Laughter From Celtic Fans As The Jota Fee Gets The Media Looking For Ibrox Feel-Good Stories.

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Of all people to demolish a mainstream media feel-good story for Ibrox, but one of the Ibrox fan sites. Amazing. That’s the first time in a long time I’ve seen their guys actually knock down obvious media nonsense which was put out to give them a lift.

The story in question is about how they are in line for a “sell-on fee” if Ajax can offload the dud Ibrox flogged to them just 12 months ago.

If there really are English clubs willing to spend £15 million on Calvin Bassey I will be frankly astonished, especially as he gets found out week in and week out in a league that’s nowhere near the level of the Premiership.

But you never know. Football has a lot of strange goings on in it; I didn’t think we’d see a Saudi club in pole position to grab Jota, but here we are and it’s happening and he was left out of training today less he break his big toe and scupper the whole deal. That he’s also been spotted in Dubai with the club’s chairman simply confirms what we already know.

In the meantime, here in Scotland a shell-shocked media and a numbed Ibrox support, who had somehow convinced themselves that they’d win this summer’s “Pre-Season Cup” cannot believe that we’re about to net £20 million plus on this guy, after Benfica’s cut, and this has led them to write some pretty daft stuff in the last 24 hours.

Last night, as I reported, it was Tillman who was back in the news and their continuation of the mad fantasy that they are going to get a sell-on fee. Today they briefly got lost in excitement at the Bassey story with them running that the Ibrox club was going to get a cut of the transfer fee, only for an Ibrox fan site to shut that nonsense down.

He’s been such a disaster at Ajax that they are set to post a loss.

The only thing they should b sending Ibrox is a bill.

I understand that the Ibrox fans need some succour at the moment especially – as I’ll discuss a little bit later – as the Jota fee has shattered a lot of their own remaining illusions about who the world sees as the bigger club … but even they didn’t want any part of the Bassey story which only seeks to show how daft our media can be at times.

Celtic has driven some of these people a little loco, and especially when you consider that they’re spending money they had expected to raise as clubs rushed to buy the deadwood they haven’t yet ushered out the door. Colak is available, with no takers. Barisic has been available for a year with no takers. Glen Kamara. Available at a knock down fee. No takers. Matondo was transfer listed this week. It’s laughable that they expect money for him.

There’s one player I haven’t mentioned. He gets his own article because its relevant to the Jota discussion. But it only serves to show how far behind us they are.

Celtic fans are openly mocking this stuff, these poor efforts to give them something to be cheerful about as Celtic prepares the biggest ramp up in spending we’ve ever seen.

They know, and we know, exactly what that means for the coming title race and beyond.

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