Some Of Our Hacks Are More Focussed On Postecoglou Than When He Was At Celtic.

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What is the Scottish media’s obsession with writing about ex-manager? Who are these articles for? Is this about us? Do the media think we care?

Why would we for God’s sake?

Do we care what Ronny Deila is up to in training or who he’s trying to buy?

I can’t imagine that if it was a choice between reading about Celtic and reading about Spurs that it would be a difficult one for most of us to make.

Even those of us who think the Spurs experiment is destined to fail aren’t watching every move of it for signs that it will. We have more important things – ha! Like our own club – to worry about.

The fans across the city hated the guy. He left and they sighed the relief of children when the sun comes up and the bogeyman is chased back to the cupboard for the night.

They couldn’t give a damn what he’s doing at Spurs.

So who are they writing this stuff for?

If we don’t care and the fans across the city don’t care, is there some constituency out there of Scottish football fans who do?

Are Aberdeen fans hanging on Ange Postecoglou’s every word? Are Dundee fans hoovering this stuff up? Hearts are in the midst of their own rebuild, but perhaps their fans can’t get enough of stories about an EPL boss who isn’t even allowed to sign his own players?

I was on the Spiers podcast last night talking about the press, and this was one of the things I said annoyed me about them; they chase easy hits, they focus on gossip, they no longer do news. I could have sworn that their job was covering Scottish football.

They are more focussed on what Postecoglou is doing than they ever were when he was a manager in the EPL, when they seemed to want to ask him about everything except football.

Is this going to continue throughout the coming season?

Are we going to turn on Radio Scotland on opening day for team news only to find a discussion about what Spurs might do? Will Sportscene have their cameras at his games as well as those happening here? Maybe they want to lug them all the way over to Saudi Arabia to tell us how Jota and Gerrard are doing as well, eah?

Brendan Rodgers is doing big things at Celtic.

The acres of coverage being given to the last guy should be focussed on his start at Celtic. And yeah there’s room for both stories but really, one of them is relevant to our game and the other is not.

So of course, that’s the one so many of them want to write about.

You can check out Graham’s podcast at this link. 

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