The Ibrox Fans Were At Their Twisted, Disgusting Worst Yesterday In Perth.

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I watched part of the first half from Perth yesterday before heading out to the game, but I turned the volume down because I didn’t want to listen to the outpouring of bile and hatred that was flowing out of the away stands. So I didn’t hear much of it.

But it must have been bad. Really bad. For the whole 90 minutes.

Because, as he sometimes does – and he is one the only people who does – Andrew Smith wrote about it in his column for The Scotsman today. Whilst others, like Keevins, criticised the Tartan Army for the bad atmosphere at the “friendly” with England on Tuesday, and ignored the much more poisonous behaviour of the Ibrox fans, Smith jumped in there.

“The loathing expressed by sections of the Rangers support since their team’s defeat to Celtic were directed towards Michael Beale,” he wrote.

“Self-loathing seemed more the order of the day at McDiarmid Park. In the form of sectarianism effectively expressing hatred over their country being home to Catholics, and those of Irish-Catholic heritage. Reflected in the No Pope of Rome chant being given a lusty airing, along with various ditties built around abusive terms that deployed the word Fenian.”

He then went on to point out that they also poured their bile out at The Tartan Army.

This is really all there is to the Ibrox fans; hatred.

And it has to go somewhere, and for the last while it has been pointed at their own boss, but it was natural that it would start snaking out across the wider world, and especially this week when Scotland fans were such an obvious and easy target. They really are despicable people, and our game would be well shot of them if there was a concerted media campaign to remove them from it.

But there isn’t. Smith writes about this, Speirs has done it a few times, but in the main the media doesn’t give a toss. It is telling that in a week where hacks are falling all over themselves to have a pop at Scotland fans for booing a bigoted song that there are no voices calling out the Ibrox fans for doing far worse. Nobody cares.

As I’ve said, if this scum were singing those songs about any other religion they would be hammered in every editorial and the chattering classes wouldn’t talk about anything else for a month. But their bile targets Catholics and that’s perfectly okay with our press corps and the governing bodies, who refuse to get this house in order.

I get sick of this. I get sick of living in a country which tolerates this stuff when I’m convinced that it could be driven out of our sport, and our society, if the will was there.

Apart from a tiny handful who regularly raise this issue, I see no evidence that it is.

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  • Cris says:

    Sick of living in a country where this racist bile is part of the culture. But a country you nevertheless want to be independent so this garbage will be even more prominent. Go figure Jamesie.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Yes Cris – I also desperately want Scotland to be independent…

      What’s the other choice – Our children working until they’re 75 until they get their pension –

      They’re already robbing ma age group of two years of pension…

      All this (and the bigotry) under the flag we all know as The Butchers Apron –

      That flag should NEVER EVER be campaigned for or championed by any Celtic supporters !

  • Cris Rotary says:

    Sick of living in a country where this racist bile is part of the culture. But a country you nevertheless want to be independent so this garbage will be even more prominent. Go figure Jamesie.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Why would they, they would be out of a job and the fuckin snp are terrified they say its political suicide, FUCKIN cowards every fuckin one of them and scum. HH

  • Bunter says:

    They are truly a vile bunch of cretins. I’ve wondered for years why we have never had an ex-Ibrox player come out after leaving them and exposing the hatred that runs through the club. I’m talking about foreign catholics and players of all faiths who have been part of the racism and sectarianism over there.
    How refreshing would it be to read that an ex Ibrox player hated hearing the chants against his religion or that they hated the fascist triumphalism and militaristic culture surrounding the club. Where are you Amoruso, Negri, anybody!

    • Sophie Johnstone says:

      Big Butcher tbf has talked of the mistake he made in swallowing their bile when he joined them.

  • John Copeland says:

    You will notice too that professional commentators talking ‘ live ‘ on the games , or TV hosts sitting in an open box inside the stadiums listening to the bigoted songs , or radio minions not uttering a single word in condemnation of the poisonous dirges …do they ? It’s not as if there is any confusion in the grounds about who the singers of the songs are …is there ? It’s almost as if each reporter or pundit is scared to upset the apple cart by being critical . Who do you think shall grow a pair first and start the denouncing ?

