Today The Daily Record Manufactured An Anti-Celtic “Racism Row” To Get Clicks.

Image for Today The Daily Record Manufactured An Anti-Celtic “Racism Row” To Get Clicks.

I’ve seen some gutter level stuff from the clickbait media in my time, but one of The Daily Record’s goonish “writers” has scraped the bottom of the barrel today with a truly reprehensible non-story invoking racism, and appearing to accuse Scott Brown of excusing it.

It is perhaps the worst “news” story of the year and the publication should be utterly ashamed of it. But on a day when Lawwell is being accused, again, of wielding undue influence over the game we should not be in the least bit surprised by anything that gutter rag runs.

But this … Jesus Christ.

That’s an appalling headline, on top of a complete non-story.

Logan himself is not the issue here. This is about that paper invoking racism in order to get clicks and that’s all they’ve done here. That picture tells its own story; that guy is facing the camera, and smiling. He’s obviously joking, and the paper knows that, but the chance to get Scott Brown and Celtic and racism in the same sentence is too much for them to resist.

Logan said not one word in accompaniment to that picture. Not one word.

It’s obviously a tongue in cheek photo. He most certainly did not “reignite” any row about racism. Racism wasn’t mentioned at all except by this disgusting publication. It put its own interpretation on that photo, without the least supporting evidence to back it up. I would be amazed if Logan himself was happy with their shocking interpretation.

I said earlier, in the Jackson piece, the behaviour of that rag is such that the entire publication needs to be banned from our ground. Nobody in the Celtic support would have the least bit of sympathy for its writers if they were, and that they would stoop so low in a chase for clicks is exactly what such a ban is not only deserved by overdue.

Celtic can’t just continue to let these people away with this.

There is going low and then there is something like this, and there’s no justification for that whatsoever. It’s an attempt to sew hatred.

The only people trying to reignite this issue work at that paper, and what they’ve done here is a smear on Celtic, Brown and even Logan himself. It is inexcusable.

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