Ibrox Are About To Appoint Souness As A Consultant Although They Don’t Listen To Him.

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There is no club which throws up the window dressing better than the one at Ibrox. They are about to appoint Graeme Souness in some ill-defined “consultant” role and that would be hilarious enough, but he has confirmed the story on the radio today whilst making a startling claim; when they consulted him on who the manager should be he nominated someone other than the guy who got the job.

He thought it should have gone to Frank Lampard.

So they are about to hire a consultant whose view on the biggest issue facing their club they have already comprehensively rejected.

It sort of begs the question as to why they are bothering to hire him at all. If his judgement isn’t reckoned to be good enough on that subject then what exactly will he be “consulting” on? His transfer acumen?

We have Souness to thank for the collapse of Rangers, and it was his bad judgement in the transfer market which led directly to those events. If you’re unsure of what I mean by that, let me give you a little history, and it goes like this.

When he was manager of Blackburn, Rangers was paying him an EBT. Why? Nobody knows. He went to Newcastle a short time later, and one of the things he did there as manager was pay the Ibrox club £8 million for Jean Alain Boumsong, who Rangers had signed for nothing just months before. Newcastle had the chance to get him for free and had passed it up … and then Souness paid Rangers a massive transfer fee for him.

When the Stevens Inquiry was launched into dodgy football transfers it was one of the deals they were most interested in, and they raided Newcastle’s ground and Ibrox in the search for evidence in relation to that transfer.

They didn’t find proof that it was a dodgy bit of business, but they took away files, computers, and anything else that they thought might contain information on it. During the search they turned up evidence of Rangers’ EBT scam and they turned that evidence over to HMRC, and the rest, as they say, just like Rangers itself, is history.

So Souness’ transfer judgement is pretty flawed as well, as Newcastle fans will readily attest. He has a reputation for buying duds, and he’s not exactly “kept current” with global sporting trends.

He’s also a sexist, as his comments on women’s football demonstrate quite ably.

So a backward-looking creaking relic of football’s bygone era, whose judgement is already regarded by the club as highly suspect … being brought in as a consultant.

On what? On staunchness?

Is there anything he brings to the table that a top class manager wouldn’t?

What’s his record developing youth?

Will he be poking his nose into the manager’s affairs?

All these questions are valid. So too is the question about what would represent value for money from the club’s point of view.

Does putting this guy on a salary when really, nobody knows what it is he’ll be doing except acting as an ambassador – a dinosaur with controversial views and a penchant for talking down women; who better for the job? – make a blind bit of sense?

When you think of the men of integrity Celtic have as our club ambassadors and then see this … well it makes you laugh, doesn’t it?

It’s senseless, but that’s Ibrox’s way.

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  • Ryan Ellis says:

    I know this is daft but… First! ?

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol another PONCE that must be skint,and also another that bled the previous klub that now lies in the graveyard dry.
    A conflict of interests straight away with Souness the so called new advisor telling the board to pick Lampard over Hercule Poirot,so now how does Hercule work alongside Souness when he never wanted him or recommended.

  • Robert Jenkins says:

    From what I read it’s not that they disregarded Souness’s advice it was the fact that Lampard wanted £45 million to spend over the next three windows.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Hopefully the auld bigot before he goes to purgatory for eternity kills sevco jelly and ice cream on standby

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Did sourness not spend millions on some guy he had seen on video only,this guy was a cousin or something of a very good player, anyway sourness bought him ,he put him on as a sub and took him off five minutes later ,the guy was a phoney but daft sourness fell for it ,cost his club a fortune,this particular guy made our own Raphael shite look like a world beater.

    • James Forrest says:

      Hahaha I remember something along those lines yes 🙂

    • Drew says:

      Dia Weah was meant to be related to George Weah.sounezz claimed he’d sussed him after 5mins of 1st training session but had to play him because of injuries.another sounezz lie

  • Roonsa says:

    Have Scottish football journalists ever heard of the term “investigative journalism” when it comes to that lot?