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Most of these ‘professional’ commentators are probably wishing they were in amongst them and singing their songs of hate with them John !

  • Stesano says:

    James come on man you know it’s always been thus! And the media and the people employed to protect our streets are made up of their ” kulture” predominantly and I know many instances of this as I am sure you do! That club only became strong in 1912 to oppose the ” migrant Fenians” you never change these cretins or their many enablers hence the country missed a great chance in 2012 when that cespit should been bulldozed along with that training ground to pay off the tax they stole! But the bs ” public unrest” lies out the mouth of a Yorkshire man ha haAye right that’s straight out of the supposed protectors of our streets cause they need a ” raingerz'” they know only too well that anti social,perma rage and violence they bring and death! Which have cause and they have! Even for having the ardacity to wear green! I know loads of stories loads !! Living overseas I met English people and Irish that saw this on holidays even were adults attacked Childern both verbally and physically for wearing Celtic tops! And why?! Cause in Brigadoon Scotland it’s validated! Doesn’t happen with us but the enablers love the” o f” ( won’t even write it!) As it allows them to feel comfortable about their own sick hate!! Only solution for us and our great club has always been to leave this set! Personally I love to stop playing any club out of that breeding ground of hate! I love we don’t take tickets now and we won’t be given them any believe that as I know for a fact Celtic won’t be giving them any! Fact. Weird that these ” itk” guys ( aye right) ha ha podcasters don’t know this but trust me they are getting none! Bottom line you can’t change that utter poison we know we best out of it! 90 percent of do anyway!

    • Jimmy says:

      Where should we go to stessano. You have been asked this on many occasion
      You talk about yout friends in Cali Colombia and Honduras, some of the most dangerous countries in the world. Maybe your best friends could put in a word for us.

  • Gerard Quinn says:

    Hugh keevins should be ashamed of himself after all his brother Frank keevins was in the priesthood I don’t know for sure if he still is .
    But he would rather attack the tartan army and also celtic supporters to

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ GQ. Keevins is nothin more than a frightened wee shite bag mate, end of. It’s his format for keepin himself moderately ‘safe’ from their support, by keepin in with them and crawlin up the ibrox arse constantly one way or another. He’s always been the same.

    • Christina says:

      Yes he still is Gérard Fr Frank is the parish priest of St Mungo’s Townhead and a lovely man. The bile & hatred directed at the Irish & Catholics in this Calvinist protestant (allegedly) country is intolerable but there is no appetite for change or no courage to try to change things- doesn’t matter which, end result is the same. I went to Our Lady & St Francis secondary school (all girls then) we used to go to Adelphi School in Gorbals (now Glasgow Life gym) for our swimming lessons in first year. After lesson we had to run the gauntlet of hatred that was their playground to get to our bus. We were pelted with stones, drinks cans and any missiles they could get every single week. This was a small group of girls 11 & 12 years old and the things they shouted at us as they hit us with missiles. We were terrified & crying by time we got on bus every week till eventually the lessons were stopped. Bigotry won the day and us ‘fenians’ no longer polluted their pool! Just one example of the ‘culture’ we live amongst who truly hate us just for being what we are- hatred like this is inbred James and its not going to change!

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Their new(ish) hatred of Scotland and The Tartan Army ain’t doing them any favours up these shores as floating fans that might otherwise support them see this and take a huge body swerve from them…

    They truly are the stupidest fans around as well as the most hateful ones though Hearts ones are just as bad regarding Celtic but they probably all support Scotland !

  • Seamus O'Broin says:

    Excellent comment. Scotland’s shame indeed.

  • Eric Low says:

    James these Neanderthal knuckedraggers continue to “sing” their vile songs because they know full well they’ll never be punished for it.
    The powers who sit in their blue-painted offices with photos of British royalty on the walls in Glasgow are part of it all.
    Scottish society is split between decency and bigotry.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    The con man will be and i have to say this be absolutely absolutely calling this disrespect an absolute disgrace i have to say

  • Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding says:

    This is Scotland.

    It is riven in the DNA of the vast majority of the population (3.5 million) to, at best, dislike Catholics. The establishment hates Catholics.

