Ibrox’s Nazi Flag Problem Is One Made In Their Own House From Their Own Intolerance.

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So according to some in the media Ibrox fans are “outraged” and the club is “shocked” at the appearance of a flag at yesterday’s game bearing the Deaths Head symbol of the SS.

Nazi iconography and the Ibrox support are no strangers to one another.

But on Armed Forces Day, their much-heralded tribute to the troops, yeah that might not go down so well with the folk they want to impress. And nor should it.

I have not one bit, not one iota, of sympathy for either the fans who were offended or the club which is desperately trying to clean up the PR mess. To be immersed in that club is to be close to this stuff all the time.

To be part of it is to be on nodding acquaintance, at the very least, with intolerance, bigotry and hatred.

Once you’re there, it’s all just a matter of degrees.

That’s all it is between lustily singing about being up to your knees in fenian blood and applauding the massacre of the Jews. Ethnic cleansing and genocide are two forks in the same road, and it’s one that no decent person would ever want to go down.

That club cannot pretend that it abhors those who chose one path over another, or that choosing the lesser of those two evils makes them better people than they are.

That club tolerates disgusting singing and chanting every other week. It panders to the gutter elements. It markets to them. So any claim that it has moral high ground to clamber onto is a joke.

As to fan anger; the thread on one particular forum was deleted, so their outrage has to be implied because it certainly isn’t obvious. Their other main forum mustered up a whole one and a half pages of discussion on it, so whereas I’m sure some fans are pretty angry over it nobody else really wants to talk about it, which suggests indifference at best.

When their club was sanctioned for Nazi salutes in the stands, they didn’t deplore the gesture, they tried to rebrand it. How many of them have been shamed over the years by their social media posts? By their disgusting songs?

These people have no fig leaf to hide behind, none, and my only surprise here is that more of them don’t have the courage of their convictions, and just call it as they see it. They have more support in Scottish society than they’re probably aware, and I would prefer if it these people were out front rather than working in darkness.

Have some balls. Look around you at the world.

Trump doesn’t care and neither do his supporters; he’s proved how far you can extend the Overton Window, all the way back to 1932 and the Beer Hall Putsch if need be.

Over here we have the likes of Suella Braverman and her own undisguised racism and bigotry, so maybe you should just fly whatever you like.

The free speech advocates will love it. Andrew Tate will tweet about any efforts to silence you. You might even get a nod from Russell Brand; he’s far enough into the fantasy world up his own arse to arrive at antisemitism if he isn’t there already.

The media too should spare us any moralising or fake outrage.

Their position is just nauseating.

If a section of the Ibrox fan-base is out to lunch, if they’ve lost their collective minds, that’s in no small part because the media has tolerated all their bigotry and hatred for years … and that might not even be the least of it.

I wrote earlier about the butterfly effect; you tell me what long term damage has been done and might yet come of the media’s endorsement of the Victim Lie. Not the Survival Lie, which is bad enough, but the more toxic one, the one that claims Scottish football did something terrible to the Ibrox fans back in 2012, and fuelled much of their current anger and paranoia.

It sent them chasing conspiracy theories and craziness.

It led to some of them engaging in the self-same fully fledged retreat from reality which you see across the far-right here, in America and across the world.

At the bottom of that rabbit hole is all manner of perverse ideology, and the media has played a full and active role in pushing a large section of the Ibrox support into that morass, as some of us have been warning for a decade now.

Look how many of them have used the Victim Lie as the basis for their hatred of their own country for God’s sake, and feeling themselves outcasts in it. That’s standard stuff amidst far-right ideas, and it’s why I highlight the Victim Lie over and over again and expose it for what it is. It is not just poisonous to Scottish football, it’s dangerous to society.

I think it’s telling that the hacks are more upset about a logo on a flag than they are about songs killing Catholics at every match … as far as I’m concerned, they are cowards and hypocrites whose own priorities and ethics are badly out of whack.

That flag is abhorrent, absolutely beyond the pale.

That symbol is vile and evil and should not be seen anywhere in this country.