    It was CLEAR AS DAY the Boumsong transfer stank of fish. Instead of question it, they were heralding it as a brilliant piece of business. The guy was a choob an aw.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    He will be employed to seek out the filthiest players in January on the cheap to injure as many Celtic players as they can…

    It’s their only way – Those watching Celtic last night on Follow Follow are snap Kyogo, break his legs etc etc –

    At lest referees in Souness’s days weren’t afraid to send off him or three or four Huns v Celtic for their thuggery…

    Can you see that happening now – Nah me neither…

    I don’t want their best player Butland injured –

    But there again – I’m from a Celtic background…

    Therin lies the difference between our supporters and those of Sevco !

  • Pan says:

    Of course they listened to him, but Lampard did not desire to go anywhere near IPOX. This story cannot get out, so a deflection is manufactured through the bigot and sexist Sour Nest.. Lampard knew that his career would end if he went anywhere near Zombieland and so Dr Death got the job. He is grabbing his last chance of a contract.

  • Jim says:

    He could advise ‘The Older Fan’ on the correct choice of hairpiece.

  • Johnno says:

    With the amount of hoofs of a football on show from the scum tonight, they hardly need a horrible consultant to get in touch with all the owners of cattle markets, to look to add the extras within that scummy shit hole.

  • Ryan Ellis says:

    Maybe they did follow follow his advice. Maybe they offered it to fat frank and after he took a wee look under the bonnet he told them to get tae? I’m sure I couldn’t possibly speculate…

  • SSMPM says:

    I’m not in the least bit worried about the Souness appointment. That’s enough on that.
    I know, like us, that the international club across the city managed a draw tonight, albeit against weaker opposition in a weaker competition than we had last night but I still expect they’ll get rave reviews in all the outlets amora. Admittedly I had the radio on and it was in the background as I was at work but had it not been for their “World class” goalie and non stop block defending, particularly in the first 70 odd minutes, they’d have easily been down 4 or 5 nil.
    They did come out near the end and had a couple of late chances but I have to say that I’m glad we go out and play a bit, compete and don’t sit back like that. As a football supporter how could you support that as a tactic, that would burst your balls.
    If this is how Clement Fraud wants them to play, how he wants them to achieve results, particularly in Europe, then I can only see lots of empty seats over there though it is a style deadco used to employ and it will help in not beating the record they set last year. HH

  • Patrick Cannon says:

    James to me it’s obvious why they went for him, it’s to keep the gullybears on side cause after all he’s uber staunch and one of “our” own the great guy even put the queen’s picture on the wall. How can “we” not love him it makes up for the new manager not quite getting what the club is all about but I’m sure he’ll soon get it. That sums up their problems they all someone who gets the “culture” whereas we look for a good coach, thats not going to change so they will be back to this same place sooner than later.I just hope they carry on the same way, HH

  • Eldraco says:

    Clements and Souness.

    This won’t end well .

  • Bob (original) says:

    Yes, it just doesn’t make sense to invite Souness to sevco…

    unless he is bringing fresh ‘investment’ with him?

    He’s tight as a badger’s @rse, so it wouldn’t be his money.

    And if he’s in Glasgow more frequently, he can do more Q&A’s at The Louden Tavern,

    for an envelope of readies – allegedly.

  • Captain Swing says:

    An entirely symbolic appointment – Back To The Future Redux for the knuckeldraggers

  • John Copeland says:

    Ibrox does not need a consultant ….it needs an AI led robotic surgeon of the highest grade possible to root out the serious defects at that clumpany in downtown Govan . The big problem is that there will always be high risks involved with such delicate surgery .

  • Magua says:

    Souness would have been absolutely perfect for the Atletico Madrid team of 1974. The worst bunch of thugs, that it has ever been my misfortune to witness.

    How many player’s careers did Souness end, with his cold, deliberate, on-field thuggery?

    Hail Hail

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