Kenny Miller’s Celtic Comments Are The Ravings Of Someone Who Can’t See Straight.

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Sometimes, when I hear certain people talk, I wonder what planet they are living on. Sometimes, when I read something, I wonder how the writer can look at the world and see it in a way that, to me, makes no sense whatsoever.

There is an excellent case in point in current affairs; those who claim that Ukraine needs to stand tall or “the Russians will be rolling into Western Europe next.”

There are plenty of reasons for hoping that Ukraine wins its war, but that’s not one of them. The Russian army poses no threat whatsoever to NATO countries. It’s been humiliated by what was, and in some ways remains, a local militia. The myth of its power has been well and truly busted.

So has the myth of Ibrox, and the many ways in which it has been busted don’t need to be laid out. Yet there is Kenny Miller, in the papers today, talking absolute rubbish, and perhaps the most absurd part of his rambling nonsense is that “If you go through the two squad’s player by player there’s not much difference” between our team and theirs.

Says the man who has failed to notice that their “star” striker of the past few years is still wandering the highways and byways of the game looking for a club. Who hasn’t spotted that their best winger left on a free whilst ours left for £25 million.

They have punted their one decent looking forward for a mere £1.7 million, to a relegated Italian team, and they are desperately trying to flog even more of their second rate junk around Europe at knock-down rates.

It’s not the only comical claim in his piece. He dismisses our winning of the treble as unimportant because it was decided on “fine margins”.

He also says, apparently with a straight face, that a club which has spent more than it can afford in an effort to reach the Champions League doesn’t have to worry if they don’t. He’s delusional if he really believes any of that.

His final contention, that Ibrox needn’t worry because even if Celtic have more money to spend it’s not the kind that will get us a better class of player is absolute moon-howling.

If there’s one thing that should be obvious, even to someone of such limited intellect, it’s that we’ve proved that the strategic spending of money does make a huge difference and that shopping in the market he’s talking about – the English one – isn’t the smart way to operate.

Nearly every single thing he wrote in that piece is the ravings of a lunatic. Not one single word of it, not one, stands up to the merest scrutiny.

It is cringy knowing that this guy is feted by much of our mainstream press as though he possessed an ounce of intelligence or insight.

He thinks Ibrox has done well in the transfer window shopping largely in the free market, but that Celtic won’t be that much better should we spend decent money … how many times is he going to be made to eat those words in the course of the coming season?

His own eye for what makes a good player is hardly stellar; you can see that from his numerous aborted spells at coaching, where he’s been at about a half dozen clubs and sacked by all of them. His record as a “boss” in Scotland encompasses a mere ten games, over a spell at Livingston and then another at Dundee.

They didn’t exactly fight to hang onto his services, nor did Huddersfield, where he brought his brand of disaster management as “co-assistant coach” whatever that means.

Nowhere can you more clearly see an example of everything that’s wrong with our media’s over-reliance on ex-Ibrox pros who would be mentally outclassed in a kindergarten.

Miller has written what he wishes were true rather than what is, an entire article filled with his fantasy version of reality, the sort that makes you wonder whether he believes any of it, and if he so how he can have seen what we have and draw such incredibly wrong conclusions.

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