Ibrox Links With McBurnie Are Hilariously Ignorant And Dumb. I Hope They Sign Him.

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Amongst the stories which have tickled my funny bone this week was a cracker from last night, linking Oli McBurnie with a move to Ibrox.

There are many reasons why this is a story too ridiculous to take seriously … but some folks are and I am amazed by it whilst being reminded that there is never any idea too daft to find purchase amongst their fans.

This story is in part being pushed by the media. Mark Pirie of The Daily Record thinks it solves “one key issue.”

In actual fact he’s 100% wrong; it doesn’t solve the issue that he thinks it does, and indeed would only land Ibrox with one more player in a position where they already have enough of them. He does meet their standards though; he would be an expensive punt who doesn’t actually score goals. So in theory he will fit right in there.

For openers, this idea is quite mad for the money he would cost alone. Sure, he’d be available on a “free” but what does that mean when his agents would demand a seven figure sum split between them and the player for picking them over other clubs? His salary demands would be insane, because the money he’s on right now is insane.

He would certainly tick the box for “staunch” but this is another mad thing they do, believing that this is some quality which elevates you as a footballer. If I had a choice between two players, one who “got Celtic” and one who was simply better at the job I would choose the guy who could play over the one who knew The Fields Of Athenry every day of the week.

Their club is mad. We all know that. A high profile “true believer” is just the sort of signing you can see them going for, and one who can’t find the net certainly fits the current pattern. So I can get why some people think this might happen.

But here’s what Pirie wrote in his piece.

“It was claimed south of the border back 2021 that McBurnie was a target for the Ibrox side in Steven Gerrard’s reign as manager, and rumours are swirling again that the (club) fan could make a move to the club at the end of the campaign. And the fact he has played for Scotland could work in his favour if he is to make a move to Ibrox …”

Pirie thinks because he’s played for Scotland that it will help with the thorny issue of European registration.

What an idiot that man is, what a clown. He works in the media and doesn’t know the meaning of the term “home grown player.”

McBurnie has never spent a second of his football career in Scotland. He’s a product of an English youth academy, he was born in England and every moment of his time in the game has been spent there.

Home grown? Yeah, he could fill out an English team’s European quota if any side which signed him was ever good enough to qualify for Europe.

(The signing him part in the first place is the giveaway there.)

But he doesn’t come close to qualifying in Scotland.

Playing for the national team doesn’t count. You need to have spent three years at a club in a domestic association from the ages of 15-21 to qualify. McBurnie played youth football at Leeds. He made his career debut for Bradford.

This is simple stuff; this is ABC stuff and a Scottish tabloid journalist who writes about football for a living doesn’t know that.

Neither does Craig Moore, who he quotes in the article as actually admitting “I’m not sure this works …” which surely puts him high up on the shortlist to the be Ibrox’s next director of football.

Most amazingly, this is a club which clearly needs to spend money – which they don’t have – sorting out its defence, and this is the stuff they are focussing on. There are reports today that will try to sort out a permanent deal for Sima in the January window … where is the money from that coming from?

These people are absolutely out to lunch.

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  • Roonsa says:

    The staunch thing is something that lot just can’t seem to let go of. The idea that Souness would make a difference because he sees “Rangers” (sic) as a Protestant club and is a p-yoor “Rangers” (sic) man is utterly bonkers. The same applies to McBurine (deliberate).

    He could probably bag a few goals up here but he wouldn’t take them to any “next level”. They also must ask the question (but won’t) as to why a man who cost an incredible £17.M has only scored 21 goals in 131 games for Sheff Utd. If he was seen as, in any way, half decent by Championship clubs in England then he wouldn’t be leaving on a free.

    It is beyond stupid to think this guy is worth a punt. I don’t know anything about this Clement guy who runs the show over there. But if he sees this as a good idea then he’s only proving himself to be yet another clown running a team owned by an 11 year old club full of them.

    I hate them. So very, very much.

  • John says:

    James, watch McDiddy most weeks. He is a nut case, injury prone, probably be out again for several weeks and could not hit a barn door. He also cannot beat an egg. He cannot run with the ball either

    His positives are, he wins lots of balls in the air in both boxes. He ruffles up the back line.

    When he went of last week against Man U, Blades were toothless.

    He will fit in at Sevco well.

    He is probably on £20k a week.

    Sheff Utd is his peak, he will not go any higher.

    I have not seen anything in the local rumour mill. Developing story?

    • Roonsa says:

      Google Oli McBurine and hit the News link. I’ll give you one guess who is pushing this pish.

      When you said 20K per week I wiz pure lirrat “aye and the rest” as I was of the belief that even the “dreck” (nicked from JF) in the EPL were on 40K at least, such is the stupidity down there. I looked it up. Apparently he is on 22k – 25k per week plus bonuses (which will be few and far between, I am sure). That seems awfy low to me for an EPL player.

      The Blades are sure to go down this season. 100%. He will be let go to make way for “new blood” (i.e. better and cheaper players). If he does go to that lot then it’s a sure sign he isn’t as good as some people think.

      I’ve always thought he was gash and the fact that Dykes and big Che (both EFL players) are selected ahead of him (an EPL player) for Scotland tells you all you need to know. Although, guaranteed, the canpaign to have him reintroduced to the Scotland squad will start as soon as he signs for that lot.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    As I don’t (and never have) purchased The Daily Record clearly I’ve never heard of this Pirie (no) Mark guy…

    But it just so shows that paper for what it is – A Sevco Fanzine –

    This guy is clearly a staunch wishful pishful thinking guy of the highest order…

    That’s the soothing breakfast served then for The Gullibilly Gullibears –

    And that guys bonus set for the week as they buy the rag by the dozen…

    Gullibilly Then – Gullibilly Now – Gullibilly Forever !!!

  • Stewart says:

    Seen the hadlne, didint bother reading,, must admit fits the type of thuggish temperament that would fit into the criteria required over there,,, hope they roll him out in Jan window,

  • John L says:

    If that muppet has a soft spot for new-co , why would he throw petrol on the fire. They do make me smile tho.

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