Celtic’s Third Signing Of The Window Looks To Be Complete As Korean’s Bid Farewell.

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Another £2 million plus has just been spent by our club in this window, as the Korean winger Yang Hyun-jun gets ready to “jet in” to Glasgow to put pen to paper.

I use that phrase deliberately, and with tongue planted firmly in cheek. The media seems to love it, especially when talking about players moving to Ibrox.

The guy is coming from the other side of the world; we all presume he’s “jetting in.” How else is he meant to get here? Is he walking it?

Cause if someone was coming to Glasgow from a foreign club and he was actually going to do that, I would be impressed.

I guess there was a time when this stuff was supposed to surprise fans; maybe sometime in the 70’s. Now welders from Drumchapel are “jetting out” to Spain just because they fancy a weekend away.

The media really needs to get new material, although it could be worse; they once used to salivate over David Murray “sending the private jet.”

Yang Hyun-jun is a highly rated footballer. He’s already in their excellent national team and he won all the young player of the year awards over there recently. It sort of feels like this particular saga has been rumbling on for a while; that his club was so determined to hang on to him for a little bit longer suggests he’s very good … we’ll soon find out.

Their club has confirmed the deal, so this isn’t just presumption; it’s done now and we can move on and get looking at the new target.

As I said this morning, that looks as if it’s going to be fellow Korean Kwon Hyeok-kyu; I’ve written about my continuing concerns with the Asian Cup and this only adds to them, but he ticks the right boxes as a player and although he’s not going to cost the earth he plays in a crucial position and he has the physical attributes to provide us with the “power” the manager has talked about.

Today’s signing is bad news for Mikey Johnson. If you presume we’re going to sign a direct replacement for Jota in this window, that will be three wingers we’ve brought in and he moves ever further from a place in the first team squad.

I rather suspect that this is the deal that confirms the departure of Abada, although I would very much like be proven completely wrong on that front.

Our scouting system has gotten really good … so I’m fairly sure we’re going to emerge from this window with a stronger squad overall and good options in every position.

It’s guesswork. We’ve not seen these guys play yet and we need to keep that in mind. But we’re starting now to ramp up the business and get things done.

Signing three is in the bag and number four looks as if it will quickly follow … the wait for the marquee player goes on but that will happen in due course.

We don’t have to worry about it, only to have a bit of patience.

In the meantime, that’s another one in.

Well done all at Celtic for persevering and getting this one over the line.

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