give us a proper test, but they’ll do so amidst what will come to resemble a home game atmosphere with many thousands of Celtic fans set to make the trip along with the many thousands of our fans who already live in Ireland, many of whom come over every week.

It’s a stroke of genius from the club to get this organised, and that they’ve done so this quickly is a triumph. I cannot wait for this. It is the perfect opportunity to go and watch the team during this odd spell of the close season where you usually don’t have football to see. This summer is made all the more unbearable for having no international tournament.

So the chance to go and watch Celtic play an EPL team is one every fan will want to jump on, and in Dublin by God. That’s outstanding.

Congratulations to the club for arranging it, and although no official word is out yet this one appears very much to be a done deal, and Ticketmaster already has a pre-built page for the briefs, which I’m reading it correctly, go on sale to season ticket holders tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to this one already.

The CelticBlog is glad to support this initiative, to bring home Ryan Bennet from Zante. Please give it your support if you are able. 

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