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In the dynamic world of sports, partnerships often extend beyond the realms of the playing field.

Now, imagine a partnership that marries the thrill of football with the allure of online casinos. Visualize the type of collaboration that allows the fans to enjoy both passions effortlessly.

Well, that’s what the recent collaboration between Mr Green and Celtic FC brings.

The innovative partnership introduces Celtic fans to the world of gambling, where they can also explore Mr. Green’s games or their alternatives and enjoy various bonuses and promotions.

These offers include even the opportunity to play with just $2 deposit at online casinos, as reviewed by the experts at CasinoTop. In our article, we delve deeper into ground-breaking partnerships. We’ll explore the synergy between the world of football and the entertainment realm, where Mr. Green is poised to redefine the fan experience.

Celtic FC as a Historic and Renowned Football Club

Celtic FC, often called Celtic, stands as a lasting pillar in the Scottish football heritage. The inception dates back to 1887 in the vibrant city of Glasgow. It’s a synonymous club with success in Scottish football. The 52 Scottish Championships and 38 Scottish Cups in the trophy cabinet speak to that.



Full Name

Celtic Football Club



Home Stadium

Celtic Park


Glasgow, Scotland


The Bhoys, The Hoops

Domestic League

Scottish Premiership

International Titles

European Cup (1966-67), 9 UEFA Champions League titles (qualifications)

Notable Achievements

First British club to win the European Cup (1967)

Historic domestic dominance with numerous league titles and domestic cups

Strong Irish connection and fanbase

Rival Club

Rangers FC (The Old Firm)

Key Players (Historical)

Jimmy Johnstone, Billy McNeill, Henrik Larsson

Key Players (Current)

Callum McGregor, James Forrest

Official Website

Celtic FC Official Website

Beyond domestic dominance, Celtic has made waves in European competitions. They became the first British team to win the European Cup in 1967. The remarkable achievement solidified their place in football lore. Furthermore, a passionate fanbase, often called the “Bhoys,” adds to the club’s charm.

The Announcement and Establishment of Mr Green as Celtic FC’s Official Online Casino Partner

The partnership between Celtic FC and Mr Green was a momentous announcement that caught the attention of football lovers and the gambling industry alike. But how did Mr. Green become the official Deposit Casino NZ partner of such a prestigious football club? Let’s see!

How Mr Green Became an Official Online Casino Partner of Celtic FC

Mr Green’s partnership with Celtic FC emerged as a strategic alliance driven by mutual interests and objectives. The award-winning online gaming operator recognized the potential in associating with one of Scotland’s most prestigious football clubs. Celtic FC, a club steeped in history and success, presented an opportunity for Mr Green to expand its brand reach and engage with a passionate and extensive fanbase. Both parties saw the opportunity to benefit from each other’s strengths. For Mr Green, this meant gaining access to Celtic’s loyal following and the chance to develop an exclusive Celtic branded slot game. On the other hand, Celtic FC welcomed the financial support and promotional opportunities that a partnership with an established online gaming operator like Mr Green could offer.

Ultimately, the alignment of Mr Green’s online gaming expertise with Celtic FC’s storied legacy created a partnership that promises to be mutually rewarding. It’s a collaboration that not only benefits both parties but also adds to the excitement and engagement of Celtic fans and online gaming enthusiasts alike.

What Does the Partnership Bring?

Mr Green’s first partnership in Scotland had positive outcomes and negative impacts. These include:

  • Increased Brand Visibility. The deal enhanced the visibility of both Mr. Green and Celtic FC. Mr. Green’s logo appeared on Celtic FC merchandise and digital platforms. Also, Celtic FC’s logo was showcased on Mr. Green’s online casino site. Thus, this helped reach a wider audience, including the public with tickets to Celtic games.
  • Exclusive Slot Game. Green developed an exclusive Celtic-branded slot game featuring the club’s players. This game was a unique offering for fans and likely attracted new users to Mr. Green’s online casino.
  • Fan Engagement. Celtic on market casino engaged its fan base, sparking discussions about the collaboration. Some fans appreciated the unique gaming experience. However, others expressed concerns about the promotion of gambling.

Negative Impacts:

  • Criticism from Fans. The partnership faced criticism from some Celtic fans with and without tickets to Celtic games. They were concerned about the club’s association with a gambling company. This criticism led to petitions and discussions about the club’s approach to such partnerships.
  • Gambling Promotion. The partnership raised concerns about promoting gambling. These concerns focused mainly on a football fan base that includes young supporters. Some argued that the partnership could encourage gambling-related issues.
  • Risk of Negative Publicity. Green’s association with Celtic FC brought attention. Negative publicity could potentially distract from the club’s sporting achievements and values.

Developing a Unique Celtic-Branded Slot Game

Mr Green’s first partnership in Scotland had one standout. It was the development of an exclusive Celtic-branded slot game. This bespoke game was designed to celebrate the collaboration between the two brands. The slot game was intended to feature Scottish Premier League champions Celtic players, both current and past. Thus, that feature will allow fans to interact with their football stars in a digital format.

How the Partnership Increased Brand Visibility for Both Mr. Green and Celtic FC

The Celtic Club partnership significantly increased the brand visibility for both entities. Here’s how:

  • Celtic FC’s Global Fanbase. Scottish premier league champions Celtic FC have a vast global fanbase. Mr. Green gained exposure to the audience by becoming the partner.
  • Stadium Advertising and Promotion. The partnership involved stadium advertising during Celtic FC’s matches. This exposure provided Mr Green Betting Operator with prime advertising real estate.
  • Social Media and Online Promotion. Sharing content related to Club Celtic on the casino market reached a broader online audience. The association with Celtic FC also generated significant buzz.
  • Media Coverage. The partnership generated media coverage in sports news, gambling, and entertainment.
  • Increased Engagement. Engaging mobile and desktop users through exclusive promos kept both brands in the spotlight.
  • Wider Sponsorship Opportunities. The Celtic casino deal could have led to additional sponsorship opportunities. Thus, they became more popular in such specific fields.


In conclusion, the partnership represents a ground-breaking synergy between football and entertainment. Moreover, mobile and desktop users can blend their passion for football with the thrill of online casinos in New Zealand. Thanks to global fanbase, Celtic FC found a unique way to enhance the fan experience. On the other hand, Mr. Green, an online casino operator, gained access to a vast and passionate audience. The extensive audience came from both within the stadium and online. This collaboration showcases how the sports and NZ online casinos can create mutually beneficial deals.The partnerships hold the promise of creating substantial income. They may further foster meaningful involvement.

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