Ibrox Brains Trust Lament Celtic Fans “Confidence” With Hilarious Results.

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This afternoon, because I was bored, I dipped a toe into the sewer of an Ibrox fan site to see what the mood over there is with the new season approaching. There is always some fun to be had in that, and what do you know? They’re talking about us. Not Celtic, the team, but the Celtic supporters, and lamenting on how “confident” we are.

It’s as if we shouldn’t be.

It’s as if we’re all arrogant twats for believing that the team which has won five trebles and a double in the last seven seasons shouldn’t be a source of pride and one that inspires belief in us.

It’s as if we should be despondent because the manager has left, although we won four of those trebles without him … and two of them were secured with the guy who just walked into the building as part of his seven trophies from seven record.

It’s as if we should be depressed because Jota has gone, although obviously there were four of those trebles without him too. It’s as though we were skint and were scraping together the money for new players instead of awash with money and ready to spend.

They seem to think beating us at Ibrox in the first derby would shatter us and are pinning a lot of their hopes on that. Because it worked really well for them in Postecoglou’s first season, right? They reckon that some new signings gives them the edge; funny, I could have sworn they were talking in the same way at the start of the last campaign?

One of them suggested that we always bang on about how much money we have but never spend it. He should tell his manager that as he never stops bumping his gums about how we’re able to outspend every other club in the league.

Another said, and this made me laugh, “you’d think they’d learn from history.” What, like the past twelve years when we’re won eleven titles? That history?

One amazing post suggested that “out of Beale and Rodgers there’s only one of them who has been under this much pressure (managing in a must-win season) and it isn’t Rodgers.”

So it must be Beale then? When was that exactly? Oh yeah … last season and he didn’t win a thing. Or is there some other season in his lengthy managerial career of 18 months? Rodgers has two SPFL titles, seven trophies, an FA Cup and a near-miss as Liverpool boss.

So you can see the logic of the guy’s position, can’t you?

Others comfort themselves on “the court cases” that are going to destroy us. Their sick obsession with that subject is such that I don’t know what they’ll have to cling to when those issues are resolved and behind us and we’re still standing.

Some of them think the biggest threat to them this season will be – as with last year; this is how mad they actually are – referees. Our team just isn’t that good and constantly needs help from the officials to get over the line in important games.

Others, the more sensible and sane, recognise we’ve got a lot to be confident about. They generally get called out as being “tims” or worse. They find themselves arguing with brain-dead halfwits who want to argue how every break in the ball went against them last season and we only win the title through sheer dumb luck and SFA corruption.

I find it highly amusing that there are even some of them who think that if we spend big money that they are largely free of anything to worry about.

It is amazing what goes on in their heads sometimes, amazing … and troubling. Their own rebuild is being done largely on the cheap and they are overjoyed whilst thinking that one that might involve big spending is bound to be a failure.

And how to sum up how they view their own rebuild?

I’ll leave it to the genius who posted this.

I blame the schools, personally.

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