How Pathetic Of Our Media To Focus On Alastair Johnston’s “Blunder” Against Japan.

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Our media never disappoints when it comes to expressing its pathetic anti-Celtic slant. Today is no exception. Today they are focussed on the international game last between Japan and Canada, in which Japan won, and where a number of our players took part in the match.

The media’s focus is on one of them, Alastair Johnston, who apparently made a mistake which cost a goal and because he committed one foul.

The foul is being blown up to the extent you’d think he cut the man’s leg off with a chainsaw and if he’s the only defender who makes a mistake on this international break, I’ll stop blogging about football completely.

It is abysmal that they are shining such a harsh spotlight on our player, especially as Johnston has been one of the best performers in the Celtic side in this campaign, and indeed since he was signed and made his debut – and a fine one at that – at Ibrox last season.

Johnston is one of the best players in the country.

I can write that without the least shred of doubt in my mind.

When the day comes that he leaves Celtic – and I hope it’s years away – he will either depart as Lustig did as a club legend with a tractor trailer full of trophies and medals or he will do so for a momentous sum of money.

Some folk in the media just love to undermine Celtic players, no matter what they are doing. They leap on every mistake a player makes and they blow them massively out of proportion, and that’s part of the problem here.

On a day when some of them are having to swallow their criticism over Lagerbeikle, which in some places bordered on hysterical – yeah, I’m thinking of Keevins, who in his life has never known what makes a good footballer or a bad one – it is no surprise they’ve gleefully seized on Johnston making an error which led to a goal.

These people are transparent. Their agendas are transparent.

The Ibrox manager hunt is ongoing but you can already see how that’s turning into a mess as the size of the job starts to sink in. (With some people. One national title today poses this question; “Will they favour Muscat’s experience of spending small yet still winning trophies? Or does Clement’s experience of working with bigger budgets give him the edge here?” That gem is from The Record.)

So of course it would have galled these people all the more that Lagerbeikle had a great game, and that the Japanese boys got on the pitch.

There was no way they’d have confirmed that except through gritted teeth, and it’s not even the focus on the mistake Johnston made which makes their agenda obvious; it’s the damned focus on the tackle, and how they’ve actually gone trawling social media for Japan fans who have condemned it.

That turns these articles into nothing more than a personal attack.

On a Celtic player. Not acceptable. Not on at all and not something we have to tolerate. These people are a disgrace.

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  • Johnno says:

    In fairness James, the scum cheerleaders within the media can hardly focus upon the grave digger doing his impression of the hit “puppet on a string” can they?

  • Johnny Green says:

    To be honest, whenever I see any of their ante-Celtic jibes, I just shrug my shoulders and think to myself, who with any sense gives a fk what they say. They are wasting their time, only they themselves get any thrill out of it. Sad fukkers!

  • John L says:

    In the words of Olivia Rodrigo . Bloodsucker, Famefucker bleedin me dry like a Goddamn vampire ????


    Stopped paying for their partisan scribbling about 12 years ago. That and the TV Tax.

    Any Celtic fan that continues to fund the SMSM and the National Broadcaster for another Country is a FOOL.

    Would you willingly admit some sectarian bigot into your home so they could rip the pish out of you?
    If you are an Independence supporter would you rely without question on their output on the Union and the Constitution?
    Or, would you tune into ‘ Radio Shortbread’ with the expectation of an unbiased reporting of Celtic, the Team, the Club or The Plc?
    Would you willingly turn onto Sportscene knowing that a panel of ex Buns (according to some Sheriff you can no longer use the word ‘hun’.Would be interested to know what Legislation gave him the authority to make that decision on the fly.), or Sevconians, nothing but a bunch of rancid bigots pretending to offer a non partisan view on Celtic games. Every one of them ex players of no particular merit interrogating the Laws of the game through their ‘ Bloo Eyes’.
    If you still do it then be it on your own heads.

    Unfortunately, for us many that have stopped giving them our money or attention that task falls to James and others of his ilk.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Oh how we feel their pain,long may it continue.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I don’t buy not one of them or look online so Thank You my Celtic Blog for highlighting their evil once again…

    Just another long line of historical reasons for Celtic fans not to buy them –

    Hopefully the next set of circulation figures sees them closer to The Scottish Newspaper Cemeteries…

    Probably the scum from the football division will be the last to be made redundant –

    Still – It cannot come a day too soon for me anyway…

    44 Bottles of finest Highland, Speyside, Lowland and Islay Malts In here to be cracked open when The Daily Record (and the rest die) !

  • SSMPM says:

    I can’t produce it as a fact but I suspect every player in the world at club and/or international level has made a mistake. Better he’s got that mistake out of his system for Canada than us.
    If you don’t read that trash then you won’t need to tolerate it. One day those that do read it won’t be able to and jackass and his cronies will probably end up being involved in a new daily rectum and insist it’s the same one. HH

  • Roonsa says:

    I don’t read the papers or go onto any of their websites so it doesn’t bother me. I have this site to tell me what they’re saying and it’s a great service you provide.

    As for AJ. If he’s going to make a balls of anything, better he does it whilst playing for Canada rather than us, eh?

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