Sutton Is Right. No Matter Who Ibrox Goes For, Celtic And Rodgers Will Be Ready.

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The thing I love about big Chris Sutton is that when he’s rolling, he absolutely owns every other ex-player pundit in the country except maybe for Mikey Stewart.

He is an honest pro, just as he was as a player, who gives our team credit and stick in equal measure and even if I don’t always agree with him, he is interesting to watch and to listen to.

His comments this weekend on the Ibrox managerial hunt are right on.

There is the usual euphoria over at Ibrox about their coming managerial appointment, before they even know who it is. But in truth, as Sutton has said today, the person most looking forward to finding out who it will be is probably Brendan Rodgers. This is just another trophy for his wall.

What I thought was particularly good about Sutton’s piece is that he makes no distinction between Clement and Muskat. Either one of them, he thinks, will be outgunned and then swiftly escorted off the premises.

He also nails the myth that Gerrard has Rodgers number, one of the stupidest assertions I’ve heard but one that is repeated in our media loudly and often, usually by ex-Ibrox players once again seeing only what they want to.

Rodgers would have added both Gerrard and Van Bronckhorst to his list of dispatched Ibrox managers and there’s little doubt about it.

The next Ibrox boss is going to be so thoroughly outgunned, and with that fan-base he might even dead on arrival.

None of us are going to let them forget that the “global managerial search” was concluded in less than a month and especially if it’s Muscat who gets the gig how obvious it was that little work went into it.

We have the better squad and the better boss, the money and the solid foundation. I don’t know what they have other there except a non-stop hype machine which only ramps the pressure up on their managers.

Rodgers will, as Sutton has said, be licking his lips over the prospect of another hapless fool stumbling into his gun sights.

They want their manager in by 21 October, when they face Hibs. We should all mark that day in our diaries and ring the same date in 2024.

Because if their next manager makes it to the one year milestone, it will be an accomplishment in itself.

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  • Johnno says:

    Our team are far too professional to be taking any notice upon what goes on within that shit hole.
    The focus will remain upon ourselves and what we do, and our manager will set that tone and keep it intact also.
    Who ever the scum bring in, there focus will be upon ourselves, and some amount of turd polishing needed, just to try and become competitive towards ourselves.
    The league still remains the biggest prize for ourselves this season, and complacency is a bigger threat to ourselves than anything the scum will be able to produce in footballing terms this season already.
    Cups are never a given in one off matches, but if the scum were to land both, it would be regarded as a hugely successful season, end up with nothing again and potentially the next unfortunate will be sought after.
    What the scum haven’t got in place is a core of players of a suitable standard for the longer run and bigger picture.
    We have, and actually made strides in improving the avaliable amount during the summer at SPFL level, even if not completed yet for CL level, where we are still a club at development level, without the resources available to buy instant success within CL.
    As a football club, the change is taking place were the scum aren’t really no longer our main threat to how our season is going to be judged upon, such is the massive gap that exists within Scottish football.
    The theory remains the same, that if we can make an impact within European football, nothing within Scotland will get close to ourselves, with other Scottish teams unable to make an impact at lower levels within European football currently.
    Our European campaigns have been hampered for way too long with ourselves being so reliant upon individual players, without really having a core of players in place to get to the consistency and understanding levels required for ourselves within European football.
    Some decent team’s formed, but not enough depth within the squad where injuries to key players had such an impact upon ourselves in the past.
    Believe this approach is currently being addressed, which hopefully will bear more fruit in the future, than what this season might bring, even if we still remain at the bloom stage currently within CL.
    With such a strong long term plan in place, the scum are a massive distance behind and without any form of plan in place either, as the moleman burnt the latest plan for them.
    Would go as far as saying that the comparison is like the scum trying to catch Max Verstappen to the F1 title, while cycling a push bike

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      The referees with whistles, flags and monitors might have an influence in the main cup competition later on in the season Johnno…

      They already had a very significant (negative) influence in our exit from The League Cup –

      Although I accept we were pretty pish poor on the day !

  • Mr James A Burns says:

    Ha ha, brilliant.

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