The Maeda Contract Is A Show Of Strength. Now Celtic Fans Want A Show Of Force.

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Yesterday, Celtic announced that Daizen Maeda has signed a new four year deal with the club. It’s another brick in the wall, another outstanding accomplishment, further proof that our club intends to keep as much of this squad together as it can. With big money in the bank and plenty left to spend, this is a good use of our resources.

More than that, the ability to hold onto your best players in a world where every club is looking for talent, is a show of strength. We are in a better place than we have been in years, preparing to add to what we have, rather than letting ourselves become weaker.

What the fans want to see now is the spending of big money, something that sends a very clear message across the city about who the superpower club in Scotland is. We know the answer. The trick now is to have even their fans know the answer, and the best way we can do that is to flex our muscle and show them what we can do.

I do believe we’re working on just such a deal, or deals.

I do believe that by the time this window closes we’ll be in no doubt that the Celtic team is far stronger than the one which finished the last campaign.

Rodgers was unveiled just a short time ago, and when you think about it, we’ve managed to fit a lot into that short time; two signings, two contract renewals and the departure of a player for a club record fee. We’ve not exactly been idle.

We know that a third signing is being negotiated in Asia. We also suspect, I think, that other contract talks are underway; Hatate, Carter Vickers and Abada have to be priorities. So this club is hardly going about its business slowly … but it is the silly season and fans want something big to sink their teeth into, and for a very clear message to be sent across the road.

Day by day, things are taking shape. We are tying down our best men. We are working away on deals behind the scenes. Soon enough, we’ll rev our engines and do what everyone in our support is waiting for. We’ll park our tanks on the Ibrox lawn.

The progress has been good so far. But the “statement” signing has yet to come, and it has to be in progress … now it’s about getting it over the line. In the meantime, the club has earned our trust and our patience. The Maeda contract renewal is an outstanding bit of business coming in the same week as a new deal for Kyogo.

That’s a sign of strength. Next it’ll be a show of force.

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