Abysmal Click-Bait Site Publishes Ludicrous Anti-Celtic Story … From Alan Hutton.

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Good God, I know that international week is sometimes seen as being a bit slow for some people – although, I’ll tell you, this week hasn’t felt like it – and that there’s a tendency for some non-Celtic sites to go over the score in their quest to find something to write.

But the one that calls itself Football Insider – a site which draws its articles mainly from the comments of ex-players considered too stupid for Go Radio, and ex-Ibrox employees too dumb for the BBC sofa (ponder that if you will) – has to be the worst for the basement level quality of its product.

There are bad sites all over the internet, but even the worst of them can have something to endear it to you, whether that’s a single writer or a point of view or a nice design or whatever that is, but Football Insider just stinks to high heaven, it has no redeeming features at all, not one scintilla of quality, not one reason that I can see for why it needs to exist.

Let’s start with the obvious; it’s not really a football site at all. It’s a gossip site, and that might even be appropriate if it genuinely did publish accurate information. It may have occasionally stumbled onto a decent prediction, or made a good guess, from time to time but the truth is that it does not possess a shred of actual knowledge and so its “gossip” amounts to nothing more than guesswork. That might also be forgivable if the people doing the guessing or the writers writing them up were at least intelligent. None of that is the case either.

Its name, and its founding claim, that it has sources who can get the stories from inside the club, ought to be an offence under the Trades Description Act; the idea that it has a single person even near what happens at Parkhead is laughable.

There was a story, some years back, in the mainstream press, about how Celtic sacked a worker who had leaked stuff to the media that he literally pulled out of the bin. Football Insider would kill for a source so high on the Celtic food chain as that.

Which is why it employs about goons like Alan Hutton to provide “insight” on us, and of course it is biased nonsense with no merit whatsoever. Even if Alan Hutton were not just another ex-Ibrox player struggling to master The Art Of Boiling A Kettle, almost everything that comes from him is speculation which even the direst fan forum would reject.

Today my old man sent me their “effort” from yesterday; a clickbait piece of utter rubbish so absolutely contemptible that I cannot stress enough how bad it is. It’s an article about Kyogo walking right up the tunnel last weekend, and how this suggests that he was upset or angry or has some personal issue. It doesn’t even reach the level of garbage, it’s something that if you mentioned it around the table in the pub there’d be a sixty second discussion and nobody would even remember it the following day. It really is dreadful.

And today’s article on Celtic – imaging how the team might look in the 2024-25 campaign – doesn’t even rise to the level of that. It truly finds the bottom of the barrel and keeps on digging down. That website should be shunned by every fan. You can feel IQ points being deleted from your score the longer you read one if its pieces.

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  • Leon says:

    Kyogo was subbed on 88 minutes with the score being 3-1.
    Absolutely no reason to be unhappy.
    The Zombies are only showing their Pain.

  • Johnno says:

    Made the mistake myself once in clicking into that shite of a site.
    Serious consideration was given, as to an amputation of the finger for punishment for such a mistake

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Kyogo walked up the tunnel….

    So did 21 other players –

    And 4 Sevco supporting officials…

    Hutton is only fit for mutton – But he will be fed succulent lamb at BBC Scotland soon –

    It’s only a matter of time…

  • John Copeland says:

    Just take a second , step back and try to dissect the utter horse manure that Hutton tries to portray ? We have Kyogo – a cultured , articulate world class athlete who slots in effortlessly to another country and it’s culture ,as honest a sportsman as the day is long . Then there is Hutton ! A buffoon who tries to make a name for himself in Scottish commentariat,who on a good day could not hammer a nail into a clootie dumpling – giving it big time critique on Celtic ‘s talisman striker without substance whatsoever . Which one of them would you pick if you ever got lost on a mountain to get you home safely …. Thought so !

  • Malc says:

    Speaking of clickbait sites, here’s a couple lines from the biggest of them all… the Daily Record…

    “Rangers are in action in just eight days with a testing trip to Hibs.

    Pundits and fans alike have made it crystal clear that to avoid further slip up, the new man must be in post when the Light Blues travel to the capital next Saturday.”

    Pundits and fans alike… when it comes to that pishhole of a site, is there any difference? It makes me LOL that they would be so dumb as to think anyone would think they have even an understanding of what neutrality is.

    I know as a Celtic fan of 54 years I shouldn’t go anywhere near the DR but with the aid of a good ad-blocker (thecelticblog is among the white-listed) their pain is so obvious despite their pathetic attempts to hide it makes for some great comedic moments while hopefully not contributing a penny to their revenues.

    Nice response to MTSB too… Nothing hurts more than the truth!

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