Celtic Fans Should Scorn Guidi’s Gibbering Nonsense About An “Understanding” With Spurs.

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Earlier in the week, my attention was drawn to one of those ridiculous media stories about the summer transfer window of next year. Yes, next year. Having been denied the satisfaction of seeing half of Celtic’s first team squad depart in the last window, they are preparing their tales for the next one … and the one after that as well.

The nonsense never ends with these people.

It goes on and on and on like a drunk in the pub who won’t shut up. And the variations and spins on some of it can be quite unhinged. These people have better imaginations at times than Stephen King, but in the main their thinking is stunted and lazy.

Most of the “summer rumours” revolve around Spurs, and it was in this context that Mark Guidi made one of the most ludicrous “suggestions” I’ve heard in a long time; that Celtic and Ange Postecoglou came to an “understanding” when he left that he would not move for any of the Celtic players for the first 12 months he was in England.

I mean, even at a surface reading that is plainly ridiculous. If Ange thinks these guys can do a job for his club, why in God’s name would he ever agree to that, especially with Spurs being such a graveyard for managers in recent years? He would want every chance of hitting the ground running, so for him to say “Oh yeah, I’ll leave priority targets and come back next year” just makes no sense whatsoever. It’s a ridiculous suggestion to make.

Secondly, Celtic would trust to that, would they? Some sort of gentleman’s agreement from the guy who was clearly negotiating his exit behind their backs? I very doubt that. I very much doubt any of it, and it’s all the more ridiculous when you consider that least one of the players in question – Kyogo – has just signed an extended contract.

Does that sound like someone planning to leave in the summer?

This is not even lazy journalism, it’s fantasy thinking. It’s Guidi indulging his imagination and letting it conjure up the best anti-Celtic story he can come up with. And this is it.

Gentlemen’s agreements. Understandings. I am fairly sure all this same sort of guff was used when Brendan Rodgers left for Leicester. He was “certain” to want to “raid” Celtic and take half our players down there.

And, in the end, not a single contracted footballer from Parkhead went there. The only player who had played here who ended up doing so was Filip Benkovic and that didn’t impact on us one bit. I don’t expect to see any of our players wind up at Spurs.

Indeed, sources south of the border have already denied one of the principal stories; that Spurs are going to come in for Maeda. I mean, first it was Kyogo he would certainly move for, then it was Hatate and then Daizen was the story.

The hacks cannot help themselves, but this conspiracy theory of Guidi’s is the worst bit of “reportage” yet. As with Rodgers going to Leicester, this is simply people putting two and two together and coming up with whatever they want. They did this same thing over the summer when they tried to convince Gerrard to move for Ibrox’s junk.

Our hacks lack credibility because they lack talent. The talent to go out and dig. And failing that, the talent to at least make something up with a bit of imagination.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Oh dear a thought Guidi was pan breed didn’t know he was still in existence,who’s he writing for The Digger.

  • Scud Missile says:

    All this talk about money in the bank,sevco in dire straits wuth finances again,them looking to sack Beale but may not have the cash to pay him off.
    For all of the above I reckon it will be Ted that’s gone before FATTY,and LIEWELL will be the one and only person to blame for that.
    All fur coat and no knickers as far as the finances go at Celtic.


      Got that wrong Scud.
      With Celtic its plenty of nickers (£s) but they baulk at spending on anything as Glamorous (sic) as a Fur Coat.

  • S Thomas says:

    Maeda and Kyogo are good players but they are not spurs standard . The problem spurs have had is the same problem Arsenal had with regards to the cost of there phenomenal new stadiums, Arsenal look like a top side again, and Spurs I think are on there way now as well. I don’t think they will be targeting Kyogo or Maeda, they are very talented players, but I’d Imagine Ange will be looking for real top quality players in the next transfer window. He has had a good start long may it continue.

  • John Copeland says:

    I can see what the average story sequence would be as I believe the scoops of the tabloids are still working from home ! Might be wrong ! Sports ed : ring ,ring , ring ! Hello …. I need a crazy Celtic story to whip up the excitement …. scoop … aw boss , I am just having doughnuts and biscuits with my coffee …. editor … alright son , take your time ,but make it a doozy … have you tried the new cream toffee doughnuts yet ? Scoop …aye boss , I prefer the jam wans …..editor …. nah ,no for me …later !

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