    The appalling Scottish government has the Catholic vote, for some inexplicable reason, sewn up. They don’t need to court it or ask for it as they already have it. So the minority in this country helps put those hopeless charlatans in power, but in order to stay there they need the support of the majority of the population in this bigoted toilet of a country.

    They will not say it do anything to bring the bigot animal trash in this country to heel. Never.

    Hey, when you’ve got Scottish government ministers still in position when she lovingly referred to one of her staff as “the wee Fenian” what chance have you got. The same woman who pushed for the OBFA to “even things up!”.

    The only way out is to have a majority Catholic population (never going to happen), so it’s never EVER going to change.

    Just imagine what it’s going to be like when Presbyterian Anti Catholic hate filled bigot Scotland is left to its own devices?

    Currently Northern Ireland (we have more orange marches than they do under the SNP trash) without the bullets and bombs.

    They will come soon enough when the animals from the occupied six counties are given safe passage to Scotland after Ireland unites.

    Scotland is a bigoted shitehole. Populated, in the majority, by pig ignorant filth.

    • BroWal says:

      Now aren’t you just a fine example of the bigotry you profess to hate. Dear oh dear.

      • Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding says:

        For pointing out the truth?

        In what way am I a bigot for highlighting exactly what Scotland and society is?

        I never mentioned hating them? I do dislike thick turkeys that pluck their own feathers, baste themselves in butter and turn the oven on though.

        The blogs and message boards moan all the time about how bad it is.

        The reasons why are clear.

        That makes me a bigot?

    • Michael McCartney says:

      You talk some intolerant rubbish, the SNP were first elected in 2007 before that from 1999 it was a LAB/LIB DEM coalition no action taken by both governments. For over 80 years up until 1989 the Ibrox mob didn’t sign an RC player, there was no Scottish Parliament but during that time numerous UK governments were from the Tory and Labour Parties but no action taken then either. Every Political Party in the UK is to blame for not confronting this issue.
      Please stop giving yourself a showing up with you bigoted rants, I’m afraid you’re bringing yourself down to the level of the Ibrox bigots.

  • Young Cronkite says:

    The SFA have no intention of ever tackling this anti Catholic anti Irish football club.Are too many of them tarred with the same brush. This is the same organisation that sat idly by while the original Rangers cheated all of Scottish football for ten years,with hidden payments and side letters.Hugh Dallas sacked for anti Catholic jokes. He was the figurehead and leader of refereeing in Scotland.This stuff is in the fabric of Scottish society.

  • Bob L says:

    Totally agree with you on this, James. Why do our governing bodies ignore these chants and songs?It really is hard to believe that this is tolerated in 2023

  • Neil Smith says:

    Dear all… I suggest phoning police Scotland every 5 minutes rangers play reporting sectarian singing. Imagine we all did such. Nothing would occur but 200 000 odd complaints to police scotland over inaction might?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Heard it myself. The despicable, sectarian bile dredged out. Was wonderin if the same media were gonnae mention it, after all the Scotland fan focus, but OF COURSE they were’nt. Whit a hypocritical tae the core, embarrassment they are. Surely UEFA would be interested tho. Should be brought tae their notice, provided with a recording and hammer them.

  • Jimmy says:

    Where should we go to stessano. You have been asked this on many occasion
    You talk about yout friends in Cali Colombia and Honduras, some of the most dangerous countries in the world. Maybe your best friends could put in a word for us.

  • Clara says:

    Bunter, ex player have come out and spoke about the sectarianism , two that spring to mind were Ray Wilkins and Alex Ferguson, Fergie turned down the Managers job at Ibrox because his wife Cathy was a catholic and did not want her to be targeted because of her religion.

  • MIKE Doyle says:

    I was born in Glasgow as a Catholic but soon realised that to get a decent job I would have to go down south:
    here I could observe the constant bigotry against Celtic players especially the Lisbon Lions. I assume that God must be a Catholic and therefore a Tim. He cannot wait to avenge the orange animals and chuck them into a screaming Hell.

  • Debbie McGrath says:

    Will always be Scotland’s shame , so sad for future generations

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