After Another Dire Day, Naismith Continues To Fume About A Celtic Decision.

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You would think Naismith would have had enough on his mind yesterday without dredging up the penalty we got recently at Tynecastle, but no.

That’s still annoying him, that’s still playing on his thinking, and as such he couldn’t help but bring it up in the after-match press conference at Hampden.

I sort of got his point; the Walsh decision to red card his player for diving was a typical Ibrox-centric decision and pretty disgraceful. But Naismith is kidding himself to think it mattered.

Neither the decisions yesterday nor the one against us are the reason he lost those games. He lost those games because he is hopeless and clueless as a manager and rather than face up to that he is constantly looking for excuses, constantly looking for someone else to blame for his own incompetence.

This what all truly dire managers do.

Perhaps it’s escaped his notice, but we missed that penalty and we were still well in command of the game. At Ibrox, the penalty at the very end of the match literally turned the result; all his angst should be focussed where it belongs.

I think the penalty at Tynecastle was pretty poor, but I’ve seen them given before … but it’s weak of him still to want to focus on it, and it makes a good smokescreen that he can point fingers at officials.

His analysis is badly flawed if he reckons we get as many decisions as the club across the city does. They’ve had three penalties awarded against his team in just two games, and so he’s looking in the wrong place.

The Ibrox penalty decision yesterday was correct; Xander Clark had a dreadful game, and he didn’t even move for the penalty or Tavernier’s free kick.

But Naismith, as usual, is seeking to blame other people for his own screw-up and I really don’t think he should be bringing us into it.

He talks about losing goals in quick succession, and that’s at least him coming close to identifying the problem; his problem, the one he created because he can’t organise the team worth a damn. They lost two at Ibrox in the space of only minutes and three yesterday in the space of just fourteen of them.

Who’s that down to? Not referees, that’s for sure and certainly not referees favouring us. Naismith has gone straight to the Robbie Neilson playbook there in trying to suggest that we get largely favourable decisions … his predecessor never lost a game against us whilst Hearts boss that he couldn’t find a way to lay it at the referee’s door.

As much as I can’t stand the officials in this country, that so many managers get away with the suggestion that there is some pro-Celtic bias at Hampden is ridiculous when we watch our team every week and know that definitely isn’t the case.

We’re not the club, after all, which has gone a season and a half of league games without conceding a spot kick.

If Naismith is looking for conspiracies, he should leave us the Hell out of them. But if he’s looking for conspiracies to explain his own terrible failures then that should be the sign for his own club to cancel his ticket, because it’s clear that’s all he’s got.

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  • Andrew Lamb says:

    Naismith and Shankland both not giving a toss, see Shankland last week when he put them ahead have a look back. He didn’t want to celebrate. I have it on good authority Naismith is as thick as mince which makes sense with some of his comments. By the way I don’t think that was a penalty. Watch again yes Clarke goes to ground but doesn’t touch that cheating “”//. This is actually getting out of hand and to the stage where an independent body is needed to investigate the obvious bias towards them. What chance have you though when managers like Naismith and Martindale don’t mind being cheated out of at least having a chance of victory.

  • Peterbrady says:

    There is more chance of a ceasefire in Gaza than a pen given against sevco especially at the auld hoor in a game that matters and affects the result in January when we are out of sight in league 15to20 points clear the corrupt officials and corrupt vAR will give pens against sevco and big lurch will be hounded out at the filth..

  • harold shand says:

    One of their players was on SSB gushing about Clement days before his team played them in a semi final

    and none of them bat an eyelid about it

    That two bob club deserve everything they get

  • Tony B says:

    Only in Scotland could a talentless no mark like Naismith achieve such prominence: a mediocrity working in a mediocre environment that rewards mediocrity.

    Truly, Scottish football is corrupt and on its last legs, and it’s all self inflicted.

    Stop press. Levein has just been appointed manager of St Johnstone.


  • Roonsa says:

    I saw you let some Jambos into the chat yesterday to stink up the joint. Which is fair enough, I suppose, but to the guy who said that he absolutely despises us: Not as much as we despise you – I can assure you of that fact, eh? (I know you lot cannae finish a sentence without an “eh”, eh?)

    Just for clarity, there is NO Old Firm. You might need to jump into bed with the Hibees to retain a little bit of interest in the Embra Derby but we don’t recognise the Old Firm as an established entity as Rangers died in 2012. We didn’t like the term even before that but as you were one of the teams that helped boot Rangers into non existence, it would be appreciated if you could maintain a level of continuity on that matter.

    Regardless of all that, I am glad to have them on board. And I do actually find it quite sad that Hearts fans are accepting of their fate. The League is far more interesting when the two Embra teams and Aberdeen are actually making a fist of things. That despicable woman Budge has done nothing to help maintain the Jambo challenge. The managerial appointments have been nothing short of embarassing. And all Naismith seems to bring to the table is a bitterness (especially towards Celtic) that only serves to deflect from the incompetence on display at Tynecastle.

    It’s not for a Celtic fan to suggest how things should be done over there. I hope the Jambo fans are angry and are aiming their anger at the right people. It shouldn’t be us. We’re only here to cause misery when we play your team and we seem to be pretty good at that. Hardly our fault, that, is it, eh?

  • Whoriskey says:

    Naismith knows his job is on the line so some criticism of us will hasten the move to BBC Staunch.

  • SSMPM says:

    Born a hun, always a hun, always a hater. If your can divert your own, and that’s many, deficiencies and failures onto the perceived Catholic club, then do it.
    He really struggles with the loss of power that his type used to have, and still has to some degree, so he’s left with firing anything negative he can think of at our kind, avoiding any awkward type comments the midden club’s way. Why he’s not been sacked already I don’t know. They are good hiding their petted lip but not unableto do so with the hatred and anger.
    Like Miller and McCann before him mention they’ve proven to be failures in the thinking game. Bye Bye loser. HH

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