Celtic Withdraws From Their Korean Fixture And The Hacks Are Talking About Chaos.

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Celtic has pulled out of the Korean leg of our Asian tour today, and like Wolves did before them they have cited numerous contractual breaches as one of the reasons why. We are not the Ibrox club, prone to throwing tantrums over everything and nothing; if we’ve pulled out of this it’s because we have genuine concerns, and an EPL club agrees with us.

We did try to fulfil this contract, including by trying to schedule a new fixture against one of their local teams, but whatever the sins of the organisers were, the problems they caused were very clearly too great to overcame. That’s pretty slapdash stuff from them; the people who put this stuff together really need to be a bit better at it than this.

But would you look at this?

The lunatic fringe of the pro-Ibrox media is talking about our pre-season being thrown into “chaos.” They talk about our being “forced” to “withdraw from the tour” as though we weren’t still going to the Far East to play matches.

The South Korean excursion was part of a two country visit, and we were due to play one game in it. One. The other leg of the tour was always seen as the more important, being that we’ve got six players from Japan … and those games are still on.

So what in God’s name are they gibbering about?

Arranging one further friendly, whether at home or somewhere in Europe, should the club think we need one, will be a piece of cake … nobody will be wetting their pants over this.

Talk of “chaos” is just hyperbolic guff, the sort we’ve been reading in the papers about our club for weeks on end now, with every minor reversal being blown up into a major issue … this is not a major issue. In some ways our players and coaches might be glad of that extra few days off … God knows there are some players in our squad who have earned it.

Honestly though, the media’s coverage of this has been downright embarrassing all the way down the line. Where were the headlines about the Ibrox club’s mid-season being in turmoil or chaos when they pulled out of the Australian event?

All I remember from there was an outpouring of praise for them instead. It’s the double standard that pisses Celtic fans off.

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