Celtic Must Not Sell Carl Starfelt Without A Plan To Replace Him.

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Could Carl Starfelt leave Celtic in this window? Sure, it’s possible. Anything is possible in this game, and with our club, but I’d be more than surprised if this actually happened.

We have just signed a new centre back, the defence is stronger than it’s been in ages and there is genuine competition. To break it up after we’ve got it here would be ridiculous.

It might well be that Rodgers doesn’t like Starfelt. But I’d be very surprised if that’s true.

His partnership with Carter Vickers last year grew as they played more games together and you saw what it was like by the end. Adding our boy from Poland has assured that we have rotation options and backup. To sell Starfelt now wrecks that completely.

Starfelt isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and there is better out there.

If the plan here was to sell him and spend big replacing him, even then I would be hesitant because central defensive partnerships take time to form and to grow, as we’ve seen. It would not happen overnight, and the risk appears utterly needless to me, especially with Europe coming up.

More than anything, I think the real concern is that Celtic might not bother to replace him, and put faith in someone like Welsh or even Scales.

That would be a colossal mistake, but one that I would not put past us. Rodgers has a blind spot when it comes to the defence, and it was one of my only concerns about him, a concern that was alleviated when we signed Maik Nawrocki.

I sincerely hope we’re not about to make a mistake here and get rid of one of the rocks of last season’s team. That really would leave us weaker overall, as we’ve not seen enough yet of Nawrocki to know if he’s an upgrade or not.

Starfelt is certainly a much better player than his myriad critics appear to believe …. I very much doubt he’ll be sold unless he’s banging on the manager’s door, and in that case I hope to God we’re well advanced with our Plan B.

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