Celtic Fans Beware. The Snakish Brown-Brogue Wearing Staunch Are Back In Charge At Mordor.

Image for Celtic Fans Beware. The Snakish Brown-Brogue Wearing Staunch Are Back In Charge At Mordor.

I laughed out loud last night when I saw who had taken over in an interim capacity at Ibrox. What are the odds that these guys will remain on the permanent coaching team? Steven Davis and Alex Rae.

The uber-staunch. The “real Rangers men.”

Back in charge as so many of their fans have long desired.

People in command who “get the club” and what it’s about.

Everything that has gone wrong over there, everything that is awry, is summed up in the promotion of those two men.

One who is on the record as saying that the club he’s in charge of is not the one the fans think they are supporting and the other who has always looked to me like he gave up his best career haunting houses. If you get drunk on Buckfast on a stormy night, and slur the name Beetlejuice, Alex Rae is what comes to your door.

Celtic fans have nothing to fear from this lot.

One Ibrox fan site on Facebook has told us to “watch our backs” now that the brown-brogue brigade have their hands on the controls. At least these Peepul realise what it is they will be looking at for the next ten years.

That club has lurched from crisis into self-parody already. And what makes it all the more amazing is those pictures which have circulated online of a grinning Alex Rae, in the club blazer and tie, as the guest of the club at the weekend in a malefic echo of what The Mooch himself did to Van Bronckhorst last year.

Rae was clearly well aware of what a bad result on the day would bring for the manager, and had probably been sounded out already. It’s incredible, isn’t it? These people are snakes. They are vultures shoving each other aside to peck at the carcass. There is not a single one of them with a shred of loyalty or honour or decency.

I have no love for The Mooch; he got what he deserved.

But imagine having to work in a place like that, surrounded by these types.

But this is what their fans want; the Ruthless Peepul in charge.

Even if that translates to those who refused to sign contracts with Sevco when it was starting its journey through the leagues. They now have a man in the dugout who has publicly called the Survival Lie out as a fiction. They know it and we know it. He abandoned ship at the first chance he got … but he “gets the club.”

Yeah, we’re well aware of it.

Their fans have decried “project managers” and want experience.

Davis and Rae haven’t, between them, managed as much as a reserve match and these guys are taking the club into a European tie, a must win away game in the league and maybe even a cup semi-final.

But these guys “understand” the folks in the stands and that’s all that counts.

Obviously, they will not be trusted with the job in the long term.

Even this Ibrox board isn’t that crazy. But ignore all talk that they will “take their time” with the search because they can’t afford to leave these guys in place for too long and they know it.

I get the impression, though, that some of these fans are just happy to be represented by “two of their own.”

What a true statement, even if they don’t completely understand how true it is or why.

These people, without morals or scruples of any kind, are the perfect encapsulation of the club and as long as it has this mindset we have nothing at all to fear.

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  • Margaret black says:

    Good article as usual james but what I would like to know is do these two cretins have a uefa licence between them never mind each to take a team to europe on thursday night.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    It’s the first sign of the Apocalypse I tell you.Nosferatu in brown brogues managing ra ranggurs

  • Clara says:

    Keep these appointments coming, the fan base is stuck in the 17th Century culturally and the 20th Century Football wise.
    Everything is sorted by appointing real rangurs men yeah cause that works, Pep a life long Man City fan, Klopp dreamt of being Liverpool Boss since being a kid and big Ange was always a Spurs diehard, don’t thinks so.
    These Clowns are better turning up at Ibrox with red noses and size 28 shoes but as long as they’re real Rangurs Clowns then everything is rosy.

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