One Game Left Of This Difficult Run, As Celtic Snatch Our Rivals Dreams Away.

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In the aftermath of the game today, Iwata seemed very pleased to have scored and gotten his Celtic career finally off the ground. I’d argue that happened a while back, but a goal is always good. He would have been forgiven had he mangled Neil Armstrong; “one small step for a man, one giant leap for Celtic football club.” Because it was.

Leagues are not won in October. I agree. But let’s be honest, the momentum towards one can change radically if the side which is out in front starts to put together the kind of winning run that others get envious. How do you beat a side that has away wins at all the toughest grounds? Where do you even start trying to make up ground on them?

There were so many, many people in Scotland who had pinned their hopes on today. They thought that Hearts were the team that, at home, would stop our forward progress. Oh such fools. I’ll do a larger piece on why that was never going to happen tomorrow, but for now let us praise the guys who did the job today, and talk about what it means.

Matt was as good as he’s ever been. Maeda scored another. Kyogo did what he always does, and found the net. I cannot believe how close that boy is to 100 goals for Celtic already. It is amazing to me that he has done it this quickly, and if he stays just a few more years the 200 mark might yet be there for taking as well, as unbelievable as that sounds.

Iwata’s goal was the icing on the cake. I like this guy under Rodgers, I like him a lot. He’s a former J League player of the year so you know he has something, and it was great that he got the chance to strut his stuff today and show it. I think he definitely has a future here.

Everything about that today was excellent. We made the perfect start to the first half and then the perfect start to the second. The penalty miss was a sore moment, but in the end it hasn’t mattered all that much. It was a poor goal to concede but that’s what happens when you are so far ahead in a game you thought would be a battle and you lose focus.

But Rodgers made sure they found it again, and I’m only disappointed that we didn’t add more to the scoreline, because it was the kind of performance at that tough away venue that rips the heart of those who thought we would struggle.

Rodgers’ Celtic is finally starting to motor, and that should worry people. It should worry everyone who had harboured notions about this starting set of fixtures hampering our squad and our ability to win this title. We have one game to go in this first difficult run of fixtures, against Hibs at Easter Road, and I genuinely think that we’d done so well that this is ours to lose.

It was not just the win today but how we won, the way we comprehensively blew them out, which was the most encouraging thing. This is a team which doesn’t have anything to fear on the domestic front. We’ve faced all these major challenges, early, even as the manager was still getting his team up to speed … and we’re almost at the end of it.

What a superb display that was today. We deserve all the plaudits which are coming our way.

(Yeah, right. I’ll cover that tomorrow, of course.)

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  • Mark Rouse says:

    Petrov called it perfectly before kick off. He said we would win comfortably and all the idiots on sky laughed. They were convinced we would drop something today, once we score early the games are over.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Done a good job on them today. We did take our foot off the gas after the 3rd goal, got a bit too comfy (for me) and offered them a way back with their goal. The 4th killed it off. Another good result at another of the more difficult grounds and we severely disappointed a lot of people, so more than happy wi that.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    A great win at a sometimes difficult venue…

    It’s always a pleasure to thump The Scumbos at Swinecastle !

  • Paddy says:

    Delighted with our performance today, and another big three points at an away fixture. Der Hun begging for us to drop something, anything, must be pig sick. Happy days.
    Atletico will be an entirely different proposition and can only hope we don’t gift them too many goals.

  • Jimmy says:

    In short, we have qualities that none of our opponents possess. Our lead is only going to get bigger. That’s not being arrogant, it’s just being honest.

