Jackson Skirts The Real Issue As His Article On The Mooch Fails To Mention Celtic.

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Keith Jackson’s article this morning on the sacking of The Mooch is remarkable for what it does not say, and yet it opens with a very promising first paragraph. “If these were ordinary circumstances – in a more stable, less frenzied environment – then Michael Beale might reasonably have expected to survive in his role as (Ibrox’s) manager,” it reads.

And that is all absolutely true. He goes on to point out that the league campaign has barely begun, that The Mooch got a very credible opening result in Europe and is in a Hampden semi-final. Not one bit of it matters. He has lost three league games from his first seven, but that’s not what matters either and you don’t have to look too far to know it.

Ange Postecoglou lost three of his opening seven games and drew another one. He went out of the Champions League early, so early that a BBC journalist described the result as “a catastrophe”, much to the Australian’s irritation. Ange was in the midst of a substantial rebuild, and the board knew that he needed time. The Mooch has just finished one.

If you wanted to argue in his favour – why not? I will miss him – you could say that he has had a horrendous time with injuries. Want a statistic? You’ll love this one. Even including the bosses of Rangers, he is the Ibrox manager with the second highest win percentage ever … just behind Ally McCoist, who managed in the lower leagues. His record is 72%.

I find it all the more incredible, then, that Jackson got through the whole of the article without once mentioning even the word “Celtic.” It’s as if we were not a factor in this, when, as I wrote earlier, we are the sole cause of it. Had we not beaten them at Ibrox he would have limped on and on. Had he come and faced us at Celtic Park instead I believe he’d still be boss.

The Mooch has been destroyed by a single result, and that’s actually why there is no mention of that result in Jackson’s piece. It’s as if it by not drawing attention to what every single one of us knows that you will somehow make it not real, a strategy Ibrox has tried with everything from the sectarian singing in its stands to UEFA financial sustainability rules.

Yes, there were rumblings in the stands but before we went there their fans were in fine fettle and still pretty confident of turning the season around. The belief that we were heading there not just to lose but to be absolutely hammered was virtually universal amongst their supporters … I read a lot of their stuff at the time and it was an article of faith for them.

When we emerged with a victory the mood turned overnight. It was instantly ugly. It was immediately febrile. From that moment on, he was one bad result for being shown the door. One.

That’s how psychologically damaging it was, and all of this has been led from the stands. Their board knows it is utter lunacy to sack a manager this early in a campaign, and especially one who is in a cup semi-final and who was trusted with a major summer spend. But from that moment on they knew that he had no chance and that a point of no return had been passed.

Jackson wants to deny what that point of no return was, and the club itself will do all that it can to play it down. Because, of course, the idea that losing to one team, in one game, can put you under severe pressure and lead to the fans turning on you is so extreme, so toxic, that only lunatics would want that job … or people who know it’s a quick pay-cheque.

I wouldn’t want anyone like that near our club. And Jackson doesn’t want someone like that near his. But the truth is, most people in football see what they are, and when you see what they are you realise that’s all they’re going to get.

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  • John Copeland says:

    Once again , inaction Jackson , types out more hypocrisy ! He mentions ‘perception .’ He and his ‘expert’ scoop cowboys were well aware Beale was buying duds back in the Summer coupled with freebies . A recipe for disaster ! What did these ‘knowledgeable and proficient’ hacks say or do ? NOTHING ! It was ssshhhh…don’t upset the apple cart ! Now, when the Bealey boy has been pumped , the criticism about his transfer business goes right for the jugular , attempting to be all knowing and disapproving . Those scoops who still work from the office really do travel to work on horseback ,don’t they ? Whoa boy !

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol trying to dress it up the best he can with PISH STAINED article,by not mentioning Celtic as his and their DOWNFALL.

    Auld Spew Heevins was at it just the other week there with Celtic being in CHAOS and CRISIS but not once has auld Spew used those words to describe sevco’s troubles.

    No more questions M’Lord.

  • Tony B says:

    It doesn’t take much to raise the levels of anger among the huns, where it simmers away all the time. And as is well known, anger makes you stupid, so they go from a base line of being angry and stupid, to being even angrier and mind blowingly dumber.

    A bit like Loyd Christmas on stupid pills.

    And it’s just sooooooooo fuckin FUNNY!

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    That guy will only print what he’s ordered to write…

    It’ll please The Simpletons and it’ll please The Simpletons custodians for sure –

    But I think I’d rather face the world and unpalatable truths over soothing lies any day !

  • Bob (original) says:

    Where’s Dave King then?

    Is this not about the time when he reappears in the SMSM sharing his wisdom,

    via his rambling, incoherent statements – with the big words? 🙂

    In hindsight, King’s most successful – and canny – move, was getting Gerrard.

    Over the next few weeks, the SMSM will obediently run through the full list

    of world class managers who sevco ‘are considering’,

    …just like all those clubs who were ‘considering’ putting in a bid

    to buy Morelos in recent years! 🙂

  • Martin says:

    No sane manager would take that job. But you’re right of course, one loss to Celtic was his fatal event. He’s been like a radiation poisoned living ghost since then, waiting for the inevitable.

    The only, and I mean only, part of the narrative they can put in mitigation is that he was crap last season too.

  • Thomas M Daley says:

    To be honest I have no sympathy…
    He knew the cesspit he were jumping into feet first after stabbing Gio in the back.
    Karma can be a bitter when it comes back to you.

  • Johnno says:

    Wouldn’t say just the loss to ourselves was the only reason James, that the moleman got sacked.
    Look back over the time line with the appointment of moleman and see just how much panic remains within the scum boardroom and the pampering that goes on to there zombie support.
    Moleman was bought in to stop a treble, under false and snidey circumstances.
    Yet managed to fail miserably, even while the other rat’s within the sinking ship of a boardroom, jumped ship.
    The zombies yet again, got what they wanted, yet the moleman was still the accepted face of failure.
    This so called rebuild, was always on the cards, ever since the moleman walked into the shit hole, with his own gobby ignorant attitude.
    Yet the decision was taking to trust and invest upon a proven failure?
    Amazingly, all summer was spent with the zombies and the scum cheerleaders doing nothing more than, turd polishing.
    Yet the scum masses, remain so thick to realise that, shit just won’t shine no matter how hard you try to polish it.
    That became very evident from the start of the season, and has been growing ever since.
    Of course we played our part, in highlighting just how big of a heep of shite had been invested into a shit hole?
    Someone had to take the blame for looking at such a heep of shite.
    So now the moleman is to blame, after all the support given to him, from all the zombies and scum cheerleaders?
    Yet the heep of shite remains and now laurel and hardy are given the task of trying to make something out of the heep of shite, with the exception that such a heep can actually challenge us?
    You couldn’t make this up as a story, even with the wildest of imaginations.
    But there we have it, and this story is far from finished yet, with numerous chapters still to be written yet, before the session even ends.
    One story which will remain very amusing to what actually will unfold, but certainly no happy ending awaits for the scum regardless

  • larsson7 says:

    Where is Maxwell when the Ibrox house is collapsing.
    Dodgy flags,surely the SFA,must look into finding the perpetrators of these terrible actions.

  • Captain Swing says:

    Basket Case FC.

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