Celtic Fans In Hysterics As Boy Band Wannabe Accuses Big Sutton Of Attention Seeking.

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If you opened a tin of alphabet soup and poured it onto a plate you would get more sense out of that than you would out of Ibrox’s arrogant boy-band wannabe Todd Cantwell.

I’ve seen him get interviewed and he is lamentably unimpressive.

If you’ve seen his Instagram splashed all over the papers or the Ibrox fan-sites you’ll recognise it as one of those which celebrates The Self and reeks of misplaced ego. I think he’s a ferret faced oddity with bad hair.

Last week I wrote a piece on how The Mooch was utterly destroyed by Chris Sutton in the course of their vendetta.

The daftest thing the former Ibrox boss did at that club – and there was a lot of competition – was to pick a fight with a journalist who had multiple platforms from which to attack, and at a time when his team’s form was suspect.

Cantwell is as an even bigger fool.

Imagine asking a sports journalist why he’s so interested in the second biggest football club in the country?

It doesn’t suggest an IQ which will be interesting the head-hunters at CERN. Can you even imagine how hard Sutton laughed at that? He’ll be rubbing his hands together and saying to himself, “Oh this one is going to be easy …”

Sutton has not been putting pressure on Cantwell of late. It is the player himself who has re-opened the war of words between them and now that he has, I expect Sutton to pulverise him.

Someone as egotistical as Cantwell will have a low threshold when it comes to taking stick, so there is no way that he will be difficult to bait or wind up.

So, I think Sutton will have a ball with this guy. I think he’ll own him. I think Cantwell has stupidly put himself under more pressure than ever … and in suggesting that Sutton is an attention seeker he has really put his own giant ego under the spotlight and I don’t think he’s going to like what Sutton does with that particular ammunition.

It’s a singularly stupid thing to accuse somebody of when your own narcissism is gushing all over the internet all day every day.

No wonder our fans find this guy increasingly hilarious. It shows that self-love and self-awareness are, in fact, mutually exclusive and sometimes even incompatible. Combined with a room temperature IQ it’s more self-destructive than anything else.

Every bad game he has, Sutton is going to wittily suggest he spend more learning his craft than playing with his hair. Every time he misses a sitter or misplaces a pass, Sutton will quip about how he’d have been better forgetting about football when he still had the chance of pursuing his dream of being in a boy band. It will be incessant.

And this posing halfwit deserves it all.

Not for his posing but because he’s a halfwit, someone too stupid and too full of himself to keep his head down and get on with the job he’s paid to do. That’s what Sutton is doing, in case he hasn’t noticed that.

The difference is, Sutton can stay focussed on his.

That’s one of the reasons he’s better at his than Cantwell.

It’s the reason this will only have one winner.

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  • Eddie Marzella says:

    The guy is a clown … ??????looks like he is the one seeking attention as there really was no point in him saying this and of course you are correct , Sutton will annihilate him

    • Steven Thomson says:

      The boy is just an absolute egotistical fool and may I add ? An absolute hypocrite as typical rangers player with the arrogance and self righteous attitude

  • JBD says:

    I read his comments in “The Retard” this morning with hilarity (please, please check out his photo ?). He spoke of Sutton as “attention seeking” and “confused”……all this coming from a supposedly grown up man…who still wears his cap back to front. ???

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol the Poundland version of Beckham making more trouble for himself by having a go at big Sutton,only ever going to be one winner there,and it ain’t the heshe Barbie.

  • Dando says:

    Jack Grealish’s anorexic sister has to concentrate on her career and not instigate online feuds….


  • harold shand says:

    One day soon

    Even the thickest zombies who lap this stuff up will say to themselves

    ‘ All this guy does is shoot his mouth off on the internet , what’s he winning us ? ‘

    That’s what Todd needs to watch out for

  • Dora says:

    Talk about setting yourself up for a barrel of stick & Larfs…cantwell actually is as dumb as he looks-perfect match for sevco!
    Enjoy Chris

  • Tony B says:

    I think Barbie has a huge crush on big Sutty: a real life Ken to his blonde bimbo shtick.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Cantwell a few years back was told he has the potential to be world-class, he believed that without learning his trade and progressing. He now is no way near his possible potential because he got a little bit of money and chased some skirt believing he had made it.

    His last club knew he had stalled big time and had hit reverse gear with his head still thinking he was much better than he is. This is as big as it’s likely to get for Cantwell.

    He and his mate Ratskin most likely bum each other up regularly, he is another chancer who likes to talk shoite.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Oh ho, the grossly overrated poster boy’s feelins are hurt. Far as ‘attention seekin’ goes, the phrase ‘pot and kettle’ springs tae mind here. Maybe Chris’s attitudes changed seein the total nob he’s been since he walked through the ibrox door. He was 5 minutes in the place and he was trollin Celtic after we lost a game. Selective memory eh ! Swings and roundabouts for the whingin, self obsessed bellend. Leave his hair alone, but you can kiss his comb !

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Cantwell is a no talent wannabe while Sutton has had a stellar career as and is sharper of tongue.No contest

  • George Kerr says:

    He’s a proper little cant, well what do you expect from a dope who thinks he’s a top pro. He’s just a stupid wee boy shooting his mouth off and showing himself up as a proper little cant, well what do you expect from a nobody who has won nothing, and is unlikely to, Ok back under the drier sonny.

  • Peterbrady says:

    The beelguim waffle will punt Barbie doll tik tok up or Doon the road in January he is a empty jersey even the hordes of zombies can see it

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