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Last Night’s Daily Record “Celtic Transfer Update” Article Was Poor To Say The Least.

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The Daily Record’s “Deputy Live Sports Editor” – whatever that means – is a guy called Graeme Young. Last night he posted an article which had so little merit in it that I marvelled that he had even bothered to press “publish.”

But he did it and it appeared and I read it and I regretted that I had done so. Entitled “Celtic transfer state of play on Borges, Tierney and Jota as Fabian Rieder link causes another Twitter meltdown” it was awful.

The article was an “update” on where we stand in our transfer activity. But it updated nobody. It said exactly nothing. The Tierney story is a flight of fantasy inspired by a single throwaway remark from the player himself. There is zero evidence that Celtic are pursuing any sort of option for him, and most fans I’ve spoken to are very “meh” on the idea.

The Borges story – he’s a Man City youth player who is very talented – is a suggested target from inside the Celtic fan community itself. There is not a shred of information in the public domain which suggests for one second that Celtic are trying to sign him.

I have no idea what the reference to Fabien Rieder is, but if we’re going for him then someone at Celtic will be leaving. I’m sure he’s a good player, in fact from what I can gather he’s very talented, but he’s an attacking midfielder and we have one or two of those in the squad already and it is certainly not an area we desperately need to focus on.

For some reason Young turns that article into a dig at Elon Musk and Twitter; hey, I like to think I’m a bit of a geek but I lost interest in what Musk is up to with his platform ages ago and I find it bizarre that Young thought that belonged in a piece about Celtic transfer targets. He is moaning at Twitter restrictions on the number of Tweets you can view … that must make it harder for alleged “journos” to harvest for rumours to write about, eah?

The section on Jota is the reason I wrote this piece.

He wrote the following; “Clubs are returning to training and Celtic are under Brendan Rodgers’ watch once again will be aiming for a sizeable impact in Europe.

For the Irishman to get Parkhead rocking under the Champions League lights he has set a mandate of quality over quantity. And his funds will only be boosted once Jota says goodbye for Saudi Arabia in a £25m deal in the coming days.”

I love how he throws that in as if it’s nothing. As I will write about later, it is very far from nothing. It’s the most important part of what he’s written, but he seems as if he doesn’t want to discuss its implications … and they are very big implications indeed.

It’s not as if there was a lot in the piece.

He could have used it to shed light on what a deal like that will mean for our club, but instead he trots out three rumours, which only proves that he and his cronies don’t really have a clue what’s going on inside our club. Not a single one of the three players he names has officially been linked to us … and so there’s not a single fact in the piece.

It is the worst sort of transfer window garbage and I can only hope that we’ll soon have some actual news to talk about. I can see this being another very big week.


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