As The Ibrox Board Ramps Up The Hype, The Media Refuses To Ask “Who’s Waiting For Who?”

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There are three possibilities when it comes to the Ibrox manager hunt. Only one of them is potentially positive for the club.

The others are bitterly negative.

Even the positive option is only that in so much as they will soon have a new manager. Whether he has what it takes to wrench the title out of Celtic’s hands is an open question … but it’s pretty unlikely.

The two negative options are the ones the media refuses even to consider. You notice how Jackson and others are writing that the board has completed its process?

Their suggestion is that the two candidates are sitting waiting by the phone with baited breath. But you only have to look at the conduct of the two candidates to know this is miles from the truth.

Clement spent some of the week in Saudi, looking at their offer.

Muscat has been busy working with his team, in a contract he has there until December and which he’s suggested that he would want to see out because there are honours up for grabs.

Clement appears to be still trying to decide whether he wants to go to Ibrox.

Muscat, who probably does, is waiting to see what the campaign he’s involved in delivers and he seems to be trying to decide if he wants to leave it early.

So who exactly is waiting by the phone here?

It sounds an awful lot to me like the first manager to answer them with a “yes” can have the gig.

But what if neither of them does that?

Kevin Muscat would take it … but if he doesn’t intend to come until January, what state does that leave them in? Are they going to reopen “the search”? What an embarrassment that would be for them, and yet it’s one they have set themselves up for here.

I am not convinced either manager is waiting on a call; rather it’s the club which is waiting for one, and you can read that between the lines.

The other possibility is that neither of the two men has even been formally offered it yet because there is a split on the Ibrox board over who it is they should hire. In this event, I think the first manager who sounds committed will get it.

Still, of all possible outcomes that is the worst for them by far, and again this is something that has been hinted at in the media; that their directors are divided down the middle on which candidate is best.

What that means, of course, is that half of the board will feel that the decision was not theirs and will wash their hands of him the second he starts to slip.

It’s not a great place for any manager to be in, to know that he doesn’t have the support of the guys above him. Some of them, sure, but a new boss, and especially one in his circumstances needs them all.

The media here is a joke in how they are running with this story.

That club over there is back in football action in seven days time, and whilst I think their board would have been smart to have taken its time on this it is clear that whatever the delay here is that it’s not down to them doing that.

This is something else, but as per usual the media doesn’t want to dig.

I have a feeling there’s a twist to come here and it will be hilarious if it’s one that leaves the club – and its media allies – with egg all over their face.

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  • Peterbrady says:

    Mutlys got the broques out and ready to cartwheel up the marble staircase at the auld hoor of edmiston drive

  • Peterbrady says:

    Pedro and his caravan is on standby

  • Dave R says:

    The skinters board will have egg on their faces, their fawning media puppets will have the usual shite on their noses.

  • John L says:

    More like, WHO,S ZOOMIN WHO lol

  • Tony B says:

    Muskrat is ready for the call. Nae money to spend and a shite group of players, but he has fuck all to lose.

    BTW. It’s bated, not baited, breath, unless he’s got a worm hanging out of his mouth.

  • Captain Swing says:

    Another possibility is that they could be about to have their own “Eddie Howe moment”…. one of them has agreed to accept the poisoned chalice but is now experiencing cold feet.

  • Bob (original) says:

    How’s about…

    bring in Martindale now, on a 12 months rolling contract?

    Even if the team is mince, the bears will give him some leeway as he is

    a sevco fanboy. That should take him to the end of the season.

    Then, sevco can punt Martindale – who will just be eternally grateful for

    having the chance to manage his beloved club, however brief.

    The manager role could then look appealing to a wider range of managers

    next summer – and they have the chance to overhaul Beale’s squad.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    The media are indeed a joke (with what’s reported on here anyway)…

    They’re just not a very funny one if your paying towards them for sure –

    They’re Definitely not a funny joke if one is a Celtic supporter and paying towards them…

    Send them to rot please ye few Bhoys and Ghirls that still just about stomach them !

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Who gives a tam tit who they get. If we go about our business and in the January window get 2 or 3 new players in, ah think we’ll continue our position of strength. Just sit and watch the usual hype and hysterics playin out, when this latest ‘messiah’s’ picked.

  • John S says:

    ‘Would you like this poisoned chalice ?’
    ‘How much ?’
    ‘Glory, glory, glory and then we’ll have a drink.’

  • Jimmy says:

    For the life of me I can’t see why any right thinking person would contemplate taking on the poisoned chalice. They are speeding along the road to nowhere. That job could easily destroy someone’s career as nothing good can come of it. Can only see one man taking the huge risk and that’s Mciness. His reputation in Scotland can stand up afterwards but a bigger name, no chance.

  • BG says:

    Hello James. I reckon there is a 4th option. That is wait ‘as long as it takes’ as highlighted in their statement.
    Unlike their fans, the board knows the league is gone. In fact, they know they have to play second fiddle to Celtic for many years to come unless they change their MO.
    This way it curbs the expectation of the fans and gives the new manager a bit longer to settle.

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