Scott Arfield’s Anti-Celtic Stunt Should Embarrass Him And Will Annoy His Team-Mates.

Image for Scott Arfield’s Anti-Celtic Stunt Should Embarrass Him And Will Annoy His Team-Mates.

I don’t care what happens when players leave Celtic, so I care even less what happens to those who leave Ibrox unless it relates to something we’ve written here.

Scott Arfield would not even have beeped on my radar, except for on those occasions when I might glimpse his team in the MLS. Other than that, what do I care what he does?

Nevertheless, I think his behaviour in refusing to join the first two “huddles” with his current side, in Charlote, is an utter embarrassment.

What is the matter with these small minded goons? What is it about that club that holds players in the thrall of such bitterness even after they’ve left? Who does he think he’s impressing with this? What does he think it makes him look like?

His new team-mates must be baffled, and some might even be appalled. To these guys, the ceremony is a gesture of team solidarity.

What does it say to them when one of their own players wants to sit it out because of a petty, personal prejudice? That his spiteful childishness is more important than the unity of his current club.

It’s pathetic. I daresay that some of his own team-mates think so too. If you shared a dressing room with someone who behaved that way, wouldn’t you want to sort him out? Wouldn’t you want to tell him to get in line and stop acting like an idiot?

I mean, what is wrong with these Peepul?

When inside Ibrox they have to toe the party line to some extent, but you expect most players to leave all this “staunch” nonsense behind them when they go.

Have you ever seen a more concrete example of us living rent free in the heads of these clowns?

From mothers who can’t even touch the green in the scarf of the club her son just signed for to eejits like this to players “boycotting” guards of honour … they are a joke.

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