A Big Six Days Starts Today. A Celtic Win And We’re In Total Control.

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These, then, are the two games we’ve been looking forward to. These are the two which, when they are over, will have given us a clear understanding of where this team is as we head towards the second segment of the league campaign.

This is the impossible start. But so far we’ve dropped points just once, frustratingly at home against St Johnstone.

More important, though, is that we can cement a seven point lead by getting three points today against Hearts. Get another three at Easter Road and we’re going to be in a very good position indeed, no matter what happens elsewhere.

Tynecastle is seen as the harder of the two. Scene of Rodgers’ first domestic win and his first domestic defeat, it is always a tough ground to go to. Ange lost his first domestic game there, although his record at the ground was near enough excellent.

So it won’t be easy. Hey, if it was easy the SPFL computer wouldn’t be sending us there after the grounds we’ve already visited this season.

People keep on saying that the computer is unbiased; that may well be the case, but the fixture list for the start of this season certainly did read a lot like one produced by a computer being programmed in the back of the Louden.

For all the good it has done them, with us able to back into that commanding lead if we get the win. Without a doubt, this has been our most challenging start in years … but we’re almost through it and a win today and another next week and we’ve got this.

Now begins a massive six-day period. Two away games and Champions League tie at Celtic Park that I know a lot of people are not looking forward to. But it’s a Celtic game for all the nonsense surrounding it and for that reason alone I’m not one of them.

This could be a nervy one today, one of those matches where only the three points matter. This lot will not give us a minute to breathe and I expect the ref to let them away with murder. The Hibs boss has reminded us all that as soon as the international break ends we’re all right back to the norm, to the same old same old.

The team has just been announced and Liam Scales partners Carter Vickers in the middle of the defence and Palma plays on one wing with Maeda on the other. So it’s a strong side, as strong as it gets, and the bench has plenty of talent on it if we need to shake it up a bit.

So a win is a must but we’ve got the footballers out there who are capable of getting it for us. The game starts in an hour. This is my birthday weekend so I’m off to the pub for it. For all the good wishes and gifts I’ve had this is the one I really want; three points today and for us to shut up some of the sneering fools in the media who are celebrating the coronation of a new Ibrox king.

Brendan Rodgers is the master of managerial regicide. Win today and next week and Clement is already on a hiding to nothing. The next six days are huge. Three points today starts them in the best possible way and keeps us in total command.

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  • Martin says:

    As some may know I live abroad. Just when this article appeared I was looking at the calendar to plan my next trips over Ideally looking for 2 (or miracle of miracles 3) home games in a row to let me see 2 games in one week. Interestingly considering these fixtures and what’s come already, Celtic don’t have 2 home league games in a row between now and the split. [There’s 2 in November but they don’t count as they’re 2 weeks apart].

    Which is frustrating for me but also intriguing as this week marks the2nd time so far this season we’ve had 2 away league games in a row within the week.

    It’s all completely random though….nothing to see here.

  • Sara says:

    Happy birthday ?.

    Hope its a massive 3 points to help celebrate ?

    Hail hail

  • Johnny Green says:

    When Brendan came marching home again hurrah hurrah
    When Brendan came marching home again hurrah hurrah
    We are winning again with flare and style and the huns are trailing us by a mile
    And it all kicked off when Brendan came marching home

  • Johnny Green says:

    James, quick rethink

    Can you change my previous post to

    The Celts are winning with flare and style and etc.

  • John L says:

    Best Wishes. Half time and we are looking good, score some more and empty that stadium. Go fill your boots CELTIC.

  • Malc says:

    Deidco win 4-0 at home with 15, or was it 16, men on the pitch, while we win 4-1 away from home at what the experts call our 2nd hardest ground to visit with 11 – that’ll do me.

    A good showing midweek then another 3 points in Little England next week and I’ll be more than happy.

  • Christina says:

    Happy Birthday James, and many more of them! Great to see you got the birthday present you wanted — onwards we march!!

  • Jimmy R says:

    3 pts secured. Happy Birthday James. It was 4 going on 7.

  • BhilltheTim says:

    Happy Birthday, my man. Hail, hail!!

  • Fat mike says:

    Happy birthday man, hopefully that performance was exactly what you were looking for!

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Happy Birthday – And Thank You for producing such a great forum and your pure fab journalism !

  • king murdy says:

    happy birthday james…and thank you so much for your blog.


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