Am I surprised to see it at Ibrox? Not even a little bit and in spite of the anger radiating from a handful of people on one forum and from a few newspaper titles the people who brought that to Ibrox felt confident that they could put it up and that nobody would crack a light. They regard those stands as their “safe space”.

And so there it was, and the reaction online is at most a “meh” type one rather than the roaring condemnation you would hope for.

Hope for, yes, but I didn’t expect it.

The club probably won’t even issue a statement, all the better so they don’t draw attention to the issue.

Louis Brandeis was right; sunlight is the best disinfectant.

But that club long ago learned to live with its own stink.

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  • James Ward says:

    It doesn’t really surprise me anymore the way that they behave there . A toxic and poisonous stadium full of hate.

  • DixieD says:

    Why was there no such outcry when a different SS flag was displayed during the derby, when it could be clearly seen on TV behind Greg Taylor as he took a throw-in. Is it only when it’s their ‘armed forces day’ that it’s an issue and open for condemnation??

  • Johnno says:

    The thing with symbols James is how you can see the interpretation of them.
    So when I see “SS” the automatic interpretation is
    “Sevco Scum”
    Hence no offence to myself, and quite appreciate within that scummy shit hole.
    Let’s face it James, we are talking about the second cheek of the same arseholes, after all

  • john mc guire says:

    The good old celtic board would never let the green brigade let our fans chant about the i.r.a. or fly flags or sing songs about things that have nothing to do with decent fans like myself who get pissed of with these type of people who are at almost every celtic game home or away .

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Nazi German (Flags & Salutes) one minute… Uber Brits the next (Army Forces Days)… Nazi German the next (God save the Queen and Royals, Rule Britinia and all that pish pot jerker) –

    Confused Dot Com from the year… well.. DOT !!!

  • Jimmy says:

    The club is rotten to its very core. The stench follows them everywhere and the saddest fact is they enjoy it. They are liked by no one yet they apparently don’t care. Scum through and through.


    Great stuff James.

    As you say its been a long time coming and that Club is teetering on a dangerous precipice
    with a long way to fall and all the safety nets, woven around outright lies, bitterness, hate and arrogance,
    have gaping holes and few if any allies to take the strain.

    The Financial pressure of running that basket case of a Club to satisfy the entitled demands of a fan base full of raving bigoted supremacists while having to conform to the new EUFA regulations on sustainability is an impossible task. All the more so that the pitch to the fans from day 1 was the promise of revenge, the evening up of imagined slights or manufactured grievances and the restoration of their place at the top of the heap. Their ‘Victimhood’ was the cornerstone of the business model used by Green, King and others to fleece the fans while blaming the SPFL, The SFA, Celtic, GCC,The SMSM, The Judiciary, Scottish Government and the SNP for all the imagined obstacles in their path. Reinforcing the victimhood Lie.

    It has gone on so far and so long that the Board at Ibrox can’t change tack. They can’t control the Monster that they created.
    The can’t admit to the gullible that it was the Custodians of a New Club that lied to them, over and over.
    The Ibrox Administration have tied themselves up in a straight jacket of lies and deceits. They have alienated all those in a position to help them undo what’s done while those who aided and abetted them on the’Journey’ won’t be able to raise their heads above the parapet. Primarily the SFA and the Media.

    The news just in that the ‘Mole’ and his team have been excised will heap even more pressure on the debtdome’s coffers.
    Severance payments and possible litigation if contractual terms not met a likely scenario. Everything on the ‘never never’.
    A new management team consisting of ex players with coaching experience all available with no ‘Compo’ outgoing.

    I fear an implosion on a catastrophic scale for the Scottish Game and Scottish Society at large.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Well James in July I said cockney wanker would not see Halloween wish I had punted it whose the next for clown shoes is: brown broques ha ha

  • John S says:

    I don’t think it was the first time the odious symbol was flown, just the first time anyone brought it to the spotlight. How can they not appreciate what it is when their own grandfathers gave their lives to fight against it ? To keep them from its boot on their heads. This is what happens when politics infects sport. Ibrox is a stage, an altar, but not for football.

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