  • Johnno says:

    Superb performance today.
    These 1st games after an international break can usually be very tricky encounters.
    Especially when facing a team that has 2 weeks to prepare for the match, whereas we only really had a couple of days.
    The quality of the goals scored were outstanding, with the movement and understanding within the team getting stronger by the game, and yet still room for improvements also to come, I believe.
    How that horrible, thick, arrogant hun eejit, can try and point to poor defending by the minis? is nothing more than a poor excuse as another waste of space gets ready to join the dole queue shortly.
    Also have to take into account the number of players we still had, that weren’t even in the match day squad today, and would walk into any other teams starting line up within the SPFL.
    And this when the possibility of strengthening the squad come January also.
    Only disappointment for myself anyway, was that OH couldn’t get himself onto the score sheet?
    Still believe that the goals will come for himself with finding some decent positions and opportunities now.
    Great confidence booster for the CL midweek, might be a bit much to expect the same result, but great chance of gaining a win imo, by keeping high standard performance levels intact

  • SSMPM says:

    Duck, I don’t think it’ll be plaudits coming our way. Strange that so many of them were genuinely thinking that the jam farts had a good chance of being the spoilers, or their saviours, when stats show how well we’ve done there over the years. Bar of course Ange’s defeat there early in his Celtic career when, as they like to so regularly like to remind us of Soppie’s winner, forgetting the ruled out goal Kyogo’s scored when pictures clearly showed he was onside.
    Funny how many things VAR doesn’t pick up on too and that those objective panellists like McCann forget to mention or show on the rankers tv channel commonly known as the BBC. Maybe he just doesn’t like those rules either so why focus on them. I refer of course to Clement going on the pitch at the midden and kicking the still in-play ball, something I believe McInnes recently got sent off for, and then to really rub it in giving giving them throw in. Oh aye and McGregor then Goldson double teaming Kyogo in the penalty box.
    Maybe forget the truth, gimmie the money, Mark Wilson will bring up the Clement 12th man on the pitch issue on SSB or…maybe not.
    Acht well that’s now put to bed then with a fine display, not the best though and could’ve and should’ve been more. That is until the next time amnesia kicks in again, did I say again…or is this the first time. Where’s my mum? HH

  • John says:

    James, as you said great performance.

    My only concern is apart from Aberdeen, I do not think edinburgh is a difficult place to go any more for us.

    Hearts will lay down to the huns, hibs may get a draw and Aberdeen will battle but will still lose.

    Our problem is Paisley and Dingwall in recent years.

  • Malc says:

    Just watched the highlights from Swinecastle, and just a tad surprised to see so many empty seats!? Their ploy of gaining a sporting advantage really backfired on them (what a shame)… I thought their plan was a stadium full of diet huns? Or did they come ressed as seats for Halloween? Idiots.

    Matt’s opener was a sublime finish, as was Palma’s assist. And the hun didn’t think Luis was good enough for them? LOL

    Come January I reckon Shankland’s signature on a contract would be worth chasing. Just a pity it would mean giving the huns without bus fairs a big wedge of cash.

    Next week can’t come quick enough.

    • Magua says:

      I agree, Malc. Shankland took hig goal well yesterday. I think he could do us a turn.

      Hail Hail.

  • John L says:

    As per usual, that we thug who is strutting about as a manager has no class, they gave away 4 preventable goals, it was nothing about us being on another solar system lol. Onwards and upwards Hail Hail.

  • Peterbrady says:

    James sevco are not our rivals. Sevco need to concentrate on there oppissition and rivals of Motherwell st mirren Kilmarnock and compete against the bigger clubs/team’s Aberdeen hibs hearts and forget about the supergiant collussas that is Glasgow Celtic that’s what killed the 1st club and will consume sevco the Belgium waffle the comedy duo of Bennett and bisgrove and get ready for jelly and ice cream time with the account fiction in November

  • JimBhoy says:

    Hearts manager could not give Celtic credit yesterday for some great football. They gave away cheap goals apparently. The first goal was world class, Maeda’s cut the defence open from right, Kyogo’s the same, great wing play and the last was a beauty and I have to say Shankland’s was top drawer also.

    Why can’t manager’s just come out a say best team won, class above that they could not match. An honest unbiased opinion, if they cannot do that after a game then they may need some stress management. Very McInnes-esque.

    Many empty seats also at the ground before they got pumped. This will come back to haunt clubs lowering away fans quotas using this as some sort of advantage.

    Lowering the away crowd for 4 rangers and Celtic visits per season will cost around £1m to the club I would expect not to mention local pubs, shops, food places, clubs, B&B’s, hotels, public transport.

    When Celtic visit, the ground would be half empty after the traditional home fan’s half time booing.

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