The Ibrox Club Has Collapsed The SPFL’s Main Sponsorship Deal

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Today the news has broken – appalling without being shocking in the least – that cinch has decided to trigger its third year “break” and leave the SPFL contract two years early. Nobody wants to elaborate on the reasons why and they really don’t have to. The Ibrox club brought this deal to the brink. The car company has no incentive to continue it.

The SPFL have shamefully let down the whole of our game in failing to get a grip on the Ibrox club over this.

Not only did they comprehensively surrender in a fight that should have been over before it even began with their club being sanctioned and removed from any role in SPFL governance, but the club actually got an apology because the league chose to contest their claim in the first place.

It was an act of sabotage and they got away with it.

No wonder the sponsor has walked off in disgust.

Who runs football in this country when one club can piss all over a commercial agreement without being sanctioned for it?

Who runs football when the media largely supports that behaviour instead of condemning it as presenting obvious risks for the sport?

Why aren’t the clubs up in arms over it?

Honestly, the people running the game here are a gutless shower and that’s all to the good as far as Ibrox is concerned. They got their rep on the SPFL board at the last AGM, despite the threat that they wouldn’t. The clubs rolled over. It is pathetic.

Today the rent came due. And if the next SPFL deal is worth less than this one then all Hell should be paid and the clubs should be clamouring for answers and demanding resignations.

This league cannot afford to lose money, and so it was always dangerous for this nonsense to be indulged and even more for it to be vindicated. I am not in the least bit surprised by this development, I am just disgusted that this story has had the ending I thought that it might.

The Ibrox club undermined that deal. The sponsors were entitled to believe that their position would be defended and that the club would pay a penalty for having done so. That the SPFL rolled over instead told cinch all they needed to know. Why in the Hell would they continue with this charade? Why would they permit it to go on, and have their name attached to this farce?

The problem is that the rest of Scottish football is expected go on as before, as if this was normal, as if this was just part of “the cost of doing business.” And I guess it might be if that business is one that expects Ibrox to honour any deal or contract … but the rest of us are thoroughly pissed off by this rank incompetence and cowardice.

This is a shameful day for the SPFL, another one.

They will have a hell of a job finding a replacement for cinch, since everyone now knows what Ibrox’s word is worth and that their club will be protected ahead of every other no matter what comes to pass.

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  • Robert Jenkins says:

    Spot on.

  • Johnno says:

    The scum have only intentions of trying to cripple Scottish football financially, with trying to bring as many club’s along with themselves, just because of the mess they are in currently.
    This has been the case for years now, and the SPFL and Scottish Fa bend over backwards to keep such a shower of scum relevant within the game.
    Most ridiculous issue remains, as to allowing such scum having such a say within the game.
    Scottish football as a product, can’t and won’t ever grow with such a practice still so strongly in place still.
    Moan as much as we like about the commercial deals, especially the TV ones, but they won’t improve either all the while such companies whimper to those of scum influence.
    As a club ourselves has built such a strong player trading model, upon the success gained upon the field, that none of the current nonsense has any affect upon ourselves as such.
    The influence the scum are having is only really to protect the 2nd position within Scottish football, and no one is prepared to challenge such a position either.
    A well designed and supported con is where Scottish football remains.
    Only question that should be asked is how much longer is a paying public going to continue to pay into such a con?
    Doesn’t look like it will, and not happening due to the amount of empty seats at every ground we visit.
    The scum have been given free reign to ruin Scottish football over the liquidation they caused themselves, and still try so desperately to promote the survival lie, with there scum cheerleaders within the Scottish media.
    What company would really want to associate itself with such a vile brand calling the shots within a product made so toxic with the influence of such scum within it?
    Not to many, i would say, if any.
    Until Scottish football grows a pair and makes a stand against such scum within it, the product of Scottish football will continue to die, alongside the original shower of scum, for the lesser clubs at least.
    But wasn’t that the intention in the first place by the scum?

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Brilliant post Johnno – and an excellent article once again James…

      Thank Goodness for blogs like this or I’d never know what’s going on out there in this banana football republic !

