Clickbait Websites Don’t Get To Tell Rodgers What Celtic’s “Priorities” Are.

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I saw the headline on the Football Scotland site – “5 Celtic priorities for Brendan Rodgers to target before next international break as Champions League beckons” – and thought “This won’t be at all insightful, but I should read it just in case.”

And guess what? It wasn’t insightful in the least, and I regret reading it. Because it’s five minutes of my life – I interspersed reading it with making coffee – I’m not ever getting back. There was no insight in there, just a guy writing rubbish and attempting to suggest that unless Rodgers scores these things of his little checklist that fans won’t stand for it.

So what are these priorities? Improved performances, opening up the gap with the Ibrox club, start well in the Champions League, get the best out of our new recruits and win back supporter critics. I’m putting it exactly as the writer did and if you are already rolling your eyes, I am not in the least bit surprised because that was my reaction exactly.

Let’s go through them, shall we, one at a time?

Improved performances speaks for itself. Every manager wants improved performances.

Even when we were blowing teams away under Ange his mantra was that the team still had more to find, that there was still better to come, and Rodgers has spoken the same thing time and time again in his own managerial career.

It’s vague, wishy-washy, without substance of form. And it is nonsense as well because we will play some exceptionally tough games in that spell … and I would settle simply for winning them. We don’t have to be brilliant.

I particularly like the idea that Rodgers has to open up the gap.

Even if Celtic win every one of our games, where’s the guarantee that we can do that? The Ibrox club might suddenly hit its own stride. Is our manager to be blamed for that if it happens?

Are we supposed to cat-call and abuse Rodgers because their team didn’t drop points? Was there even a scintilla of thought that went into the writing of this nonsense, or is it just what it looks like; clickbait guff?

Start well in the Champions League. Means what exactly?

Win in Rotterdam, then beat Lazio?

He says three out of six would be excellent, and at least I agree with him on that. I’ve already said that this is a much harder group than people are giving it credit for, and my own expectations for it are tempered by that fact. I think we can get off to a good start, as it happens, but I will not be surprised if we lose both matches because they are very good teams.

As for getting the best out of the new recruits, he says only two have really caught the eye; Yang and Nawrocki.

I don’t know how he can possibly pass judgement on Palma, Bernardo, Tillio or Nat Phillips since none of them – half of the signings almost – have even kicked a ball for us yet.

Holm has done pretty well, and Lagerbiekle just graduated as part of a Celtic team which went to Ibrox and kept a clean sheet. So honestly, I think that point is just nonsense.

As for winning back his “critics” amongst the fans, that’s an easy one. Some of them will never forgive him for walking out last time, and so he’d be wasting his time even trying to reach them. Most of the support are already fully behind him and most of them would have remained so even if we’d lost last weekend.

The man is just getting started again and that win has brought back a lot of the feel-good around the club … his “critics” are small in number and you find more of them in the media, trying to drum up negative stories, than anywhere else.

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  • Johnno says:

    Would never entertain any shite the Scottish media like to spout.
    Only trying and hoping to increase pressure upon ourselves with such shite.
    Of course the agenda has to be met with taking the eye off the scum and trying to place it upon ourselves.
    The thick dopey eejits have continued with this ongoing saga and have yet to be successful in such a tiresome and lazy approach to actually given anything worth while of claiming.
    Suppose when you spend that much time supporting, promoting and believing the lie of the scum, then any lie with bullshit is acceptable within all Scottish media outlets


    It’s not called ‘click bait ‘ for nothing James.
    Still I understand the compulsion to read anything, everything ‘Celtic’ focussed during the lull of real news caused by the International break. Anything other than having to read our ‘SMSM’ tripe seems like a good idea at the time. Just as I’ve fallen for the same spinning lure you’ve just cast.


    Even the best of us are not immune to moments of idle curiosity.

    P.S. is there a way to edit a post while it’s in moderation?
    Could be useful.

    Hail Hail.
    Counting down the days to the Real Stuff happening…

  • Daniel Caldwell says:

    My thoughts going into the Rangers game were, okay if we lose we’re only 2 points behind them, but in actual fact we are 4 points in front of them and not firing on all cylinders, so I’ll take that thankyou very much.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Sorry to be pedantic about what I’d hope was a typo Daniel…

      But the ‘Rangers’ you describe in your post died (c.2012) –

      Personally I always refer to the new club as Sevco !

  • Pan says:

    Absolutely spot on James.
    Many of the so called Celtic blogs are now arrogant and don’t offer any insight or respectful opinion. They are really just click-bait in the main and have the audacity to tell the management, coaches and players what they should be doing. If they were worth listening to to, they would be working for the club. There are really very few worth looking at and a few of them are as self-obsessed as some of the IBrox forums.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Whatever site that is is just at the usual shit stirring in Scotland…

    Trying to put our fans against the club and Brendan…

    Most Celtic fans would’ even listen if they were stupid enough to support it in the first place…

    But no doubt an ‘odd’ one will believe what rubbish this Football Scotland web rag says –

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