Celtic Was Never Facing Pre-Season “Disarray” Except In A Few Crazed Media Minds.

Image for Celtic Was Never Facing Pre-Season “Disarray” Except In A Few Crazed Media Minds.

The daftest headlines I’ve seen today, or am are likely to see, inform us that we have avoided “pre-season disarray” because we’ve found a friendly opponent for our Asian tour. to replace Wolves, who pulled out of our game earlier in the week.

To read the headlines you’d have thought that their withdrawal had plunged our entire coming campaign into crisis. That it was the portent of a disaster. But none of those things is true, and just as many of our sites predicted we’re already moving forward with getting a replacement for Wolves and it was just as easy to do as we said it would be.

Incheon United, of South Korea, are pencilled in as our opponents. A number of clubs have pulled out of these games because they claim the organisers aren’t coming through with promises made; Celtic seem pretty satisfied with what they’re getting and are sticking with it. Having set this game up, it increases our potential exposure to their sporting public.

The media is now having to backtrack on its dire prophesies of doom.

That, alone, brings a smile to my face, although I’m absolutely certain that more general craziness is to come our way, having spent the last 24 hours sifting through reviews of our new kit launch which make me wonder if we were the ones who released an old school uniform top with a club logo on it, charged £40 for it and pretended that it was a premium product.

This is how our whole summer is going to go, filled with this kind of nonsense, filled with this kind of trash. But every now and again we’re going to see the media embarrass itself as it has done in this case by launching into hyperbole and over-reaction because of something minor.

Soon enough, we’re going to give them proper stuff to write about our club. Once Brendan starts flexing his transfer muscle we’ll see a real show. Until then, the media will fill its pages with OTT “Celtic in crisis” nonsense over every little thing.

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