Jonny Evans Was Never A Celtic Target, So Why Should We Care Who He Signs For?

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The news today that Jonny Evens has a signed a very short term deal at Manchester Utd is neither here nor there to the majority of Celtic fans. The story, which popped up last week, and which linked us with a move for him was nonsense, as I wrote at the time.

He does not tick a single one of the boxes that would have made that a move a reality.

The “deal” he’s just signed allows him to play during pre-season games. It’s a chance for him to prove his fitness to interested parties, nothing more.

He was not on our target list and it doesn’t matter how well he does in his short contact with the Old Trafford club; it will not elevate him to the front of the queue when it comes to us strengthening.

Some in the media want to paint this as a snub to us.

I know that Glasgow World has zero journalistic standards, but even by their low-ball efforts to call him a “Celtic target” is stretches the truth until you can hear something scream. Hey, real journalists have looked into this story and confirm what was obvious from the first, which is that there is no truth in it whatsoever. If these people can’t keep up they are in the wrong job.

You just get tired of this constant lazy writing from our hacks, that and the clickbait being churned out by certain sites like the aforementioned Glasgow World.

We’ve already commented on how this is the worst summer any of us can remember for the sheer weight of negativity, but it’s stuff like this that really infuriates a lot of us, this complete failure to stay on top of the news, or worse; an unwillingness to stick to the facts, and to veer into fiction, whatever the motivation for that.

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