Tonight’s Opponents Have Openly Insulted Our Club. Celtic, Make Them Pay For It.

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When I heard that Atletico Madrid intended to wear a special shirt tonight to commemorate the 1974 European Cup semi-final clash between the two sides I at first thought of it as a backhanded compliment of sorts.

It seemed like one, after all.

Atletico went on to lose to Bayern Munich.

They clearly saw the semi-final triumph as a high point in their club’s history, and why shouldn’t they? So yeah, my first thought was that it was in some way them honouring the fact that they had beaten a giant of the game to reach the biggest match in their history, and I was happy not to worry too much over it.

But in recent days it’s been made clear that they are, in fact, celebrating the manner of the win as much as the win itself.

Those home and away ties are notorious for the viciousness and cynicism of their approach. They decision to wear those shirts is a calculated insult, a piece of un-necessary provocation which I hope the team responds to in the right way.

By giving everything, and by getting us a result.

I am frankly astonished that UEFA allowed those shirts.

But then UEFA will sanction Celtic fans for waving Palestinian flags tonight, and nobody will be able to tell me exactly what statute that breaks and why they deem it a political act when flying any other national flag would be fine.

UEFA also allowed the Ibrox club to get away with a pretty sickening sectarian display not that long ago, which I was convinced would result in sanctions.

So, them giving Atletico the nod to commemorate their own barbarism probably shouldn’t come as any great surprise.

It’s up to us to make sure that the joke’s on them when the dust settles and the points are on the board. It’s a big ask … but this is a little extra motivation, as if that were needed. This should give everyone a little added jolt to the system.

And wouldn’t it be sweet if the extra 1% it gave the players tonight was the 1% that gets us over the line, and gives us a memorable win?

God I hope so, because they deserve it for this little stunt of theirs and for trying to rub our faces in their triumph.

A win by blatant cheating. Reminds me of other folk I know and who think that’s something to celebrate.

Let’s do these people tonight, Celtic.

For the history, for the sins of the past … and because we deserve it after the performances in the last two games in this competition and for which we didn’t even get as much as a point. Time to change that.

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  • Paul Polland says:

    Let’s show Athletico how to win the Celtic way
    Pure flair,skill,kyogo way

  • Unrepentant fenian says:

    Cant see it as any kind of motivation except for us supporters the players weren’t born then I was at that game with my dad god rest if memory serves me right the police had to guard the atletico hotel Argentinian reserves being played in the 1st leg just to try and injure our players animal’s to a man
    Celtic 1st Celtic forever

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I was just 4 at that game and definitely don’t remember it as I was older when I got into football but yip, I’ve seen it and read about it in some of ma many Celtic books…

    But like Unrepentant Fenian above I cannot see any of our multicultural stars using it as motivation though I think they’ll definitely be up for the game for sure –

    I hope we get the win or at least a point to keep Sevco as the worst ever team in the history of the competition !

    (Latest Score : Celtic 2 v Athletico Madrid 1) – (38 mins) – C’mon The Hoops !!!


    One point it is.
    Getting there.

  • Fun time frankie says:

    That second half performance was an absolute disgrace from a celtic team

  • John S says:

    Flying any other national flag isn’t fine. My understanding that flying political/national flags is (UEFA) sanctionable. Yes, I know they’re hypocrites but let’s stick to the principle. The so-called ‘Palestine’ flag, at this time, has been flaunted in cities in celebration of atrocities and therefore it is particularly provocative presently, as well as a symbol to Jews that they need to be ‘moved’. There are other flags that would be deemed unacceptable in a public sporting forum too, Nazi, Isis, unless it’s the 1936 Olympics.

  • John S says:

    P.S. The Atletico team in the semi (1974) was the dirtiest team I ever had the displeasure to watch (behind Racing).

  • Bob (original) says:

    Can’t get too excited about the AM strip, as they were commemorating an

    ultinately failed season almost 50 years ago. Knock yourself out!

    What did bother me was Simeone’s arrogant / dismissive ‘handshake’ with BR

    at the final whistle.

    Why did he act like that?

    Is there something I missed: is there a problem between them?

    It just looked really poor on Simeone’s part, who should have been satisfied

    with a point when his team was down to 10 men.

    That behaviour reflected really poorly on AM, IMO.

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