The Celtic Board Will Take A Massive Decision Behind The Scenes This Week.

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Sometimes it’s necessary to sit down and talk to those who you’re in profound disagreement with, even those who you’ve publicly scorned.

Everyone knows that Celtic and The Green Brigade released statements last week which were highly inflammatory to those on the other side. Everyone also realises that a prolonged split does nobody any good at all.

That’s why one of the biggest decisions made at this club this coming week will not be a decision made by the manager in relation to the team, but made at the boardroom level in relation to the fans. The club made its position on the banners clear. The Green Brigade issued its response, a response which leaves no wiggle room.

They fully intend to turn our next Champions League game into a mass protest. That will incur UEFA sanctions as surely as night follows day.

The Green Brigade has basically told the club that it does not accept the judgement of those running things. They do not accept the will of Celtic as binding them. That very obviously cannot go unanswered.

It requires a response. I am dreading what that response might be.

Because it’s a public snub to Celtic, and The Green Brigade will follow up with action, and we know that. So, there’s no question of Celtic simply sitting back and allowing that to happen. The question is what Celtic does about that, how Celtic chooses to answer it?

As I said, the one thing Celtic cannot do is nothing.

Celtic could sit down and talk to these guys, and they could all come together again for the “greater good” but let’s be honest; what is the greater good at the moment? Celtic united? Celtic going forward as one? But on whose terms? That’s the critical question here.

The only reason to get around the table and talk is to agree those terms, and the most obvious and important question is this; who is in charge? Who gets to dictate what those terms and how they are followed?

The Green Brigade cannot be seen to be getting away with whatever they like. They cannot be seen to disrespect the rules of the house.

But Celtic probably doesn’t want to ban them either. At least, not yet.

Celtic could get them in a room and say to them, “this time, and then no more.” But who would believe Celtic when they made such a threat if they didn’t back up in the here and now? And why would Celtic allow this protest and not another?

The nuclear option, the one we all dread, is that Celtic shuts the section for the game.

If there are talks going on behind the scenes and they break down in acrimony I can see that being the solution that Celtic goes for, and in fact I could see it being Celtic’s decision whether there are behind the scenes talks or not.

It’s all well and good saying that an agreement in the short term would “serve its purpose” but in the end somebody will have to climb down from their high horse.

Because one side has to be seen to come out on top and Celtic cannot afford that to be a fan group.

I am really concerned about what might happen in the time running up to the Atletico game because neither side seems ready to back down and unless there are serious talks going on behind the scenes which end in one side backing down – no chance at all I don’t think – then we’re heading for a showdown … perhaps even a shutdown.

I hope I’m wrong.

I hope for sanity. Then I look at the world, and think “what are the odds?”

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    How about… (For The Athletico Madrid Match)


    1) Those Celtic fans in attendance that have no interest in Middle East politics but love Scotland – Bring your Saltire flags…

    2) Those Celtic fans in attendance that have no interest in Middle East politics but love Ireland – Bring your Tricolour flags…

    3) Those Celtic fans with an interest in Middle East politics – Bring your preferred country’s flags…

    4) Those Celtic fans with no interest in flags of any hue – Bring your ‘Premier League Champions 2022/23 – CELTIC – We shall not be moved’ flags…

    They (UEFA) and The Scum in The Scottish Media can’t do much about legitimate flags but they sure as hell can and will cause havoc to Celtic about banners they see as the ‘wrong’ wording…

    A simple suggestion to think about from those of whatever stripe or none !

  • Michael McCreery says:

    Green brigade have been infiltrated and led up the garden path, now having a detrimental affect on the club we love can’t and should not be tolerated

  • Martylimerick says:

    I don’t get how the Green Brigade issue statements and press releases. Yep I know all about the charity work and fundraising but I do think they’ve an over inflated opinion of their clout.

    And what’s with the recent North Curve advert being an alternative because the “Green Brigade is notoriously difficult to join”. Why? So it’s a secret where they get their banners made?

    Behave, respect the house rules, stop getting the club in bother.

    And no-one is challenging the use of the word Brigade? Which absolutely has paramilitary undertones. Why is that ok?

  • Dan says:

    Politics should stay out all sports, but I believe Celtuc should refuse to pay any fine UEFA impose on the club from the pojnt of view its OK to support Ukraine and fly their flag along with arm bands, etc. which is a Political statement on it’s own but not to show solidarity with Palestine, Lets not forget Isreal weren’t part of European football, they only got accepted due to the fact Middle-Eastern countries refused to play against then in there own competions.

    • James Forrest says:

      We should refuse to pay the fine?

      A completely self-destructive act and for what?

      Who benefits from that?

  • Brian Fitzsimmons says:

    Good piece. Sometimes a complex and highly sensitive situation requires nothing more than a simple and unambiguous solution. The Green Brigade, in all their glory, are now nothing more than a teenage fan group whose behaviour is beginning to seriously besmirch and tarnish the good name of the club. Tell them, in no uncertain terms, what is acceptable behaviour but more importantly what isn’t. Unacceptable behaviour should now be met with the strongest sanction; that is terminate their season ticket agreement, give them a full refund and make a fresh offer at a reduced price to the waiting list. No more pandering to a minority group who are now beginning to believe their own publicity.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    I agree the GB needs reigned in,their refusal to cool it with the political rhetoric especially over this awful situation will harm Celtics image,their needs to be a way to get both sides to an agreement pount
    But spare me the being appalled at QE2 banner,which I believe had a majority support.And as for the Keep Politics out of Sport narrative.Celtic FC were born out of oppression and Politics also came to the fore when Bob Kelly protested the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia.Celtic and politics have always co existed,and still can but there needs be compromise

  • Kevin Lee says:

    Why doesn’t the board put this sort of passion into match fixing referees and the SFA rather than attacking their own supporters with threats

  • Robert Downey says:

    The Green Brigade are going about this all wrong.
    What do they hope to achieve? A solution in Gazza? Not a chance, there are more intelligent people tried and failed.
    My guess is they want confrontation with the Celtic Board. Every chance.
    They are on a course AGAIN to cost Celtic thousands in UEFA. fines.
    My solution would be , take their season tickets off them , we have a waiting list ready to take them up.
    East End of Glasgow problem solved. Sin Die.
    Middle East problem is another story.
    By the way , I sympathise with the Palestinians , GB. Doing it ALL wrong.

  • Paul Maxwell says:

    Only one side of this must prevail and that is the Board. If not the risk is to end up the same as the club from Ibrox where their vociferous fanbase drives the bulk of their Board´s decision making process (Australia trip, GVB, Beale etc).

  • Jim Quinn says:

    The tail wagging the dog comes to mind , can’t b allowed t happen.?

  • John Morgan says:

    I’m getting sick of the GB trying to dictate to the club, I agree with their point of view but they need to realise Celtic are a football club, not a political entity, no matter our roots and heritage.
    If they don’t back down then the board should just ban them, which would be a shame as they are capable of creating a great atmosphere, Celtic will survive without them, they would not survive without Celtic. HH?

  • James McAllister says:

    Show the world that celtic fans respect downtrodden and care about these people.. It’s a discrace what’s happening in Palestine God bless those people

  • Jim Cameron says:

    I’m not part of The Green Brigade,I don’t even sit near the Green Brigade,I do not always agree with The Green Brigade,but next week I will take a Palestinian flag to show my support for the people of Palestine.The club play Grace,play let the people sing and before the Lazio game they played the anti Fascist anthem Bella Cio,the club supports Ukraine,so save me the club are not political,they are political when it suits them

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