Who are the Top Greatest Celtic Players of All Time?

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Introduction:Greatest Footballers to Ever Play for Celtic

If you’re a football fan or sports bettor, you already know that Celtic is one of Scotland’s most followed and successful clubs. While various elements define the popularity and success of a football club, including managers and assets, great players are vital to any successful football club.

That means for Celtic to be successful and popular among both football fans and mobile casino enthusiasts in Scotland and the whole world, many great players have been involved. Taking key factors into consideration like the impact of the club, skills, longevity, and consistency, let’s take a look at the top greatest Celtic players of all time. They include the following:

Jimmy McGrory

McGrory is Celtic’s leading scorer. He has 489 goals in 448 matches. Jimmy McGrory had much love for his team, having at some point been offered to be the highest-paid player in 1928, but he didn’t want to leave Celtic. The irony was that the management was banking on him to get a huge funds boost to its bank account.

Even after trying to reduce his salary, McGrory wasn’t concerned about it. He was much delighted to wear the Celtic uniform and build history. Jimmy showed a genuine drive and loyalty to his team.

Paul McStay

Paul McStay devoted his entire professional football career to playing for the Lisbon Lions. His first step was to join Celtic Boys in 1981. And in 1982, his football club won the Scottish Cup, in a game he demonstrated his talent for the first time. By the end of 1986, he was a worldwide known football star, having lifted two major trophies.

Paul McStay’s brilliance lasted up to 1997 when he chose to hang his boots. His name is adorned in the Scotland Football Hall of Fame. Paul Mc Stay is regarded as the best in his football profession.

Billy McNeil

The Lisbon Lions’ legend contributed much to the 1967 European Cup victory. He has numerous achievements including six Scottish League Cups and nine Scottish League championships. Also, Billy holds a record of seven Scottish Cups and European Cup final appearances and after playing more than 800 matches, he decided hand his boots.

If you can ask any football fan, expert or online casino Neosurf enthusiast, whether older or younger, these three players must be on their lists of Celtic’s top greatest players of all time. These individuals have a huge list of achievements that modern Celtic players will struggle to match.

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