    • Jimbo says:

      Scum scum scum scum …

      Do us all a favour, Johnno, and shut the fuck up.

  • michael callaghan says:

    its time clubs do own sonsership and tv and after this maybe spl clubs should force sanctions on trfc as cant keep thinking they run scottish football after the massive fraud that was comitted in 12 and SFA should get folded now and set up proper football body

  • Hail Hail Tam says:

    I agree totally with your comment,if second choose not to take part in that deal,why in God’s name did they still get part of the money available, its the smaller clubs I feel sorry for.So it’s seems to be,if any new deals are to be made we have to run it past the newest club in the league.Ive no doubt there will be plenty potential sponsors watching this fiasco with great interest. And here we thought that lot were skint !Not skint enough in my opinion

  • John Copeland says:

    There’s the proof right there ….the fruit cakes are in charge of the nut house ! Glen’s Vodka ! Will they be next to bolt the course ?

  • Bob (original) says:

    And what contingency plans does the obscenely overpaid CEO Doncaster have?

    He has been the CEO of the SPL/SPFL for 14 years now:

    way, way too long for any CEO, IMO.

    And ‘what are the odds’ that Doncaster eventually secures a new SPFL

    sponsorship deal… with a betting company?

    [Whilst down south, the EPL is axing gambling sponsorships at the end of the

    25/26 season.]

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol I’m just SURPRISED that it’s took this long for cinch to pull the plug. I was expecting them to pull out from the deal the day sevco announced it wanted nothing to do with them.

    On another issue Cuntwell is to be given the captains armband,apparently Tavpen is going apeshit and refusing to play,with the line being pushed out there to the media that he is injured,hence him not starting or showing up in the stand.

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    Forgive the pun, James, but this has been like watching a car crash in slow motion. You know it’s going to happen, but there’s nothing you can do do stop it.
    SFA = Spineless Feeble Abject.

  • Tony B says:

    So what is Celtic doing about it?

  • John McGhee says:

    So whit the fuck is the corrupt sfa doing about there new club at liebrox because if the spfl do nothing to The Rangers then it just show everynclub in the spfl that this newco tell they corrupt bastards sfa spfl whats happening in Scottish football surely all the clubs will chase the sfa..spfl and make sure they are punished and points must be took them if not Scottish football is finished because all fans should boycott untill hampden is cleaned out top to bottom and get people that can run football and be trusted get that prick doncaster out.

  • Young Cronkite says:

    It would not have been possible for any other club in Scotland to get away with this.They have single handedly sabotaged this sponsorship deal with CINCH. They have cost every other club in Scotland tens of thousands of pounds. This isn’t even going to be called out. Our own club Celtic,the biggest club in Scotland,being the worst offenders. Pleases someone at Celtic step up,show some leadership and call this out.

  • Mr James A Burns says:

    Yet Celtic continue to use Parks of Hamilton….. Time that was ended.

  • Stephen Mcmahon says:

    They should not get any payment from the sponsor money

  • Scout@1970 says:

    The SPFL have to many skeletons in the closet and sevco know all the dirty little secrets.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    I think the game of football in Scotland is on a downward spiral ,we will end up like the Irish league,our football clubs are spineless for not taking on the SFA or SPFL about this situation, Scotland is fast becoming a football backwater, when was the last time a Scottish referee was involved in a uefa or fifa tournament,yep a shitty little backward country,nae wonder the English take the piss out of our game up here.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    While I don’t think this will have a detrimental or drastic effect on Celtic, The St. Mirren’s and The St. Johnstone’s of this world WILL be negatively affected for sure…

    If a brave chairman (oh for another late, great Turnbull Hutton) speaks out the Sevco fans will boycott them (Celtic fans could make up the deficit but Police Scotland would never wear it) and there’s the threat issue to stadiums and homes etc etc…

    I really hope every fan of every opponent of Sevco for the rest of the season chants “You’re no Rangers any more” to them incessantly as they hate that and it might be some sort of consolation for what the bar steward child of the deceased Rangers have cost them !

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