Celtic Will Not Sell Kyogo In January Just Because Barry Ferguson Wants Us To.

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The Scottish media is occasionally good for a laugh, and today is no exception.

There are a number of stories trending today which I’m going to write about, but some of them at a much later date. One in particular is an evolving story, and I won’t touch it until it’s gone full circle.

Since we all know what that one is I’ll say only that I’m happy that a solution is being sought which brings it to a close. It is probably overdue. This is the right moment to end it.

But for now, I want to have a laugh at the expense of Barry Ferguson, who is practically begging Spurs to come in for Kyogo in January. He seems to think that if they do, we will part company with the player as though we had no choice. He’s dead wrong.

Kyogo has just signed a new deal. Spurs will have options all over the global game, if they’re still seeking a front man. In any case, Celtic would be entitled to demand an enormous sum of money at this point, and in case he missed it, we’re not exactly scrambling to find cash down the back of the sofa cushions.

We’re well placed for the future. We’ve got plenty of it.

Say Ferguson’s mad fantasy came true, and Celtic were approached about Kyogo in January. We would, I’m nearly certain, simply refuse to entertain a bid unless the player has a minimum release clause in his new deal. If he does, then it would have to be met in full and it’s not likely to be less than £20 million. That’s the hard fact of it.

If I had to assign a numerical probability to this, I’d give it a 1% chance.

Celtic certainly will not do it just because Barry Ferguson would like to see it or thinks we should. This whole idea that Ange Postecoglou will raid Celtic for players is nothing but lazy, wishful thinking on the part of the hacks.

I hate to say it, when we love the guy, but a little realism here; anyone who can pay what we’d want has better options.

And here’s the other obvious point; if we’ve got tens of millions to spend on a replacement, we’ll have better options as well.

Barry Ferguson is not going to win Mastermind any time soon.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Ferguson or should that be Fergushun ! – From The Banks, to The Taxman, to The Wishful Pishful mindset of Kyogo leaving…

    Jeez oh – What a DESPARADO Lanarkshire Ned –

    In fact just penning this post I’ve asked Alexa to play Desparado just for him and him alone !


    There you go again James, ‘since we all know about that one’.
    No we don’t ALL know about that one.
    As has been pointed out by myself and others, we do not as a point of principal read, listen or view the SMSM.
    We rely on the Celtic Blogs to keep us up to date about Celtic and Scottish Football, including ‘Thum’ unfortunately.
    I’ll hazard a guess and say it’s Hatate. But right or wrong is not the point.
    You’re probably well versed in the pitfalls of using the word ‘assume’, in that it makes an ‘Ass out of U and Me’ so why do you persist in doing it ?

  • Johnny Green says:

    If we were offered in excess of 20M for Kyogo at his age, it would be an offer that we could not refuse. I would be very sad to lose him, we all would, but no one is irreplaceable and business is business.

  • Roonsa says:

    What’s the point of selling your best players for large sums when the majority of the proceeds go into the bank and a percentage is spent on project players? Celtic fans obviosuly want the Celtic coffers to be in a good state of health. But we also want to be entertained by having the best players available to us on the pitch.

    I like Kyogo and I would like to see him do well for himself. It’s not like Henrik’s day when the disparity between money he could earn elsewhere and with Celtic wasn’t SO vast. Now it would be absolute lunacy not to jump ship if the right offer came in. As such, if Kyogo did want to move on whilst he’s still at an age to command mega bucks then I won’t blame him. But the fact he’s just signed a 4 year deal tells me that we’ll have him around for a couple of years yet, at least.

    Good news I’d say!

  • Peter kane says:

    Ferguson is an absolute bell-end , he should be concentrating on the inflated figures quoted regarding sevcos acquisitions! We all know these figures are nowhere near what this skint institution paid and are for sell-on fees for duds who “Beale the Boil”thought were players !

  • Captain Swing says:

    Are you suggesting wee Barry armband is thicker than twa short planks?!

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