If Kenny Miller Wasn’t So Stupid, He’d Find Celtic’s Transfer Business Scary, Not Odd.

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Kenny Miller is “excited” by Ibrox’s transfer business.

He finds ours odd. Earlier today he made his “prediction” as to who would win the title. He’s one of the small number who has automatically chosen Celtic.

Earlier on, he hadn’t yet gone for the Ibrox club, merely wished that he was able to. He is smart enough to know he should be worried.

But he’s apparently not smart enough to know why he should be, and he has instead now gone for the Ibrox team. It is a classic example of seeing what you want to. His characterisation of our transfer business as “odd” is that of someone who isn’t quite grasping it. The thing is, I defy him to tell me that he understands their signings any better.

He rattles off the names of their signings as though these were household players and blue chip names. None of them are, and yet they excite him. They excite him the way fans of any club are excited by the players it has brought in. Asking a goon like this for an honest prediction based on cold analysis is like asking a kid about particle physics.

How does he know what Cifuentes – who he specifically name-checks – will do? That guy played in Honduras and moved from there to LA, which is all the preparation one needs, I suppose, for a plastic pitch in Scotland on wet Wednesday night.

There is no way of knowing if he’ll settle or self-destruct. How many other Hondurans are at Ibrox to help acclimate him? He thinks their strikers are exciting. But their records are no better than the one Colak came here with last season, and I wonder whatever happened to that guy?

This is what he has to say about us, stated with all the confidence of someone who had never heard of Kyogo or Abada or Hatate or Maeda or O’Riley either. “I felt the summer recruitment is a little bit odd in relation to the players they have signed. I don’t think there’s anybody really who would excite Celtic fans …” But actually, he’s dead wrong.

Most of us came out of the game on Tuesday pretty excited by our new winger and Thiago Holm our new midfielder. They certainly look as if they offer us something in the here and now, and that’s to say nothing for how well big Nawrocki looked for someone just in the door.

Kwon was a little disappointing, but he comes with a good pedigree. So too does Tillio, who everyone who’s watched him raves about.

But of course, Miller is too lost in his prejudices.

Our record for spotting players has been exceptional these past few years.

Exceptional. Theirs has not.

It is not a stretch to suggest that maybe we know what we’re doing.

But even if none of them makes the grade – and that won’t happen – he freely admits that we’ve probably upgraded the manager and that these signings are built on the back of not just a title winning team but a treble winning one. Our foundations are solid, and our team is formidable even now. This ignorant sod doesn’t have a clue what he’s commenting on.

He also talks about middle to front, which of course some games are won. But other games are won at the back, and we’ve actually improved on the best defensive side in the league. Where are their improvements in that regard?

They were an utter shambles at the back in the last campaign, and from what I’ve seen of their pre-season they remain an utter shambles right now.

The re-signing of the 37-year-old Balogun is lunacy. Leaving Davies out of their Champions League squad proves that he was an utter waste of money, leaving Goldson and Souttar – injury prone Souttar – as their mainstay centre backs. Their fans must be shocked at that. I know I would be.

Miller is a complete muppet to write off our signings with no idea what they will bring to the club. I find it utterly tiresome that we keep on having to listen to Peepul like this offering what they media calls an “expert view” or “expert analysis” when it’s on the level of a club fanzine.

I really don’t know why any of our supporters would willingly listen to Clyde or read this nonsense in the papers. I do it because I have to, it’s part of the job. What’s their excuse?

You’ll get more sense, and more unbiased opinion, in a straw poll down in your local.

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